Grandia: The Ghost Ship

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The Ghost Ship
Save Points: Ghost Pantry, Ghost Ship Hall
Gold: 30G, 30G, 30G, 30G, 30G, 30G, 90G, 30G, 90G
Items: Wound Salve, Wound Salve, Resurrect Potion
Equipment: Wind Charm, Pirate’s Hat, Admiral’s Sword
Enemies: Ammonite, Ghostoid, Sea Jelly
Boss: Squid King, Left Tentacle, Right Tentacle

On the deck of this ship, go up to the north edge of the boat and go west to find a hole where everyone will jump down. When you regain control, grab the 30G nearby, then use the Save Point.

If you check the hint here, it tells you that Feena can use magic, but Justin and Sue can’t until you acquire some Mana Eggs. During the battles here, make sure that Feena uses Burn! as much as she can! If you can level her Fire up and learn Burnflame, you’ll have a much easier time against the next boss. (Who isn’t even close to being a pushover, unlike the last two.)

Move west-northwest through the hole in the wall to the next room. Grab the Herbs to your northwest, then grab the 30G to the west-northwest of it. The only way from here is down, so go to the west end of the hold and drop down the hole.

Pick up the 30G that’s there, as well as the 30G by the north wall, then head west and up the rope to the south. Grab 30G to the east, then go through the middle door of the three on the eastern wall.

Follow the boardwalk and snag the 30G, then go back to the other room and climb the stairs to the south toward the meat for a close call. Go through this door, then move forward a little and down the rope to your north. Climb up these stairs and across the rope ladder to the Lower Deck.

Grab the 90G to the south, then move west from here to find a Wind Charm. (I’d equip this to someone before the upcoming boss! It has a nasty wind attack.)

The Wind Charm in Grandia.

Head west, then north to find a Wound Salve, then go east just a little and up these stairs in the center of the room. Move west-northwest and pick up the 30G here, then go west and follow the path on the floor between the holes until you get to the stairs to the south. Before you climb them, grab the Wound Salve to the southeast. Head up the stairs and get the Pirate’s Hat out of the treasure chest, equipping it to whomever.

Pirate's Hat in Grandia.

Continue up the stairs here.

Pick up and equip the Admiral’s Sword right there, then go north into the dark area. To the west is a glittering Resurrect Potion, so grab it (and put it on someone who may wind up using it), then return to the entrance here.

Move south and west to find the last of the money, 90G, tucked away in the corner. Go ahead and use the Save Point, then head west to the door for a quick scene. Enter, then check the journal on the desk. Time for a realboss fight!

Squid King boss fight in Grandia.

Boss: Squid King (with Left Tentacle and Right Tentacle)

EXP: 154
Gold: 2000
Items: Mana Egg (even though it doesn’t tell you)

This boss is pretty tough since it has three parts that simultaneously attack you, and with strong moves to boot. What makes it even worse is that the Right Tentacle will heal all three parts of itself, so it’s got to go first. You’ll want to have Feena on magic duty, starting with Burnflame on the Right Tentacle, followed by Burn! Have Justin and Sue use V-Slash and Puffy Kick on it as well, unless you can cancel Howl/Alheal with a critical attack if it’s about to use it. As for its other attacks, don’t even bother trying to cancel or defend against them until that Right Tentacle is gone. The longer you’re in this battle, the worse it’s going to be. If you drop to close to 20 HP, start bringing out the Wound Salves and First Aid Kits.

Once the Right Tentacle is gone, focus on getting rid of the Left Tentacle so that its Shockwave attack is taken out of its arsenal, then work on the big guy himself. With his two Tentacles gone, he’s no match for the three of you with constant critical attacks to keep him from ever acting for the rest of the battle. Here are all of his attacks:

  • The Left Tentacle and Squid King both will use Suck In: It doesn’t do any damage, but it groups all of you together so that its attacks have a better chance to hit all of you together.
  • The Left Tentacle and Right Tentacle both will use Single attack: A flying tentacle that hits for medium damage. Try to cancel it if you see it coming.
  • The Right Tentacle will use Alheal: Spell that heals ALL 3 parts of himself for 100 HP. Cancel this at all costs!
  • The Right Tentacle and the Squid King both will use Howl: Wind attack that deals medium to major damage to those within range. Do your best to cancel, or in the worst case scenario, just spread out so it only hits one or two of you.
  • The Squid King will use Laser Eye: Hits those in the line of its path. It only inflicts medium damage though, so it’s the lesser of the two evils between Howl and this next attack.
  • The Squid King’s worst attack is Shockwave: A ground attack that will hit those within Tentacles’ reach for major damage, and if he lands it twice, you’ll be lucky to be alive. (Or if he lands it right after hitting you with Howl.) Don’t try to cancel it either, because you can’t. If you see it coming, just Defend (unless you have a legitimate chance of killing a Tentacle.) However, this attack is based on his Tentacles. If he has both Tentacles, it’ll deal major damage. If he has one tentacle, it’ll only deal medium damage. If he has NO tentacles, then he won’t use the attack at all. Another reason to get rid of that pesky Right Tentacle as soon as possible!
After the battle, make sure that Feena does not have your Mana Egg (or anything important) with her. She’ll be leaving the party temporarily, but don’t worry. She’ll be back before too long. (When you’re in the Captain’s Cabin, you can’t check, so go out into the Hall first.)

After you beat the Squid, leave this room and go to the door across the hall. It’s locked, but after a quick pick, you’ll escape and be back aboard the Steamer in no time.


Gold: 300G

Talk to the sailor and choose to rest for the night before another hard day of work. The next morning, go up to the deck to find out that you’ve finally made it! Up on the deck, you’ll run to the far end of the boat to meet with Feena. When you regain control, STOP! (Or if you did talk to her again, choose Whoops! I still have to say good-bye.)

We have one last bit of treasure we can get here, so make your way back to the First Class Cabins and stop in the first one (Cabin B). Talk to the man here, and if you and Puffy befriended him earlier, he’ll give you 300G as a parting gift!

That’s all, so make your way back to the end of the deck and let Feena know you’re ready to go to New Parm!