Merrill Road in Grandia.

Grandia: Merrill Road

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Over this and the next dungeon, work on learning Justin’s second move, W-Break, if you don’t have it already. (6 Sword, 4 Mace). It’s basically a stronger V-Slash, but with a better chance of a cancel effect, and is extremely useful against bosses.
Merrill Road
Gold: 40G, 40G, 40G, 120G, 40G
Items: Mana Egg
Equipment: Snake Earrings
Enemies: Black Widow, Glug Bird, Roadcrawler, Spitting Cobra

Grab the 40G as soon as you enter, then head northeast and follow the path until you reach a fork. Go east to the dead-end and pick up 40G, then go back and head north.

At the fork, move west through a cave to find some Snake Earrings, then go back through the cave and head east, following the path until you can see another 40G to your east. You should see a DungeonScope Icon to the northwest. Use it to see some gold nearby, then move north and east to grab the 120G.

120G on Merrill Road in Grandia.

Move west from here until you come across 40G, then continue west past the DungeonScope Icon to another fork. Head southwest until you find another Mana Egg.

Mana Egg location on Merrill Road in Grandia.

Go back to the fork and head back east to the DungeonScope Icon you passed. The exit is to the north, leading right to Feena’s House.

Feena’s House

Feena's House
Save Points: Feena’s House

Follow the spinning arrow to Feena’s House, and you’ll find that no one is inside. Check out the pair of pink panties hanging on a line beside the Save Point, then watch the scenes for a while.

Feena's panties in Grandia.

As usual, ask all of the questions that you can to progress the story, and after another series of unfortunate events, you’ll regain control. Leave Feena’s House and go to the Town of New Parm.

Town of New Parm

While you’re here, use that Mana Egg to get some more Magic. We get Earth for Sue so that she can make use of the better support spells right off. (Healing and defense boosting, followed by being able to Cure poison!) If you need anything else, buy it now.

When you’re ready, go west of the Adventurers Society until you run into the Church. It’s locked, so go south and west around back into the Storeroom, then make your way down into the Underground Passage.