Sult Ruins in Grandia.

Grandia: Sult Ruins

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Sult Ruins
Save Points: Sult Ruins (Outside), Sult Ruins (B1), Sult Ruins (B2)
Gold: 10G, 10G, 10G, 30G, 30G, 30G, 10G, 10G, 30G, 30G
Items: Dynamite, Resurrect Potion
Equipment: Rune Ring, Shiny Shoes, Outdated Armor, Ceremonial Rock Axe
Enemies: Baby Bat, Green Slime
Boss: Rock Bird

Talk to the guy at the gate to enter, then you’ll hear the voices of three female soldiers: Nana, Saki, and Mio. Once they’re done yapping, you can explore and chat all you like. When you’re ready, go down the two ramps and meet up with the three sergeants. Choose to show them the letter to proceed. When you regain control, use the nearby Save Point, then head down into B1 of the Ruins.

It really helps here in the Sult Ruins if you have the manual that came with the game. It shows a detailed map of where everything is.

Go forward a little for another scene, then get off of the platform and grab the 10G to the east. Follow the path north until you hear some soldiers talking, then head north to a fork. Head west and north to have a Baby Bat attack you, then grab the 10G where it was. Head east past the DungeonScope Icon to see some stairs to your south. There’s 10G directly north of them, so grab it, then head up said stairs. Follow the path up here until you come across a Rune Ring, then on your way back, look for 30G just off to the south beside the stairs.

Rune Ring in Grandia.

If you go south a little, you’ll see those three gossiping again. Go as far south as you can to find 30G just inside a rock structure. Head east between the rocks, then move north. You can see some stairs to the southeast, so climb them and pick up another 30G. From those stairs, move directly west to find a pair of Shiny Shoes.

Shiny Shoes in Grandia.

Head north just a few steps and look for another 10G in a rock structure to the east. Keep moving north to find a Save Point, then head north some more to reach B2.

Sult Ruins B2

Head north to a DungeonScope Icon, then east from it to find 10G. Move west and north up the nearby stairs, then follow the path to a fork, where you need to head west and hop over the gap to find some Outdated Armor in a chest. After equipping this to Justin or Sue, go back across the gap, then head all the way east and fall off of the edge.

Outdated Armor in Grandia.

To the east is some Dynamite, so grab it, then head southeast until you see some stairs to your northeast. Ascend the stairs and follow it a long way to 30G, then fall off the edge here and go south-southwest to a DungeonScope Icon. Take a couple of steps north, then go west through the area between the two platforms and up some stairs to find the Ceremonial Rock Ax. Equip it to Justin.

Ceremonial Rock Ax in Grandia.

Go back east and between the rocks to the last DungeonScope Icon, then move south and west under the platform (you have to go as far south as you can under the platform, that way you don’t run into the stairs on the other side). Go up the stairs here, then walk to the east. The platform will fall, so grab the Resurrect Potion and make your way back up the stairs where you were.

Use the Action Icon near the pillar, then cross the newly formed pillar-bridge, grabbing the 30G to the west. Move north and you’ll hear some soldiers talking. Afterward, use the Save Point, then go up to the statue for a quick scene.

Enter the Ancient Passageway and follow the path to a fork. Head northwest and push the button here twice, then walk onto the spinning platform. Push the button in the middle, then follow the path to another wall that will lower.

Move forward to the Room of Illusion for a long series of scenes. Choose any option you like as they come your way, and then eventually, you’ll be back outside the passageway. There’s one little problem though…

Rock Bird boss fight in Grandia.

Boss: Rock Bird

EXP: 30
Gold: 150

Have Justin use V-Slash and Sue use Puffy Kick, followed by critical (not combo) attacks once you’re out of SP. That way, you can cancel his attacks or at least slow him down on the IP gauge. If you start getting around the 20 HP range, use some of your healing items to bring you back up to snuff. Rocky has three attacks:

  • Single attack: A single strike that’ll hit you for very little damage, and is nothing to worry about.
  • Rock Feather: Flying feathers will attack in a direct line. The damage is pretty minimal though, so if you do get hit, don’t worry too much.
  • Fire Orb: It hits both Sue and Justin regardless of where they are. Damage-wise, it hits pretty hard, so be sure to cancel this if you see it coming, or at least Defend if you can’t. You’ll definitely have to heal after getting hit with it if you don’t think you can take him out before he attacks again.

Luckily, the first boss in the game is pretty much a pushover. Don’t get used to it!

After the battle, you’ll automatically be back at the very entrance of the Sult Ruins. Time to head back to Parm!