Returning to Parm in Grandia.

Grandia: Port Town of Parm, Pt. 2

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Port Town of Parm, Pt. 2
Key Items: Key to the Cafe, Java’s Wallet

First off, head to the General Store and sell whatever you don’t need. I’d just keep 1 or 2 Would Salves per person. I suggest trading Sue’s Sunday Best / Justin’s Adventure Clothes for Sportswear, while keeping the Outdated Armor on the other person. Get whatever else you want. Use your best judgment, since it’s your money! (And stash that pesky Wooden Sword! Even if you don’t buy the Ceramic Sword, the next dungeon has a Wobbly Sword that has +9 ATK, then the dungeon after that has one with +14 ATK.)

Head back to the restaurant and talk to Lilly to have another dinner scene. Talk amongst yourselves to learn that you need to go to the Port tomorrow, then end the scene.

The next morning, leave the Restaurant and go to the Port of Parm. Talk to the only guy here who looks like a sailor. He’ll tell you that you need a Steamer Pass, and to get one, we need to speak to an old man at the Cafe. Remember where you had to find the key that Tentz had? That’s where the Cafe is: in the southwest part of North Parm, directly across the river from the Seagull Restaurant.

Talk to the lady here, and she’ll tell you that you can come tonight if you can find the key for her. Go back to the Port of Parm and talk to the guy with the blue hat. He’ll give you the Key to the Cafe to give to the lady.

Key to the Cafe location in Parm in Grandia.

Return to the Cafe and present the key, then watch the cutscene. Afterward, it’ll be nighttime in Parm. Feel free to take a trip around the town for some more fun dialogue, but when you’re ready, return to the Cafe once again.

Talk to everyone inside, then talk to the owner once again. Since the old man, Java, isn’t here, she’ll ask you to return his wallet. You’ll automatically receive Java’s Wallet, so leave the Cafe and head back home to the Seagull Restaurant.

Java's Wallet key item in Grandia.

You’ll once again have a dinner scene. Make your rounds in conversation, then end dinner and go to bed. The next morning, leave the restaurant and go to the Train Station. Talk to the guy here, and he’ll let you go to the Leck Mines for free, so enter the gate and go up the stairs.

Go up the small stairs to your left to board the train, and soon enough, you’ll arrive at the Leck Mines.