Valley of the Flying Dragon in Grandia.

Grandia: Valley of the Flying Dragon

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Valley of the Flying Dragon
Save Points: Dragon Val. (1), Gadwin’s House
Stashing Places: Dragon Val. (1)
Items: Poison Antidote, Bamo Fruit, Cholla Flowers, Resurrect Potion, Vaccine, Fruit of Magic, Seed of Power, Mana Egg, Mana Egg, Slouch Weed
Equipment: Fire Charm
Key Items: Sue’s Shoes
Gold: 360G, 120G, 120G, 120G, 360G, 120G, 120G, 120G, 120G, 360G, 120G, 120G, 360G, 120G, 120G
Enemies: Plop Mold, Red Devil, Rock Man, Slipple

There’s a Stashing Place and Save Point here, so use them if you need to. Walk to the northeast side of the platform to go down to the ground, then head south to find 360G. Head north, northeast, and north, and once you get past the rocks to your west, go west and south along the End of the World, then east into the rock pile to find 120G.

Move north now, and when you run into a block that looks like the ones in the wall, go east and a tad northeast from it to find a Poison Antidote. Head west, then north from there, and as you go north, look for 120G to your west beside a rock.

Continue north and you’ll find a DungeonScope Icon to your east. Travel east, southeast, and south until you reach a fork, then go south and follow the path until you reach a dead-end with a Bamo Fruit.

Bamo Fruit in Valley of the Flying Dragon in Grandia.

Return to the fork and grab the 120G to the east, then head southeast to find 360G at a dead-end.

Go back to the fork and head northeast to another DungeonScope Icon, then move due north from it to find some Cholla Flowers. Go back south, then head east where the grass looks slightly different. A plant will form some stairs, so climb down them and head northeast to part 2 of the Valley of the Flying Dragon.

Move south until you reach a river, then go east and north, watching out for the giant plant that tries to bite you on the way. Once you reach the fork before the open area, go southeast and south to find 120G beside the river. Return to the open area and head northeast, and after walking for a while, you’ll come across Sue’s Shoes.

in Valley of the Flying Dragon in Grandia.

You’re standing at a fork now, so make your way west and south to find another portion of the river. There’s a Resurrect Potion in the chest here, so grab it, then head back to the fork. Move south and southeast to another fork. Head northeast first to find a Vaccine, then head back and go southwest.

Cross the plant that becomes a bridge here, then head west-northwest to the edge where you’ll find a Fruit of Magic. (Use it on Feena! We can now use Burnflare, even though we’ve had it forever.)

Fruit of Magic in Valley of the Flying Dragon in Grandia.

Turn around and head east past the plant bridge, cross the strait, then keep following the path to find Puffy. Before following him, grab the 120G nearby, then go northeast to the next area for a scene. You must now face Gadwin, Knight of Dight, in a one-on-one battle!

After the battle, you’ll have a dinner event, as well as a set of questions. Unlike the last few times, you need to choose options 2 and 3 first, since the story will continue when you choose option 1. On the next question, choose the second option to continue, and Gadwin will join your party!

Gadwin comes equipped with the following by default: The Sword Himmler, Thick Armor, Dragon Boots, Dragon Gauntlet, Pirate’s Helmet, and the Ancestor’s Amulet. He also has Squid Guts, a Mikeroma Scroll, and Vaccine x2 in his inventory.

The next morning, go inside of the big fish here, which is Gadwin’s House. Use the Save Point in here if you want, then go back outside. Walk directly east of the mouth of the fish to find a small opening in the rocks that leads to 120G to the northeast.

Make your way back to the tail of the fish and head east. When you come up to the rocks, press X to blow them away. Move east and south to find some more rocks to the southeast. Get rid of them, then grab the Seed of Power that was hidden behind them.

Seed of Power in Valley of the Flying Dragon in Grandia.

Head back to the fish again, then go south this time. Use the Action Icon to blow all the rocks away, continue south a little, and then open the chest to find a Fire Charm inside. Head south and follow the path some more to 120G.

Head southeast and east just a few steps, then look to your north to find more of those rocks. Blast them, then grab the 360G that was behind them. Go back and head east some more, then turn north and a plant will form a ladder. Go past the plant first and grab the ever-useful Mana Egg.

First Mana Egg in Valley of the Flying Dragon in Grandia.

Now go up the spiral ladder, then head south and follow the curving path until another plant forms a bridge. Cross it and head north to 120G, then go back across the bridge and move north until you reach the fourth area of the Valley of the Flying Dragon. Immediately, you’ll see an Action Icon. Go southeast first and grab 120G, then go back and use the Icon.

Head north and past the carnivorous plant to a fork, then continue north and grab 360G. Head back and go east to an open area, then go northeast along the rock to find another Mana Egg in hiding.

Second Mana Egg in Valley of the Flying Dragon in Grandia.

Go back and head south, past a giant flower on the ground that can hurt you, to another open area. Go southeast to find 120G, then go back and head north to a big rock. Press X to bust it up. Grab the 120G you can see, then get the Slouch Weed behind the spinning plant.

That should be it for everything here in the Valley, so head back to the path and venture east to leave for Dight Village.