Gumbo Village in Grandia.

Grandia: Gumbo Village

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Gumbo Village
Save Points: Gumbo Guest Hse
Stashing Places: Gumbo Guest Hse

There are two buildings in front of you. The eastern house is the Guest House, where you can stay and save, along with using the Stashing Place. The western house is the Tool Shed, which is actually the Weapons Store.

There is some great equipment here. You’ll want to grab the Azure Knife for Feena, as the Water attribute will help quite a bit against the upcoming enemies. Ignore the Raincloud Staff. Yes, they’re nice, but you will get several in the Volcano through enemy drops. Armor-wise, even though the Flying Dragon Vest’s DEF is a 1 point lower than the Skull Armor, it has extra defense against Fire, and you’ll definitely need that up ahead, so grab four of them.

The Mach 1 Boots are excellent as well, so I decided it’s time to give up on those Air Sneakers and bought these for everyone, sacrificing an extra 18 move for 5 defense. Lastly, the MagicMirror Shield is a little expensive, and you likely can’t afford one for everyone, but make sure to get what you can. They can return damage to the enemies that attack you!

When you’re done, go south into the village for scene. Continue down the stairs here for another one, then feel free to walk around the town and talk to people, if you want.

When you’re ready, head to the Chief’s House. Just follow the checkered brick southwest and west to his house. Talk to the Chief in here, and he says that the honored guests have appeared! You must choose the first option to continue.

Afterward, enjoy the dialogue until you are prompted with another choice. You can go out and chat with the couples, but you’ll need to choose to go to bed to proceed.

Make sure that you’re ready before proceeding. The next day, leave the Guest House, and head to the southeastern part of Gumbo and enter the Greeting Tent. Talk to the Chief and tell him that you’re ready, where you’ll get to watch a spectacular show in the air!

Off to the Volcano!