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What Does PR Mean in Fortnite?

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In Fortnite, PR stands for Power Ranking. Power Ranking is a ranking system of the best players from all over the world.

Fortnite can be a casual or hardcore experience, with PR serving as one way to show how serious you are about winning. However, it’s not an official ranking system, so there’s no explanation for what PR is within Fortnite’s menus.

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    What Does PR Mean in Fortnite?

    The November 2021 Power Rankings list on

    PR stands for Power Ranking in Fortnite. Power Ranking is an unofficial system of ranking the best competitive players in the world. Anybody can be a part of the Power Rankings as long as they finish in the top 10,000 of any officially recognized tournament.

    Due to its extremely popular Esports status, there are a lot of tournaments that take place in Fortnite. With so many matches played every day, it can be hard for fans to keep up with who the best players are. This led to creating the Power Rankings, with the goal of making a system that fairly ranks the top players in the world.

    Epic Games isn’t responsible for creating the Power Ranking system, which is why it can’t be found within official leaderboards.

    How is PR Calculated in Fortnite?

    Fortnite tournament menu, with Thanos Cup highlighed.

    The Power Rankings for Fortnite allocate 5-1000 points for those who finish in the top 10,000 of a tournament. The creators have stressed that their calculations are incredibly top-heavy. This means those outside of the top 100 receive less than 200 points. Whereas the top players/teams receive closer to the full 1000 points.

    It’s also worth noting that not every tournament is worth the same number of points. For example, winning a Cash Cup with no multiplayer could be worth 1000 points. Whereas winning a World Cup qualifier could be worth 10,000 with a x10 multiplier.

    To ensure the Power Ranking system stays up-to-date with the current top players, points decay over time. A tournament’s point worth begins to decay by 10% four months after it has been played. The percentage of decay slowly increases every month. By 18 months, the entire tournament’s points are omitted from the Power Rankings’ calculations.