The Guest Area in Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares: The Guest Area Walkthrough

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The Guest Area is the fourth area in Little Nightmares, following The Kitchen. The Guest Area contains:

As soon as you begin, turn around and go through the crack in the wall. This leads to a secret area that contains both a Nome and a Lantern. Light the Lantern and give the Nome a hug.

Note that this area can’t easily be accessed later on. If you use the chapter select feature and select the Guest Area, Six will start at a later point. If you miss this Nome and Lantern, you’ll need to start back from the Kitchen to get it.

Six entering the crack to a secret room.Six lighting a Lantern and hugging a Nome.

Leave the secret area and then head all the way across the giant pipe to the right. Climb up the ladder. You’ll now be outside the ship. Jump and grab the chain and then climb all the way up it and the ladder, and then head left across the beam, back inside the ship.

Six about to climb a chain outside the ship.

Pull the bottom board off the hatch to gain access. Crawl through and then walk across the pipe, onto the wooden platform. Climb up the side of the walkway and, if you look to the left above where the visitors are walking, you can see the Lady. Proceed through the hole and, in the next room, jump from the light fixture to light fixture, making your way to the balcony on the other side of the room. Squeeze through the small gap between the doors.

Six standing on a balcony after jumping across light fixtures.

Continue through to the next room and you’ll see a visitor eating at the table. Continue on to the doorway and squeeze through. You’ll knock over a bottle, alerting a visitor. He’ll knock over the table and chase after you, so quickly run to the other side of the room and then jump up and climb into the next room to safety. Make sure you’re far enough away to where he can’t grab you, but he can’t climb into the room with you.

Six knocking over a bottle which alerts a guest.Six standing out of arm's reach from a guest who can't climb the step.

In the next room, climb onto the table and quickly climb the stack of dishes before the guests can grab you. Jump and grab the lantern when it’s close enough, swing back and forth to gain momentum, and then jump and grab the opening in the wall.

Six on top of a stack of dishes.

Drop down in the next room. This room has a long table with a bunch of guests feeding. Head all the way to the right and push the stool on the wall to the right to reveal an opening. Crawl through and enter the secret room. Hug the Nome and light the Lantern, and then head back to the other room.

Six moving a stool to reveal an opening in the wall.Six lighting a Lantern and hugging a Nome.

Climb the barrel in the back-right corner, and then jump and climb onto the table. You’ll need to navigate across the table to the other side. You don’t have to be quick—just stay near the middle to avoid being captured by a guest. However, before you walk across the table, be sure to light the Candle found between the first two guests.

When you make it to the other side of the table, climb the crates, and then jump and grab the wall on the left.

Six lighting a Lantern and hugging a Nome.

Climb to the top and jump over to the suspended platform to the right. From there, jump over to the floor on the right, and then climb the stool to climb over the railing and into the room in the background.

Six climbing over a rail and into a room with many guests.

Go left and three guests will start chasing you. Quickly run to the left side of the room, up the board that’s acting as a ramp, into the next room, jump and grab the lantern, and then swing over and jump to the next room to safety.

Six standing in an opening after swinging from a Lantern.

Continue left and a guest, entering from the left side of the room, will come chasing after you. Run right and he’ll smash into the table. Climb the boxes to the right and then jump onto the small table. Don’t try to climb the table, as the guest will be able to grab you. Jump over the man, quickly run to the left side of the room, and then slide into the hole in the wall.

Six looking at a guest who's stuck behind a table.

In the tiny room, squeeze through the crack in the wall to the left. Ignore the Statue in this room for now. A chef is coming down the elevator, so quickly run down and to the left, enter the bathroom, and then hide under the sink until the chef leaves.

Six hiding under the sink from the chef.

When the chef leaves, he’ll slam the door behind him. Grab the blue can in the middle of the room and then throw it at the mirror to the right of the toilet. The mirror will shatter, creating an opening to the room beyond. Climb through.

Six smashing the mirror with a blue can.

Climb the wall in the background of this room and enter the duct above. Squeeze through the bars and onto the pipes. Carefully walk across to the pipes, through the hole into the next room. About halfway in this room, the two pipes will turn into one. Don’t drop down onto this table. Continue very carefully across the single pipe to the right of the room. Drop down onto the table in the far right, and then break the Statue that sits upon it.

Note that if you fail, you’ll need to restart from the last checkpoint in order to try again.

Six slowly walking across the pipe near the ceiling.Six smashing a Statue.

Drop down from the table and then enter the elevator in the back of the room. Ride up to the next floor. Head all the way to the front of the room (foreground) and then light the Lantern.

Six lighting the twentieth Lantern.

Now, squeeze through the door to the left. Enter the room and then, very quietly, hug the Nome.

Six hugging a Nome.

Head back to the previous room and then enter the room to the right. Another pursuit will take place. Quickly run to the right as a very large group of guests begin chasing you. Run underneath the table, go downstairs, and continue running right. Two bookshelves will fall—one falling in front of you. Jump onto it and then continue right. Jump onto the table, run right, and then finally jump and grab the lantern, swinging to the right and jumping to safety.

Six escaping a crowd of hungry guests.

Before going into the next room, light the Lantern in the back-right corner.

Six lighting the twenty-first Lantern.

Squeeze through the opening between the sliding door to the right. You’ll begin experiencing hunger pains again. Continue on to the next room where you’ll encounter a Nome—the final Nome in the game—and a sausage. Dinner time.

The cutscene that takes place counts as hugging the Nome.

A Nome holding out a sausage for Six to eat.

Climb the box and through the hole to the right. Drop down into the next room and then climb the ladder to the right. Before opening the hatch at the top of the ladder, wait for the Lady to enter the elevator.

Six hiding below the hatch waiting for the Lady to enter the elevator.

Once the coast is clear, climb into the room and then head left. Pick up and throw the Statue to break it.

Six breaking a Statue.

Head into the room with the elevator to the right. Grab a can and throw it at the button to call the elevator.

Six standing in front of an elevator that leads to the Lady's Quarters.

It’s time to go confront the Lady in The Lady’s Quarters.

The Kitchen
The Lady's Quarters