Herb Mountains in Grandia.

Grandia: Herb Mountains

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Herb Mountains
Items: Poison Antidote, Poison Antidote, Herbs, Herbs, White Sulfa Weed, Smelling Salts, Poison Antidote, White Sulfa Weed, White Sulfa Weed, Seed of Life, Weeds
Key Items: Sulfa Weed
Enemies: Beetlebug, Black Widow, Purple Slime, Roadcrawler

This place can be a bit frustrating to navigate, so pay close attention. As you enter, head north and follow the path until you reach a fork. Go east and pick up the Poison Antidote a few steps to your north.

Go back down to the fork and continue following the path north, passing a fork, eventually reaching a dead-end in the northeast corner. Grab another Poison Antidote here, then turn around and head back west to the entrance. From the entrance, make your way south, following this path to another dead-end, but this time with some Herbs.

Go back west and northwest a bit to find two ramps: one going north and the other going east. Head east first. After walking a little, go north at the first fork to a DungeonScope Icon. Move north from it and follow the path, sticking to the west side of it until you reach some more Herbs.

Go back south to this last fork and head east, then immediately north at the next one to come to another fork. To the east is a DungeonScope Icon, along with some Sulfa Weed. Feena will point out that this is white and what we need is red. You’ll pick up the White Sulfa Weed anyway.

White Sulfa Weed in Herb Mountains Grandia.

Take the path west and follow it around to the north and east, continuing along until you find yet another DungeonScope Icon. If you use this one, you should be able to see the Red Sulfa Weed on the southern side, but we can’t reach it just yet.

Move east and south from here to several split paths. Go down the first eastern path, grabbing the Smelling Salts to the east and north, then go back west, then south, then east to the last Poison Antidote here.

Go back west, then southwest to another DungeonScope Icon. You can see some White Sulfa Weed to the south, and you can still barely see the Red Sulfa Weed to the northwest. From the Icon, go east until you are back on the base road. Walk south and follow this road until you reach some more White Sulfa Weed in the southern corner. Go northwest to a fork, then head north. Keep going north to find another White Sulfa Weed.

Take a few steps back south, then move west at this fork. Go north when you finally can, and you’ll eventually come to a Seed of Life.

Seed of Life in Herb Mountains Grandia.

Go back south to the fork, and this time go southwest and down the ramp, then head east and follow the path until you are back down on the base ground. Go east-northeast until you can see a ramp to your north, then climb it and follow the path for a while until you reach a DungeonScope Icon and some Weeds to the south.

Turn around and head north past the Icon, go down the ramp to the west, and continue north until you can finally pick up the Red Sulfa Weed.

Red Sulfa Weed location in Herb Mountains Grandia.

Head west from the Sulfa Weed and drop off of the ledge, then go north, west, then north and east until you find a DungeonScope Icon. Go north and drop off of this ledge, then go east and follow along the northern wall. Following this outside wall to the exit, you’ll go up one ramp and down another, then there’s a long walk, then you go up another ramp, followed by another long walk until you can go down a ramp. From there, go northwest, then west at the next fork to get back to the area outside of Feena’s House.

Before going inside her house, we recommend going back to New Parm and selling all of the stuff you don’t need and stocking up on what you will need, as we mentioned in the last section. Buy plenty of First Aid Kits, and put what you don’t need or want to save for later in the Stashing Place.

Just don’t go insanely nuts and buy everything, running your money out. It may be a while before you can get to another store, but that store will have much nicer equipment that you’ll want.

When you’re ready, go back inside Feena’s House. Watch several events unfold here before you finally regain control at… the Garlyle Base!