Heading to New Parm in Grandia.

Grandia: New Parm

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New Parm
Save Points: Adv. Hut Hotel
Stashing Places: Adv. Hut Hotel
Items: Golden Potion

Ah, finally: New Parm! After the short goodbye, you’ll regain control. Go southwest and examine the moving barrel. It’s the guy that was stowing away that we told you to talk to! (At least, we hope you talked to him!) For being quiet, he’ll give you a Golden Potion. (Since this is one of the better recovery items in the game, you better put it in the Stashing Place and save it for later.)

Golden Potion in Grandia.

There’s absolutely nothing productive to do here, so leave here to the north and venture over to the Town of New Parm.

Town of New Parm

The eastern building is the Adventurers Store, so visit it to find a new icon here: A staff. This is where you turn in your Mana Eggs to buy magic, so buy something! We recommend Water for Sue for now, so she can be a decent support character.

Buying Heal in Grandia.

We’ll be getting a couple more Mana Eggs soon, so don’t fret about what to choose too much. This place also has some good new armor and weapons, so spend away if you like. (You may not want to buy any Iron Maces. You’ll get one of them, as well as some Holy Maces in 2 of the next 3 dungeons.)

Don’t buy the Snake Earrings either, unless you want to have two pairs. There’s a pair in the next area. Make sure that you have at least two or three Poison Antidotes. Two of the four enemies in the next area can (and usually will be happy to) inflict you with poison.

Leave the store and enter the actual town. At the first fork in town, head east and go into the first gate to your south to Mansion 1. Talk to the lady in pink here, who happens to be Clara. Talk to her a few times and you’ll deliver the letter that ‘Francois’ asked Justin to deliver (even if it’s not in your current inventory).

Delivering the Letter from Francois in Grandia.

Leave here and start back to the center of town. The building here with the turticamel and two bald men outside is the Adventurers Society, so head on in. Talk to the lady at the desk a few times, then go to the back corner of the office and say “I’m Mr. Pakon’s servant, uh-yup!” to go inside for a chat.

After a rather disappointing conversation, go ahead and leave. Since there’s nothing else to do in town, we should just go visit Feena. Head to the far north and leave town, then travel to Merrill Road.