Marna Road in Grandia.

Grandia: Marna Road

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Marna Road
Save Points: Marna Road (Entrance)
Gold: 30G, 10G, 10G
Items: Herbs, Herbs
Equipment: Officer’s Baton
Enemies: Giant Centipede, Marna Bug
In this area, you’ll find your first battles. When you battle over time, your weapons will level up. You need to alternate weapons every once in a while so that your attributes aren’t lopsided, such as a high WIT, but a low VIT. For example, don’t always use the Sword with Justin. Use the Mace and Ax too! (Especially the Ax if you want strength.) In the Moves menu, you can see which attributes are increased when the weapon levels up, depending on the weapon.

With that being said, I suggest keeping one of each character’s weapons handy. Your character’s level doesn’t really affect you too much. Your weapons and magic will boost your statistics the most throughout the game.

You can see a Save Point as soon as you enter, so use it if you want. Go north to find a small rock in the path, then head directly east-northeast from it to find 30G. Head northeast and follow along the wall as it turns north to find 10G by the river. Make your way back to the Save Point and recover if you need to, then move north northwest to find some Herbs. Go north-northwest from there and check the area near where the wall and river meet for 10G, then make your way east along the river and cross the bridge.

Head east and follow along the river until it turns north and to a dead-end containing some more Herbs. Return to the bridge and follow the road until you’re past the two giant rocks surrounding the road. From there, head east and southeast, following along the river until you reach the Officer’s Baton, a decent weapon for either Justin or Sue.

Officer's Baton in Marna Road Grandia.

That’s pretty much it for this tiny area, so unless you want to grind, follow the road northwest and north to the exit.

Next up: the Sult Ruins!