Little Nightmares The Prison walkthrough.

Little Nightmares: The Prison Walkthrough

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Welcome to The Prison, the first area in Little Nightmares that greets you with its sinister ambiance. Throughout this ghastly domain, you’ll encounter 3 Nomes, 2 Statues, 9 Lanterns, and 1 Candle.

Keep your wits about you and let us illuminate the path ahead as you traverse the sinister depths of The Prison.

Table Of Contents

    Waking Up

    After a brief opening scene, Six awakens on a suitcase. Step off the suitcase and walk to the right. You’ll see the first Lantern. Light the lantern.

    Six lighting the first Lantern.

    Grab the hatch to the right of the lantern and pull it back to open it. Crouch and crawl through to the next room.

    Go up the stairs on the right. Go past a few boxes and you’ll soon see a Statue. Smash the statue by picking it up and throwing it.

    Six breaking the first Statue.

    Continue to the right and crawl through the hole at the bottom of the doorway. In the next room, climb the bed, jump and grab the ventilation shaft, and then crawl to the next room.

    Grab the chair in the middle of the room and drag it to the door on the right. Climb up the chair, and then jump and grab the door handle to open the door.

    Six dragging the chair to the door.

    A Refridgerator and Leeches

    Go to the right until you see a refrigerator with handprints on the front. Grab the fridge and pull it to open it. Once you open the fridge, a Nome will scurry off to the right. Don’t climb the fridge yet.

    Go to the right and crawl through the hole in the wall. Once you make your way to the next room, you’ll see a Lantern and a Nome. Light the Lantern, pick up the Nome to hug it, and then head back to the fridge.

    Six looking at a secret passage.Six lighting a Lantern and hugging a the first Nome.

    Climb up the fridge and then proceed right. Continue right across the platform, dodging the leeches that drop from the ceiling as you go. Once you arrive at the next room, light the Lantern in the bottom-right corner of the room. Climb the box and pull the lever. Continue to the next room.

    Six lighting another Lantern.

    Jump over the gap and continue right. When you enter the next room, the gate will shut behind you. The door to the right is boarded up. Pull off the board at the bottom and crouch down to crawl through to continue to the next room.

    The floor will give way, dropping you to the room below. This room is filled with leeches, but they are easily outrun. Run all the way to the right while dodging the leeches and then push down the door to exit the room. Jump over the gap and then light the next Lantern.

    Six lighting a Lantern.

    After lighting the lantern, climb the boards to the right. Carefully cross the beam on the left, and then go up the stairs. At the junction, walk towards the screen, jump over the hole in the platform, and then go up the stairs.

    Six looking at a staircase after jumping over a gap.

    Beams, Levers, and Electricity

    Carefully walk along the path to the left, using your lighter as a light source. Once you make it to the left side of the room, turn the handle counterclockwise until you can’t turn it anymore. When you let go of the lever, dash to the right, jump over the gap, and go through the door before it shuts.

    Six cranking a lever to open a door.

    In the next room, pull open the hatch on the wall and a Nome will run out of the hatch and into the hole to the right. Continue through the hole. In the next room, climb the rope to the right and go through the barred window. Light the Lantern in the top-left corner of this room. Head through the cracked door with an eye on it to the right.

    A Nome running out of a hatch.Six lighting a lantern.

    Close the door behind you and you will see a switch on the wall that’s just out of reach. This switch controls the electricity running through the doorways in the next two rooms. Drag the box of toilet paper over to the switch, climb onto the box, and then jump and grab the switch, pulling it down.

    Quickly run to the right and through the first doorway. Continue running to the next room, ignoring the curiosities along the way, and go through the second doorway. Be sure to get through the doorways before the electricity turns back on. If you fail to make it in time, you can climb back to the room with the switch using the see-saw or dresser.

    Six pulling the lever above the crate.

    Eye spotlight and climbing crates

    Head right in the next hallway, past the prison cells, and into the next room. This room contains an eye that acts as a spotlight. Avoid being caught in the light by hiding behind the pillar and the bed until you make it across the room.

    Avoiding the eye that petrifies you.

    Climb the first set of crates you see and light the Lantern that sits on top.

