Lama Mountains in Grandia.

Grandia: Lama Mountains

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Lama Mountains
Save Points: South Lama Mtns
Gold: 140G, 140G, 420G, 140G, 140G, 140G, 140G, 140G, 140G, 140G, 140G, 420G, 140G
Items: Orb of Silence. Yellow Medicine, Health Weed
Equipment: Dragon Killer, Demon Eye Stone
Enemies: Blue Devil, Blue Kite, Gripple
The dungeon after this one is a Volcano, with all enemies being Fire-based. With that in mind, I strongly recommend taking time here in the Lama Mountains to get to (or close to) a 10 Wind Level. Since you should already have a 12 Water Level (from exploiting the poison pools on Mt. Typhoon — which you can still do, by the way!), this will allow you to learn Crackling for Justin, Sue, and Feena. It will be a major, MAJOR help against the next boss, and even against large groups of enemies if you find yourself in a pickle there in the depths of the fire.

In addition to that, you should focus on getting Justin’s Ax Level to 16, or fairly close to where you’ll have it in the Volcano before the boss. If you’ve been alternating your weapons throughout the game so far, you shouldn’t be too far off. Just take some extra time to Shockwave the groups of enemies here, and you should get close in no time. Doing so — along with getting 10 Wind / 10 Water — will get you the Ice Slash maneuver, which will be extremely devastating to the next boss.

Ah, a nice, huge, wide-open area. Head east until you reach some trees, then follow along them to find 140G to your south. Go south from there to a wall, then run west along said wall until you can climb up a hill. From there, run south to a wall, then follow alongside it to the southwest to 140G.

Head northwest a little, and you should come across a bed of flowers. Go to the western edge of the bed, then head directly west-northwest to find a tree, a DungeonScope Icon, and 420G nearby. Once you’ve picked up the gold, travel as far south as you can until you hit a canyon. Head west and grab the Orb of Silence on the edge, then head east along the canyon and grab the 140G lying here.

Orb of Silence in Lama Mountains Grandia.

Move south across the strait, then head east and pick up another 140G. Continue east and cross the bridge to the northeast, then turn west and pick up another 140G. Run directly east from here to find a Yellow Medicine, then make your way back west and across the bridge.

Head west and follow the path to the South Lama Mountains, where Gadwin will decide to camp for the night. During the dinner event, choose all three choices in any order, then watch the rest of the scenes before you regain control the next day.

Grab the 140G beside the Save Point, as well as the 140G to the north of it, then save if you need to. Head west and south and get on the trolley, riding it to the next rock. Head southeast to find 140G, then move south southwest from here to find another 140G in the area.

Head west from here and take this trolley to another rock, then head southwest and get the 140G. Move east and take this trolley to a smaller rock with a Dragon Killer in the middle of it. Hang on to this!

Dragon Killer in Lama Mountains Grandia.

Take the trolley back up, then head far west and north to another one. Take it, then grab the 420G to the north. Go east and take this trolley down, then go down the hill and get the Demon Eye Stone out of the chest. This will go on Feena, and it will not be removed for the rest of the game, seeing as she’ll always be your best and primary spell caster.

Demon Eye Stone in Lama Mountains Grandia.

Hop on the trolley to the east, then grab the last 140G here. Take the trolley to the south, then go forward to the next one. Grab the Health Weed on this last rock, then walk south onto the final trolley. Ride it across, then go forward and leave the Lama Mountains.

On to Gumbo Village!