Parm in Grandia.

Grandia: Port Town of Parm, Pt. 1

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Port Town of Parm, Pt. 1
Save Points: Port of Parm, Lilly’s Seagull Restaurant
Stashing Places: Justin’s Living Room
Gold: 100G, 1G (infinite)
Items: First Aid Kit, Poison Antidote, Wound Salve
Equipment: Apron, Iron Pot, Pot Lid, Wooden Sword
Key Items: Letter to Clara, Gantz’s Key, Marie’s Pin, Spirit Stone, Intro Letter

After watching the opening movie, you’ll be introduced to your first two party members, Justin and Sue. You’ll receive a dirty Apron from Sue, then you’ll gain control for the first time. On a bridge in North Parm near a boy named Gantz.

Justin comes equipped with the following by default: Wooden Pole, Adventure Clothes, Sneakers, Cutting Board, Goggles, and the Hero’s Badge. He also has Wound Salve x3 in his inventory. You also start with 200G.

Sue comes equipped with the following by default: Toy Bow and Arrow, Sunday Best, Dress Shoes, Woolen Mittens, Ribbon, and her Mama’s Amulet. She also has Box of Sweets x2, a Banana, and a Wound Salve in her inventory.

Also, enjoy talking to everyone that you can, and do so again every time you go to a new town or when you return from completing a dungeon. Most of it is just for laughs, but some can be a nice supplement to the story. If you cannot see something easily, use the L1/R1 Buttons to rotate the screen. The TownScope notates where people are, even if they’re hiding, so hit the SELECT button to check it out!

The Spirit Sword

At the bridge, talk to the grey-haired Gantz about the “Legendary Armor”, then ask about the remaining treasures. If you ask him where the Helmet is, he’ll tell you it’s where you “Always hear the sound of running water.” If you ask where the Shield is, he’ll tell you it’s where you “Always hear seagulls squawking.” It’s pretty easy to find them by these hints, but it’s even easier if you look in the back of the manual that came with this game, which tells you exactly where they are. If you don’t have it, that’s okay. We’re here to help!

From the bridge where Gantz is, head northwest and follow the riverbank down the stairs. Go west and you’ll find the Warrior’s Helmet, which is a battered Iron Pot.

Iron Pot location in Parm in Grandia.

Go back to the bridge and head north until you reach the Port of Parm. There’s a Save Point to your east, so check it out! You can save your game, recover all of your HP and MP, as well as learn some helpful hints about the game at each Save Point. Move northwest, then look to your south. You can see the Shield of Light propped up against the building. Grab the Pot Lid, then leave the Port of Parm and head back to the bridge.

Pot Lid location in Parm in Grandia.

Show Gantz the Shield of Light and the Warrior’s Helmet, then talk to him a second time and he’ll tell you that the Spirit Sword is in his house, inside a treasure chest. The trick? It’s locked, and he wants you to find the key to it.

First, let’s go to Gantz’s House. From the bridge, go north past one house, then go directly northwest to reach Gantz’s House. Inside, check the chest in the western corner of the house. It is indeed locked, so talk to Gantz’s mom. She’ll tell you that Gantz gave the key to his brother Tentz after lunch, so now we have to find Tentz.

Gantz's mom telling you where the key is in for the treasure chest in Grandia.

Leave Gantz’s house, but before doing anything else, let’s get off track a bit and get an optional item.

Move a few steps north of Gantz’s house, then go west and enter House 2 to the north. Go up to the second floor and talk to the old man here several times. You’ll find out that he is writing a letter to a girl in New Parm, and he wants you to take it to her when you eventually make it there. After receiving the Letter to Clara, head out and get back on track to finding Tentz.

Letter to Clara in Grandia.

Head south just past Gantz’s House, then go west until you see a brown-haired boy to your south. It’s Tentz, and when you talk to him, he’ll start crying. Choose to tell Gantz, and he’ll tell you that he lost the key over by the Cafe.

Go south and, on your hands and knees, go to the southern edge by the river, and it should be directly in the middle. If you can’t find it, just crawl from one end to the other while pressing the X button.

Once you find it, you’ll receive Gantz’s Key!

Gantz's Key location in Grandia.

Follow Tentz to the east to arrive at his house, then check the chest inside to find the Spirit Sword, which is just a plain old Wooden Sword.

Getting the Wooden Sword in Grandia.

We recommend equipping this on Justin for the moment since it is stronger than your Wooden Pole. Leave here and return to the bridge for a scene, where you’ll eventually arrive at Justin’s home, the Seagull Restaurant.

