The Steamer in Grandia.

Grandia: Steamer

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Save Points: Crew Quarters (Sailor)
Stashing Places: 2nd Class Cabin
Gold: 25G, 100G, 25G (Infinite)
Items: Beef Jerky, Chocolate
Key Item: Cabin Key

Well, there’s nothing to do on the deck, so go into the grey door to the west. Go down the stairs and head to the lower right to the next area. The 2nd Class Cabin is down the stairs here to the left, so pay it a visit. The Stashing Place is here, along with a traveling salesman. He has the same items that Parm had, plus First Aid Kits, so make sure to get what you need. (Don’t forget to get Air Sneakers for your future party members, if you haven’t already!)

Traveling Salesman on the Steamer.

Leave this room and follow the hall to the upper-right to the end, going down these stairs here to the Crew’s Quarters. Talk to ALL of these guys here, as one of them helps progress the story, then start making your way up to the deck. On your way there, you’ll see a familiar face!

Hurry up to the deck, then talk to both Sue and the Captain. After talking to him a few times, choose to agree to his proposition. You’ll be taken to rest in your quarters, where you’ll regain control the next morning. Before heading up to the deck again, talk to the sailor here and he’ll give you the Cabin Key. (Talk to him again if you need to Save your game, which we strongly recommend doing! You can earn an extra 100G shortly, but it depends on your luck.)

Key to Quarters key item in Grandia.

Leave here, and when you walk down the hallway, talk to the first sailor you see on the left. He’ll ask you if you know the three rules of the sea. Choose the following:

  • Maybe “Don’t be a stowaway,” or
  • “Don’t spill blood in a fight,” or
  • How about “Don’t dirty the sea.”

Correct answers will earn you a Beef Jerky!

Beef Jerky in Grandia.

Head down to the 2nd Class Quarters. Now you can sell all of the stuff that you had on Sue if you need to, and get everything straightened out and stashed and such. Make sure to talk to the guy just below the Stashing Place. You’ll find out that he is a stowaway too! Be nice and don’t tell on him. You’ll get something in return later.

Put your Cabin Key and Lilly’s Letter in the Stashing Place, and when you are done with that, go to the first passageway below the deck (where you saw Puffy earlier) and head over to the lower left to the 1st Class Cabin Hall.

First, stop in the first room, Cabin A, and talk to the couple in here, who have a fascination with Puffy! Be sure to talk with them several times, during your voyage to the New World, as you’ll be given a gift right before you leave if you do.

Next, go into the second door, Cabin A, and talk to the lady. She’ll tell you that her tub is dirty. Examine it, and you’ll find a little spot and clean it up. Talk to her again and she’ll thank you with 25G.

Cleaning the tub on the Steamer in Grandia.

Leave and go into the Lounge. If you talk to everyone, you’ll find a gambler on the left side of the room who’ll challenge you to a coin flip! Choose either Heads or Tails, as it’s completely random, and you’ll receive 100G if you chose correctly. If not, reload and try again. (If you don’t have 100G, that’s okay. He’ll just take what you DO have.)

Talk to the lady standing in front of the yellow couch at the top of the room, and she’ll ask you if she has too many freckles. Choose “Not to worry! Just a couple!” to make her happy, netting you some Chocolate if you talk to her again, as a thank you.

Chocolate in Grandia.

That’s it for slacking, so it’s time to go to the deck and get to work! Go forward and talk to the guy not moving around. Ask him how to swab the deck, then have at it!

Deck swabbing is kind of a pain. Hold X until you get the power bar close to the end, then tap X and hold it briefly, tap X and hold it briefly, repeatedly. Try to keep the power bar close to full without maxing it out, or you’ll automatically stop and have to start from a set of empty bars.

If you’re good at it and keep it below 26 seconds, he’ll give you 25G as a reward! (You can do this as many times as you like.) When you’re finished, head back to the Crew’s Quarters and talk to the sailor to go to sleep.

The next morning, you’ll have to work again, so make your way up to the deck and swab away. When you’re done with that, start to go back and you’ll have a quick chat with a sailor, followed by some more dialogue during the night. The next morning, start making your way up to the deck, chatting with a sailor along the way.

Once you’re on deck, head to the other end and watch the scenes as you’re introduced to a new character: Feena! You’ll eventually get to talk to her on your own. Ask her all three questions in any order to progress the story.

Talking to Feena in Grandia.

When you regain control, go up to the Bridge via the brown door and talk to Feena and the Captain, then follow Feena back out onto the other end of the deck for some more dialogue. Like before, you’ll have to choose all three prompts here to be able to proceed, and once you do, Feena will join your party!

Feena comes equipped with the following by default: Leather Whip, Breastplate, Leather Greaves, Leather Gloves, Barrette, and the Jade Charm. She can also equip the Paring Knife she has with her. Item-wise, she has a First Aid Kit, Ginseng x2, a Poison Antidote, a Paralysis Ointment, and a Wound Salve in her inventory.

Before you go, you’ll want to go back to the store and buy some First Aid Kits (or just Wound Salves if you can’t afford them). Put those Air Sneakers we bought on Feena, then go back to the deck when you’re ready.

Climb the rope and get on the crane, then cross the crane arm and the rope, where you’ll jump down to the Ghost Ship!