Underground Passage in Grandia.

Grandia: Underground Passage

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Underground Passage
Save Points: Church Passage
Items: Mana Egg
Equipment: Shell Shield, Iron Mace
Gold: 50G, 150G, 50G, 50G
Enemies: Mad Snail, Mud Jelly, Purple Slime
Boss: Chang

Head north and follow the path through the tunnel to the other side. Turn the wheel you see here to lower the water a bit, then go north, then west through another tunnel. Go south and past the stairs to reach another gate. Turn the wheel, then grab the 50G to the east.

Head back north and cross the stairs to your west, then go south and turn a different wheel to put the same gate back to where it was. Go south through this tunnel, then west, and follow along this long path. Eventually, you’ll come to some stairs that go down to a large area. Continue east past it, going through yet another tunnel. At the end of it, move north and get the Shell Shield out of the chest, then turn this wheel to lower the rest of the water.

Shell Shield in Underground Passage in Grandia.

Go back through the tunnel to those stairs I had you pass. Go down and clear out the monsters, then descend the stairs to the east and grab the 150G to the north. Head northeast and east, following this path down here to a dead-end with a glorious Mana Egg!

Mana Egg location in Underground Passage in Grandia.

Go back to the open area, and from the large steps you came down, grab the 50G, on the western side of them, then proceed north and through this tunnel to another large area. Go east and north to another large area. Head east and north first to find an Iron Mace, then go back and go up the stairs.

Follow the path here to another set of stairs and you’ll come to a secret passage. Use the Action Icon to break into the western wall, then grab the 50G here. Use the Save Point, and when you’re ready, climb up the boxes and enter the Church. Jump on down to take on Pakon’s bodyguard!

Chang boss battle in Church in Grandia.

Boss: Chang

EXP: 235
Gold: 0

Be very careful. Chang can possibly kill you in just one hit with his Tornado Punch. If you see Tornado coming, and you have no chance of canceling it, then defend.

Having Sue start the battle with a few Diggins should keep you fairly safe, so have her on healing duty when she’s not boosting your defense. If you see an opening for a Puffy Kick or two, go ahead and take it!

For Justin, just have him use his W-Break when he can. It should do quite a bit of damage on top of knocking the dude’s IP back (or if you’re lucky, canceling an attack). Afterward, use either combo or critical attacks, using your best judgment depending on where Chang is on the IP gauge.

Of his attacks, his Tornado is the only one you have to worry about, as the others only do minor to medium damage. (Try to keep Justin and Sue separated if you can, that way his Spin Kick doesn’t hit them both.)

Here are Chang’s attacks:

  • Combo attack: A three-hit combo that only deals minor damage, if all three manage to land. Nothing to worry about.
  • Spin Kick: A spinning kick that hits a range around one of your party members that deals minor to medium damage. It’s nothing too impressive.
  • Tornado: A devastating punch that can kill you if it connects. Cancel at all costs. If you can’t, defend against it and heal immediately afterward.

After the battle, enjoy the dialogue and watch the scenes that occur. Eventually, you’ll regain control inside Feena’s house, where she has officially joined your party! Everything’s ready there, so go ahead and leave Feena’s House. Before we go to the Rangle Mountains, go back to the Town of New Parm and head to the store. Buy another spell and upgrade whatever equipment you feel necessary. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Justin: Wind
  • Sue: Water, Earth
  • Feena: Fire

When you’re ready, travel to the Rangle Mountains.