God of Light Mountain in Grandia.

Grandia: God of Light Mountain

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God of Light Mountain
Items: Move Breaker, Seed of Life, Resurrect Potion, Bond of Trust
Equipment: Paralysis Charm, Mist-Cracking Whip, Light God Amulet
Key Items: Nectar of the Gods, Mist-Clearing Nut
Gold: 100G, 300G, 100G, 100G, 100G, 100G, 300G, 100G, 100G, 100G
Enemies: Metal Beetle, Pit Viper, Tarantula, Sergeant

Walk northwest until you reach a fork, then head north-northeast along the base of the mountain to pick up 100G. Go back and head west along the mountain until you reach two paths. Take the northern one first, following it to a split. Go northeast first, following it until you reach 300G.

300G in God of Light Mountain Grandia.

Head back to the split now and head northwest. Once you get to the wide-open area, make your way northwest to find a Move Breaker at the end of this path. Return to the open area and run directly southwest to 100G, then head back to the open area one more time and head directly west to a DungeonScope Icon. Grab the 100G to the northwest of the Icon, then head back to the two original dirt paths. One going north and the other going west.

Head west just a little to another fork. Ignore the path with the posts and head west-northwest to a Seed of Life.

Seed of Life in God of Light Mountain Grandia.

Go back to the posts and move north under them to a fork. Grab the 100G to the northeast at a dead-end, then return and take the northwestern path to another open area. Head straight north-northwest to something that resembles a fork, being separated by rocks and plants. Take the northeastern path to a Paralysis Charm. There’s nothing to the northwest of this fork, so go back to the start of this open area near the DungeonScope Icon. From this Icon, go northwest to find 100G off to the southwest, then continue north from here until you reach the peak of the mountain.

Start climbing up, and when you see it, take the southwestern path off to the side. There is 300G, 100G, 100G, and a Resurrect Potion here.

A pile of treasure in God of Light Mountain Grandia.

As you climb up the mountain, look for a Mist-Cracking Whip near the edge. Right before you reach the top, take the southeastern path to a Light God Amulet, and a chest containing a Bond of Trust.

Light God Amulet and Bond of Trust in God of Light Mountain Grandia.

Now, go forward and up to the statue. At the base of the statue is the Nectar of the Gods, so grab it. Grab the 100G to the southwest of the statue while you’re here, then start making your way back to Luc Village. You know how to get back there, right? (If you don’t, head back down to the foot, then go far south, east past a DungeonScope Icon, then southeast, following this path back to the posts. Get off the dirt path and back to the ground, then head east along the mountain, taking the first path south back to Luc Village.)

Go to the eastern side of the village to the Chief’s house. Talk to him for a bit of dialogue, then head over to Rem’s House when it’s time (directly west-northwest of the Chief’s House) and talk to his mother. Save if you want, then choose option 1 to eat and stay overnight. After the usual and somewhat comical dinner event, watch the quick scene before you regain control. Head out of Rem’s house to see the state of the village, then head back to the God of Light Mountain.

As you climb towards the peak of the mountain, you’ll face five different sets of Sergeants. After you take care of them, climb your way to the top to the peak for another long set of scenes. During the dialogue, you’ll receive a Mist-Clearing Nut!

Mist-Clearing Nut in God of Light Mountain Grandia.

When you regain control, head back down to the village and get whatever you need for your upcoming journey. You may want to hang around and fight at the God of Light Mountain since there’s a Save Point right outside of it for recovery. It’s up to you. Before leaving, make sure that you have sold whatever you want and cleared out your inventory, that way you have plenty of room to carry items over the next couple of areas. Whenever you feel prepared, save if you want, then go to the northeastern side of the village and go through the gate to get back out to the World Map.

To the Misty Forest!