    Six lighting the Lantern atop the crates.

    Climb up the cages to the top, but don’t climb up the platform yet. Instead, head right and go down once you reach the wall. A Nome is in the cage. Climb through the cage.

    Six crawling through the crate that leads to a Nome and a Lantern.

    In this room, grab the Nome to hug it, and then light the Lantern. After that, head back to the mountain of cages and climb to the top.

    Six hugging the second Nome.Six lighting a Lantern.

    Once you reach the platform above the crates, go left until you reach the room. Enter the room, smash the Statue, and then head back. Go through the door to the right.

    Six smashing a Statue.

    Hide From The Janitor

    When you enter this room, the door will shut behind you and a large figure will enter the room through the middle door. Quickly hide under the bed and wait for the figure to leave the room.

    Six hiding under a bed from the large figure with long arms.

    Continue to the right of the room. Before you leave the room, light the Candle that’s barely visible between the two beds near the exit.

    Six lighting the first Candle.

    Enter the room and then climb the cages. Jump on the shelf on the back wall, and then jump to the shelf on the right wall. Crawl through the duct and continue until you drop into the next room.

    Six standing on a shelf, about to crawl through the duct.

    Hunger Pains

    Continue on, and Six will grab their stomach in pain due to hunger. This will happen three times. On the third time, you’ll see a child in the room behind the bars. The child will throw a loaf of bread to Six. Pick it up and eat it.

    Six eating a loaf of bread.

    More Climbing and Levers

    After eating the food, climb up the boxes to the right and crawl through the hole into the next room. Continue right until you reach a room with a bunch of cages. The door here is electrified, so climb the cages. Light the Lantern in the open cage near the top.

    Six lighting the eighth Lantern.

    Next, run and jump to the group of cages suspended from the ceiling. Climb the chain and jump over to the platform on the right. Climb the cages to the right, and then jump and pull the lever on the wall. The group of cages hanging from the chain will rise to your level.

    The lever in the middle of the room controls the horizontal location of the group of cages. First, pull the lever right and bring the group of cages as close to you as you can. Then, pull the lever all the way left and then quickly run and jump onto the cages. Be quick.

    Riding the group of cages to the left platform.

    Ride the cages over to the other side, climb the chain, then jump over to the platform on the left. Enter the next room. In this room, you’ll find another electrified door, three filing cabinets, and a switch on the back wall to the right.

    Pull out the bottom drawer on the left filing cabinet. Climb it, and then pull out the next drawer just enough to climb it. From there, you’ll be high enough to jump and grab the top of the filing cabinet to the right. Jump and grab the switch to pull it down. The power will cut off.

    Six standing on top of a filing cabinet about to jump and grab a lever on the wall.

    Go through the door to the left and go to the left side of the room. Light the Lantern in the corner closest to the screen. In the cage north of the Lantern is a Nome. Open the cage and the Nome will scurry away. Follow it into the previous room. You can find it in the top-left corner of the room. Grab it to give it a hug.

    Six lighting the ninth Lantern.Six hugging the third Nome.


    Head back into the room to the left and push the metal box down the hole. When the box reaches the bottom, a noose will appear to the left. Jump and grab the noose to ride it down to the level below.

    You’ll now be in what should look like a familiar area. Head right, avoid the slimes that drop, and enter the area with the mountain of crates you previously climbed. Since the electricity is cut off, the door is no longer electrified. Go through it.

    Six looking at the previously electrified doorway.

    Escaping The Prison

    In the next room, you’ll encounter another eye that acts as a spotlight. Employing the same strategy as before, hide behind the items in the room to avoid being seen. In one spot, make sure to wait for the ship to lean left so the garbage can rolls over to you. Hide behind the garbage can as it makes its way back to the right.

    Six hiding behind a trash can to avoid being seen by the eye.

    Enter the next room and cross the bridge as fast as you can. The bridge will begin to retract from the middle. Jump across the gap to the other side and then quickly climb the crate. Wait for the crate to reach the platform to the right and then climb up to safety.

    Six leaving the prison after crossing the retracting bridge.

    Go through the door to the right to leave the prison and progress to The Lair.

    The Lair