Six walking down the hall after defeating The Lady.

Little Nightmares: The Lady’s Quarters Walkthrough

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The Lady’s Quarters is the fifth and final area in Little Nightmares, following The Guest Area. The Lady’s Quarters contains:

Exit the elevator and make your way to the right. Go up the stairs and you’ll see a door with a padlock on it. Ignore it for now, continue up the stairs to the next floor, and then enter the room. In this room, the Lady is standing in front of the broken mirror to the left of the room. You’ll also notice the final breakable Statue on the vanity, but you can’t get to it for now, so just ignore it.

Quietly sneak past the Lady by crouching and staying near the foreground, and then enter the room to the left.

Six sneaking behind the Lady.

Climb the dresser to the left of the bed and then break the vase that sits on top. The vase contains the key to the locked door from earlier, which becomes apparent once you break it. The Lady leaves the room once you break the vase, so pick up the key and head to the next room. From here, drop the key for a moment, push the chair close to the vanity, and then climb atop and break the Statue.

Six picking up the key from the broken vase.Six breaking the final Statue.

Leave the room and then head back downstairs to the locked door. Unlock the door and enter the room. As soon as you enter the room, the Lady will come in behind you. Quickly run to the right of the room and slide into the next room.

Head towards the foreground and then go right. Go up the stairs, and then go all the way to the right of the next room. You’ll see a board blocking your path to the right. Grab the board and pull it off to enter the next room.  Finally, grab the mirror from the cushion on top of the table and then head back to the previous room. It’s time to face the Lady.

Six pulling the bottom board off the wall.Six picking up the mirror from off the cushion.

The Lady is standing in the middle of the room. Approach her and the room will go dark. A spotlight will appear in the room, so quickly run to the spotlight and point the mirror toward the Lady when she appears. This will burn the Lady, but the recoil will also result in you dropping the mirror. Quickly pick up the mirror after you drop it and then repeat the process until the mirror shatters and the Lady goes down.

When the Lady is lying on the floor, walk over to her and grab her to finish the job.

Six burning the Lady with the mirror.

After the Lady is gone, you’ll appear in front of the elevator and then in a long hall. Walk to the end of the hall and enjoy the final scene.

The Guest Area