Zil Padon in Grandia.

Grandia: Zil Padon

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Zil Padon
Save Points: Hotel Alqada
Stashing Places: Hotel Alqada
Make sure to save at least 10,000G for when you’re in the Savanna Wilderness. You may (or may not) want to purchase an accessory to give Milda a +50 ACT boost there.

Your only task here is to stay the night to progress the story, so you may as well do that now. Just head southwest, then talk to the three different races of people arguing out front of the Inn.

Once the discussion there is over, you can go inside and talk to the clerk to have another dinner event. Once it’s morning, you can leave Zil Padon if you like, but be sure to stop at the General Store! It’s the 2nd building closest to the exit, on the northwestern side.

The stuff here is… very, very expensive. While the weapons are tempting to buy, hold off on buying any. When we visit the optional dungeons here shortly (once we reach Laine), we’ll find some pretty sweet weapons.

Armor-wise, it’s time to upgrade. You’re still going to want to keep the Lafa Flower Shields on your three magic users, so don’t bother with shields here. Hold off on buying a shield for Milda and a helmet for Rapp. We’ll be getting something better for both of them soon (if you plan on completing the optional dungeons).

You’ll mainly want to get the Aura Armor for Justin, Rapp, and Milda (when you can afford it). Keep the Plug Suit and put it on Feena. The Mystic Mask is also pretty nice. Get one for Justin, Feena, and Milda.

And, for the best items here… *drumroll*… You can now buy Crimson, Golden, and Deep Blue Potions! You can finally sell off all of the lower-end healing items and not worry about using all of the ones you have stashed.

You can also buy a different type of Resurrect Potion. Don’t worry, it does the same thing as the old one, but it’s a bit more expensive.

Once you’re sufficiently prepared, leave Zil Padon and make your way through the Savanna Wilderness!