Rangel Mountains in Grandia.

Grandia: Rangle Mountains

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Rangle Mountains
Save Points: East Rangle Mtn
Items: Mana Egg, Seed of Moves, Fruit of Power, Ginseng, Mana Egg
Equipment: Medal of Yore
Gold: 60G, 180G, 60G, 60G, 60G, 60G, 180G
Enemies: Inchworm, Odd Bird, Spitting Cobra

As you enter, follow the path just a bit to a wide-open area. Go south and follow this western wall until you reach some bushes with a small rock to the east of them. Go south-southeast from that rock to reach 60G. Head back north to a DungeonScope Icon, then continue directly north until you hit a wall. There is 180G tucked away in the northwest corner here.

From this northern wall, follow it east and up the hill as it curves around and leads you to another Mana Egg.

Since you’re still close to the entrance, go ahead and go to New Parm and get a new spell. We got Water for Feena.
A Mana Egg in Rangel Mountains in Grandia.

From the Egg, venture to the southwest and you should find another DungeonScope Icon. Use it, and you’ll see 60G to the southeast. Grab it, then head due south from here and up a hill to find a DungeonScope Icon. Use it to see something directly east: a Medal of Yore.

It says it Restores SP during attacks, but all it does is allow you to gain 3 SP instead of 2 SP when you land a critical attack. Honestly, it’s not worth it. Just hold onto it until you can sell it for 2500G.
Medal of Yore in Rangle Mountains in Grandia.

Move east-northeast to another DungeonScope Icon, then head directly north from there to find a couple of rocks and a Seed of Moves. That’s it for the first area, so head northeast and follow the spinning arrow to the East Rangle Mountains.

Seed of Moves location in Rangle Mountains in Grandia.

Go forward a little, and Feena will decide that this is a good place to camp. Enjoy the dinner scene and the view of the End of the World after, then you’ll regain control.

There’s a Save Point here. For those of you who love to grind, now’s a good time. You can recover at this Save Point and switch between the East and West Rangles for battles.

Anyway, head south from the Save Point to the start of another large area. Use the DungeonScope Icon to the southeast to see some money tucked away to your southeast, so pick up the 60G. Return to the Icon and move north, following along the western wall and down the hills until you can see a little rock and a DungeonScope Icon to your northeast. Grab the 60G here, then go north-northeast to a small path leading to an enclosed area containing a Fruit of Power.

Go back to the Icon and move directly southeast to a rock. There’s one last 60G to the east of that rock. Head south from here, past a very large rock and a DungeonScope Icon, all the way to a Ginseng. From it, hug and follow the wall to the east as it curls around and leads you to 180G.

Now, just keep following the wall that is to the north of the money until the compass arrow starts spinning fast and you’re beside a narrow pathway. That is the exit, but we need to grab one more thing first. Go north and follow the eastern wall for a while until it curves around to a bag with a Mana Egg inside.

A Mana Egg in a bag in Rangle Mountains in Grandia.

Turn around and follow the wall and compass arrow back to the exit.

Before going to the Dom Ruins, go back to New Parm, sell that Medal of Yore and clean up your inventory, then use your two Mana Eggs (if you haven’t already). Here’s what I have:

  • Justin: Wind, Water
  • Sue: Water, Earth
  • Feena: Fire, Water

Healing is a necessity! Plus, there’s a spot just ahead that we can abuse to bump up our Water levels quite a bit! Yay for easy Max HP and MP! Also, if you didn’t buy the Big Hatchet for Justin, make sure to buy it now. You’ll need it against the upcoming tree enemies!

Whenever you’re ready, head to the Dom Ruins.