Grandia: Leck Mines

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Leck Mines
Save Points: Leck Mines (Java), Leck Mines (2)
Gold: 20G, 20G, 60G, 20G, 20G, 60G, 20G, 20G, 60G, 20G, 60G, 20G, 20G, 60G
Items: Hand Grenade, Hand Grenade, Herbs, Wound Salve, Hand Grenade, Seed of Defense
Equipment: Work Clothes, Rubber Boots, Wobbly Sword, Safety Helmet, Hand Ax, Miner’s Hammer, Oaken Shield
Enemies: Baby Bat, Green Slime, Orc, Spyder
Boss: Orc King

After getting off of the train, head southwest from where you are and go into Java’s House. Watch a short scene here, then go outside and follow the spinning arrow to Java. He’ll ask you if you want to rest. Java will let you rest and save here, so take advantage of it! When you’re ready, enter the Leck Mines.

Once you enter, head directly west and you should come across some Work Clothes. Move south from there to come across a DungeonScope Icon with 20G just to the south of it. If you use the DungeonScope Icon, you can see some money in the upper-left part of the screen.

Head southwest and pick up the 20G, then head northwest and west, following the path to a dead-end. Check around here to find a Hand Grenade, as well as a chest containing a pair of Rubber Boots.

We never equip any shoes that have a low MOV statistic unless they have a decent amount of defense, so I’ll be sticking with the Air Sneakers for the majority of the first disc.

From the chest, turn around and head back east, following along the northernmost track until it starts running alongside a different track to your north. Turn around and follow this new track back west, and as you’re going west, look to the south for another Hand Grenade.

Hand Grenade in Leck Mines in Grandia.

When you start seeing caverns to the north and south, go north to the first one (not northeast), and crawl under the beam. There are more caverns inside this one. The northern one has 60G while the other two are empty, so leave this cavern, go south across the tracks, and to another cavern to find some Herbs at this dead-end.

Step back out to the main pathway and go back to the far west, then north to find one last dead-end with 20G. Follow these tracks back east to the very beginning (you can leave and recover with Java if you need to), then follow the southernmost track here as it goes south, southeast, and east to the next area.

Go up the hill and follow the southern track to yet another 20G, then check out the DungeonScope icon to the south. Take a look at the area, then go east first, dropping down into the big hole here. Climb the small hill here and check to the northeast to find a Wobbly Sword.

Wobbly Sword in Leck Mines in Grandia.

From there, check the south to find 60G, then look to the west of it to find a Safety Helmet, which you should equip to Justin or Sue. Use the Action Icon to jump over the hole, then go back to the DungeonScope Icon to your northwest. Start making your way southwest.

You can cross over if you want, but we recommend dropping down so you can go northwest and grab the Hand Ax first. Once you have it, climb up the western rope here, then grab the 20G to your north. Follow along the edge of the hole as it turns southeast to find a chest containing a Miner’s Hammer, then head directly west for a little while to come across another 20G.

Miner's Hammer in Grandia.

Move southeast and south, following the tracks until you come to a dead-end where they’ve been blocked off due to fallen beams and boxes and such. From there, head east and up the hill, following the tracks until you see a Wound Salve to your south. Note the DungeonScope Icon to your east as a reference point.

First, go south into this cavern, and you should find an Oaken Shield in a smaller cavern to the east. Be sure to equip it. Go back to the DungeonScope Icon and head west until you’re on a ledge beside the hill you climbed. Check to the southwest for another Hand Grenade on the ledge, then go into the cavern to your east and south to find 60G.

That’s it for exploring the Leck Mines, so make your way to the far northeast to find a Save Point. Use it and recover, then move east to the Deepest Depths.

Before you go and fight the Boss, grab the 20G and 60G on the right, then the 20G, 20G, and 60G on the left. Now, let’s beat the ugly out of the so-called King of the Orcs.

Orc King boss fight in Leck Mines in Grandia.

Boss: Orc King (with Orc x2)

EXP: 78
Gold: 490

The biggest nuisance is the pair of Orcs that come with the King. Take them out first with combo attacks so you can focus on just the Orc King himself. Use V-Slash and Puffy Kick until you’re out of SP, followed by critical attacks to keep him on the back end of the IP gauge. By himself, he’s only just a BIT tougher than the Rock Bird, but you should still be able to take him out with ease. As before, if you start to fall below 30 HP, use a Wound Salve to keep going. He only has two attacks:

  • Single attack: A standard axe chop that will hit for low to medium damage. A bit stronger than a normal attack from the Orcs, but nothing to worry about.
  • Fire Breath: A flying orb that hits one party member. It inflicts low to medium damage. You can take at least 2 of these before having to worry about healing.

After the battle, grab the Seed of Defense to the south on the platform, then start to leave the cave. When you get to the second area, watch as the party escapes the mines. After you’re back outside, watch a few more scenes unfold, and you’ll finally get your hands on the Steamer Pass you’ve always wanted. When you regain control, just walk east to be on the World Map and return to Parm.

If you had all of your item slots full when you got the Steamer Pass, those items went to the Stashing Place, so make sure to get those out when you get back.

Also, we strongly recommend using the Seeds of *** or Fruits of *** on either Justin or your next party member. Justin will always need the ones for SP, WIT, and AGI, while your next party member will need the rest (HP, MP, STR, and VIT) the most.