Link’s Awakening: Get the Sword to Begin Your Adventure

Link standing on the beach and holding a sword above his head in excitement.

Unlike with the Shield in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you don’t have access to your Sword right away. You’ll have to brave a corner of the hostile Koholint Island wilderness to find it.

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    Where to Find Your Sword

    A red arrow on the map staring from Marin's house in Mabe Village leading to the spot on Toronbo Shores where the sword is located.

    There is not much you can do in Link’s Awakening without your Sword, so you should head straight to it the moment you get some hints from Marin and Tarin. After the opening cutscene of the game, you’ll find Link in Marin’s house in the center of Mabe Village. When you speak to Marin, she will tell you that she found you washed up on the shore south of Mabe Village. This is your hint to head down there to find your Sword. However, before you go, be sure to grab your Shield from Tarin, who was holding onto it for you.

    Location of the Sword

    You’ll find your Sword on a patch of sand pretty much directly south of Marin’s house on the Map. From her house, go west until you encounter the Library and the southern exit from Mabe Village. Then, follow the ledge drops until you reach the sand of Toronbo Shores. Go east, as the Sword is just past a few narrow passages blocked by pointy Sea Urchin enemies.

    Getting to Toronbo Shores

    Link holding up his shield to defend from the ranged attack of an octorok.

    While it’s quite safe inside Mabe Village, just south of its exit are hostile creatures. Without a weapon, your best chance to get through this area is to avoid foes as much as possible. You can rush past most of them fairly easily thanks to the convenient ledges along the southern path. Though, be warned, as the Octorok enemies here have good aim with their ranged attacks.

    How to Deal with Octorok Enemies Without a Sword

    Since you can’t slay these monsters just yet, you can only evade and defend yourself from their attacks. Octoroks will try to shoot you with small projectiles if you are in a direct line from them. As such, if you are diagonal to an Octorok, it’s harmless as long as you don’t touch it. Touching an Octorok, like with most enemies, will cause you to take a bit of damage.

    Alternatively, you can use your Shield to block the round bullets of Octorok attacks. Since there’s a delay between each shot, you’ll have enough time after you block an attack to get out of your foe’s line of sight.

    Reach Toronbo Shores

    Link setting foot on the sands of Toronbo Shores.

    When your feet hit the sand, head east. There are more Octoroks here, so be careful. You’ll also find Sea Urchins here, as well. These pointy fellows won’t outright attack you, but touching their spikes will cause you to take damage. Give Sea Urchins a wide berth most of the time.

    Shove Sea Urchins Out of Your Way

    Link pushing a sea urchin out of his way with his shield.

    The Sea Urchins will bar your path to the Sword’s location. Thankfully, you can use your Shield to shove them out of your way. To do so, simply hold up your Shield and walk towards a Sea Urchin. Just southeast of the sign warning you about Sea Urchins, you’ll need to push 1 of the 2 Sea Urchins south. Then, head east and push 1 of the 2 next Sea Urchins further east. Afterward, go south once you are clear of spiky threats.

    Pick Up Your Sword

    Link finding his sword on the sandy beach of Toronbo Shores. The sword is by the water line.

    Your Sword will be point-down in the sand by the water. Head over to it and pick it up with the A button. Now that you have your primary weapon, you’re ready to take on any threat Koholint Island can throw at you!

    How to Use Your Sword

    Link performing a spin attack with his sword on the beach.

    In addition to pressing the B button to unleash regular attacks, you can also perform a spinning attack if you hold down the B button for a few seconds. Whereas regular attacks will only hit enemies in front of you, your spinning attacks will cause all enemies around you to take a lot of damage. Your Sword will always be equipped, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it.

    However, before you can begin slaying enemies, a wise Owl swoops down to give you some sage advice about where to go next.

    Where to Go After You Get Your Sword

    The wise Owl giving the player a hint to go to the mysterious forest.

    The Owl who will be the main guide on your adventures gives you a helpful hint about where to proceed. Bluntly put, you need to go north of Mabe Village into the Mysterious Forest. This will be your starting step in collecting the first of the 8 Siren Instruments, which are your main objectives in Link’s Awakening. However, before you venture into the woods, you should take a look around Mabe Village.