Valley of the Flying Dragon in Grandia. (2)

Grandia: Valley of the Flying Dragon (2)

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Valley of the Flying Dragon (2)
Enemies: Plop Mold, Red Devil, Rock Man, Slipple
Boss: Gadwin

Head west, then northwest along the rocks when you can. Follow the rocks, then turn west to a fork. Go south to an Action Icon, then use it and head west back to the third area.

Go west some more and follow the path, past the leaf-bridge, all the way to the stair-like plant. Go down, then go south and west, making your way through the rocks back to the Action Icon.

Use it, then go north to Gadwin’s House. (Recover inside if you need to.)

Go to the back side of his house and talk to him… where you’ll have to duel him, but for real this time!

Gadwin Boss Fight in the Valley of the Flying Dragon in Grandia.

Boss: Gadwin

EXP: 4000
Gold: 0

Lucky for you, Gadwin isn’t as god-like as he was before and is pretty manageable. He’s slow enough to where you should get at least two turns (sometimes several more, depending on how far back you knock his IP gauge) for every 1 turn he gets.

The only attack you’ll want to stick with here is… V-Slash? Yup, due to SP restraints and the fact that you’re on your own, you’ll want to shelve Midair Cut and use your beginning move instead.

You should be able to use it 6 or 7 times before you’re out of SP, at which time he should be close to buying the farm.

From there, just use critical attacks to finish him off. It’s actually very tough to lose this battle, but if you need to, take a break and cast Heal on occasion.

  • Combo attack: He’ll physically attack you a couple of times for minor damage.
  • Flying Dragon Cut: His first special move will only deal minor damage.
  • Eruption Cut: His second special move will only deal minor damage.
  • Dragon Cut: His best move will only deal medium damage in the 50’s, surprisingly. You can take two of these before needing to heal.

After the battle, he will congratulate you and teach you his Dragon Cut move! (Along with another great move we’ll get later.)

The requirements for Dragon Cut are 16 Sword, 7 Fire, and 6 Earth – all of which you should have reached by now, or be very close to getting.

Make sure to fight afterward. As long as Justin’s met the requirements, when he levels up one of his attributes (any – not just Sword, Fire, or Earth), he’ll learn Dragon Cut.

When you’re ready, head south from the fish and make your way back out of the Valley of the Flying Dragon.

Return to Dight one last time.

Dight Village

Do whatever you need to do to prepare for the journey, then head to the dock. Go to the pier and talk to Alma. If you’re ready, choose option 2 to leave for good.

Once you board the Sea Dragon, it’s off to the Sea of Mermaids!

And after that, who knows?!