East Misty Forest in Grandia.

Grandia: East Misty Forest

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East Misty Forest
Save Points: East Misty (1), East Misty (2), East Misty (3)
Gold: 90G, 90G, 90G, 270G, 90G, 90G, 90G, 270G, 90G, 90G, 270G, 90G, 90G, 90G, 90G, 90G, 90G, 90G, 90G
Items: Crimson Potion, Cholla Flowers, Resurrect Potion, Cholla Flowers, Baobab Fruit, Smarna Weed, Ginseng, Smarna Weed, Baobab Fruit, Seed of Speed
Equipment: Oracle’s Staff
Enemies: Dodo, Gas Cloud, Grim Haze, Killer Tree, Mist Guard, Ent

Once you enter the Forest, take a step or two forward to use the Mist-Clearing Nut. Now that the path is clear, we can go on. Use the Save Point here if you like, then move north and east to find 90G at a dead-end. Head back to the Save Point, then from the DungeonScope Icon to the southeast, go south to find 90G.

Return to the Icon and take the eastern path to find 90G, then walk east a couple of steps and move south to a chest with a Crimson Potion inside.

Crimson Potion in Easy Misty Forest Grandia.

Go back to the fork and head northeast to find some items, but you’ll most likely be ambushed before you can grab them. Fight them off, then grab the 270G, 90G, and the Cholla Flowers in the center of the area.

Make your way southeast to another fork. Head south first, following the path to yet another 90G, then go back and move east to a DungeonScope Icon with a Resurrect Potion near it. Use the Icon to see that there are many, many paths to take!

Let’s go south first to grab 90G, then go back to the Icon and move southeast, following the path as it goes south, then turn east to 270G in your path. The path turns north with a fork right there. Go northwest, west, and northwest some more to get back to the Icon.

Now go north and around the curve to find more Cholla Flowers to your south, then some Baobab Fruit to the northeast. Go southeast and east, following the compass arrow to the second part of the East Misty Forest.

Travel east and south, following the path to a river. Cross it, then head southeast a little and Feena will suggest camping here for the night. After the dinner event, you’ll regain control the next morning. There’s another Save Point to the northeast, so make good use of it.

Move north, east, and northeast to a DungeonScope Icon. By using it, you can see a path going north and one going east with a fork, so go southwest a little and take that eastern path. Keep going east and grab the 90G here, then take a few steps west and move north and northeast to another 90G.

Make your way back to the Icon, then head north from there. Pretty soon, you’ll reach a lake with a river… running through it…? Eh, in any case, head southwest along the trees to find 270G, then go back north and cross the river where the stone is. You’ll find 90G to the northeast of that.

Return to the rock in the river, then head west to find another DungeonScope Icon. Go west-southwest from here to yet another Icon, then continue west from there and follow the path until you reach a dead-end with a hard-to-see Oracle’s Staff to the northwest.

Oracle's Staff in East Misty Forest Grandia.

Turn around and head back to the Icon, then move north and follow the path to another fork. Head west and grab the 90G lying there, then go far east. Don’t stop until you find a Smarna Weed to your northeast. From there, move west a little, then go south and across the river to the third area of the East Misty Forest.

Go southeast to a DungeonScope Icon, then look to the southeast for a Ginseng. From the Icon, move northwest a bit, then head east to a fork. Grab the 90G to your north and northeast at another dead-end. Go back to the fork and move southeast to another fork, where you’ll then go north, picking up the 90G on the way.

Follow the path east and south some more to another DungeonScope Icon, then go south, east, and north for a while until you reach another Icon. Head east first until you reach another dead-end to the south with a Smarna Weed, then go back to the Icon and venture north. Grab the 90G here, then use the DungeonScope Icon to look around.

Ignore the path to the east for now, and go southwest and west instead. At the next fork, move north and follow the path to an open dead-end with 90G hidden off to the northeast. Go back to the fork and head west-southwest to a DungeonScope Icon. You should see some money to your northwest, so go south, west, north, and northeast to find another 90G.

Return to the Icon one last time and head south-southwest, following the path as it curves west and north to 90G. Continue north, following the path until you reach a fork. Go west to find another Baobab Fruit, then turn around and continue east.

When you reach a somewhat open area, go south and grab the Seed of Speed at this dead-end, then go back and head east and south, following the path and ignoring the fork that goes off to the west. It’s the one we ignored earlier. You’ll reach a Save Point, so use it. Go forward a little to discover that we have made it to the End of the World! Yay!

You can still go back to Luc Village from the End of the World via the World Map. Nice and easy, eh? The Misty Forest must not be as tough to navigate as they say, hehe. I do recommend going back and making room in your inventory.