Luc Village in Grandia.

Grandia: Luc Village

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Luc Village
Save Points: Luc Village
Stashing Places: Rem’s House

Talk to Rem at the entrance. Before meeting the Village Chief, let’s look around a bit. The TownScope is very handy here since we are always getting turned around in this village. Just press Select to use it. The Village Chief’s house is the one to the far east with the bridge connecting it. The Weapons Store is just to the north of the beginning of that bridge.

Here, there are a few new weapons that you can buy, as well as some great armor and accessories. (Upgrades for everyone!) Make sure to get the Woodchopper’s Ax, as it’ll still be extremely useful for the tree enemies in the remainder of the forest. There are also Tree God Amulets for 1000G in the misc. section. We recommend buying four of them since they reduce the SP needed to use skills! (Stash the ones you aren’t using right away. We put them on all three of my party members.)

Rem’s house is the one west-southwest of the Weapons Store, and it’s easy to spot because it is a little wider than the other houses. In here, you can use the Stashing Place, but you cannot go to sleep here just yet. (Stash that Holy Mace here if you replaced it!)

Back outside, there’s a Save Point to the northwest if you need to use it, and this area is also the entrance to the God of Light Mountain, which we’ll be going to very shortly. To the northeast is the exit to the East Misty Forest, but it’s too misty and we can’t go there yet.

So, with all that visited and out of the way, go to the Village Chief’s house to the east. After the discussion with him, we need to go to the God of Light Mountain.

Once you’re prepared, use the Save Point in the northern part of the village, then go through the gate and up to the foot of the God of Light Mountain.