The Seagull Restaurant

Walk into the kitchen area and you’ll meet Justin’s mom, Lilly. After some smart comments, talk to her again for another prompt. To go on, you have to choose the third option, but you might as well start with the first and second for laughs. Afterward, you’ll be in the dining room for your first dinner event.

Dinner scenes allow you to have the characters talk freely among themselves, learning some things that you otherwise never come across. Most of the time it’s quite funny, and other times you learn a lot, so make sure to take part in them when you have the opportunity!

You’ll need to talk to both Lilly and Sue a few times for it to become available, but once you do, put the icon over Justin’s head and choose to stop eating so you can get to sleep.

The next morning, you’ll be in Justin’s room. Check the chest to your left to find a First Aid Kit, then grab the Poison Antidote on Justin’s bed to the north, then check the papers that rattle to find 100G.

Get 100G in Justin's Room.

Once you have all of these, go downstairs to Justin’s Living Room. I recommend going to the Stashing Place and storing the Apron, the Iron Pot, and the Pot Lid since you cannot sell them, and they are not any stronger than what you already have equipped. Also, store the Letter to Clara, since you won’t be needing it for a while.

As we mentioned in the intro, your active party members can store up to 12 items each, but the Stashing Place has no limit. You can put as much as you want in there, and you’ll be able to access it in certain areas of the game, usually Inns. Go down to the restaurant, and if you want, you can talk to Lilly.

If you choose “Mom, you really look beautiful today.” three times, she’ll give you 1G as an allowance. It’s not much unless you want to keep leaving and asking for an hour or two to try to get 100G. We do recommend doing this five times so you can have 305G for when we go shopping, so go into the other room and come back in and ask again. You can choose the first option to have another dinner event or the last one to save your game.

When you’re done, leave the restaurant. Before going to the Museum to progress the story, you might want to check out the town. We recommend stopping at the General Store, which is two houses east of the Seagull Restaurant. There are three icons on the ground. The sword is the Weapons Shop, the shield is the Armor Shop, and the chest is the Item Shop. You can also talk to the lady to sell most items and equipment if you need to.

When you’re shopping for equipment, you can choose to Equip it right away, Trade it with your old one, or just Buy it for your inventory. We would trade in your old shoes for two pairs of Air Sneakers, Sue’s Ribbon for a Fluffy Ribbon, and the Cutting Board and Mittens for two pairs of Leather Gloves. That should cost you exactly 305G, leaving you with absolutely nothing, but that’s okay, we’ll get plenty more later. Leave the General Store.

From the fountain in South Parm, go southeast to find the Train Station. Talk to the little red-haired girl, Marie, to the west of the entrance to find out that her mother has lost her favorite pin. Marie will ask you to find it for her. Choose the first option to help her out!

Marie's pin side quest in Grandia.

Go east until you can go under the tracks, then stand between the tracks and the entrance of the Baal Museum and face east. Look at the image below to find the pin. It looks kind of like a ‘W’ beside the tracks on your left. Look on the middle part of the ‘W’ where the two pieces of metal meet to find Marie’s Pin.

Marie's Pin location in Grandia.

Go back to Marie and give her the pin, then go back to where you found it and talk to Marie’s mother. As a token of appreciation, she’ll give you a Wound Salve.

Marie's pin side quest reward in Grandia.

Now, into the Baal Museum!

Baal Museum

Follow the carpet and go into the room on the left. Talk to the Curator, and after some discussion, he’ll give Justin the Spirit Stone from his dad, then will leave you alone to look at the statue.

Get the Spirit Stone in Grandia.

Go up the little stairs here and examine the statue, where Justin will accidentally break it. After they decide to just leave it alone, leave this room and go to the room on the right. Talk to the Curator and fess up. If you don’t, he’ll just keep asking. He will then give you an Intro Letter for you to visit the Sult Ruins.

Letter of Introduction in Grandia.

Now, leave the Baal Museum.

As soon as you leave, you’ll hear the Curator shout. Oh well, we have stuff to do anyway. We need to go to Marna Road next, but first, go back to the Seagull Restaurant and stash the Letter to Clara (if you haven’t already), the Spirit Stone, and the Intro Letter away. Don’t worry, when you need to use them, you will automatically, even if they’re in your Stashing Place. (If you like, you can keep the Spirit Stone with you. You can use it in battle to raise your HP level by 1 per use, but the effect is only temporary.)

Now, from the Restaurant, go southeast to the eastern side of the Train Station, then head south to leave Parm.

On to Marna Road!