A walkthrough of the Fog Canyon.

Hollow Knight: Fog Canyon

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For this part, we’ll only be passing through Fog Canyon, a serene yet highly hostile level in Hollow Knight. You must carefully weave your way through the enemies here to get to the Fungal Wastes.

On Your Way to the Queen’s Station

You might think it’s complicated to get through this area without a map, but this path is more accessible than you think. As soon as you arrive at Fog Canyon, carefully make your way all the way to the bottom of the room. There’ll be electric jellyfish-like creatures here called Uomo and Oomos. You can attack the small ones for Soul but it’s best to leave the big ones alone.

Once you reach the very bottom of this chamber, take the path on the right to proceed to the next room.

A walkthrough of the Fog Canyon.

As you arrive in the next room, you should see a Stag Station sign that points towards the southeastern part of the area. This is the trajectory you need to follow. Do the same thing you did earlier and carefully descend until you reach the very bottom. Once that’s done, take the entrance to the right.

You’ve officially arrived at the Queen’s Station. Talk to Quirrel here if you want to. The Stag Station is at the bottom-left of this area. Be sure to enter this room and summon the Stag. The toll machine will ask for 120 Geos.

Arriving at the Queen's Station.

Sit on the bench and prepare for the journey ahead. Once again, you can travel wherever the Stag Station can go for now before moving forward. Otherwise, exit the Stag Station and be ready to enter the Fungal Wastes.