The Lost River from Subnautica.

Where is the Lost River in Subnautica?

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The Lost River is one of the many biomes in SubnauticaIts seven sub-areas are abundant in resources. If there’s a resource you want to farm, chances are, you’ll find it in the Lost River. Here’s how to get there.

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    Finding the Lost River

    The Lost River is a cave biome. It can be accessed by using any of its four entrances. Here’s where all four are situated and how you can get there from the Safe Shallows, the area where the Lifepod 5 is.

    Lost River Entrances in the Blood Kelp

    There are actually two entrances to the Lost River found in the Blood Kelp biome.

    For the first one, use your compass and face the direction between west and southwest. Keep heading in this direction while sticking to the seabed. You’ll eventually find a trench with a massive drop. If you head down from here, you’ll reach the Blood Kelp Trench.

    Keep heading in the same direction while sticking close to the wall of the trench. Slowly descend as the trench drops. Keep on sticking on the wall until you face a corner where the trench wall forms a turnaround.

    From here, start descending. You’ll eventually get closer to the kelps. Keep descending until you see a small wreckage. From here, turn southeast and push forward. You’ll eventually find yourself at the Lost River.

    The Lost River entrance from Blood Kelp in Subnautica.

    The second entrance is in northern Blood Kelp. The entrance is beyond Lifepod 2. If you’ve already received a signal from this lifepod, turn on its beacon and head towards it.

    From the lifepod, turn southwest and keep descending. You should see the cave opening then.

    The second Lost River entrance located in Blood Kelp.

    Lost River Entrance Near the Bulb Zone

    The entrance to the Lost River in the Bulb Zone is situated beyond Lifepod 12, northeast of the Safe Shallows. You can turn on the beacon for this lifepod from your PDA.

    Once you’ve reached Lifepod 12, turn to the north and move forward. Stick to the seabed and descend with it. You should eventually reach the end of this path, which drops to a trench.

    Start descending from here until you reach the bottom. The entrance to the Lost River lies west of here.

    The entrance to the Lost River in the Bulb Zone.

    Lost River Entrance in the Grand Reef

    The last entrance to the Lost River on this list is in the Grand Reef. From the Safe Shallows, face the position two clicks left of southwest according to your compass. Start heading forward in this direction.

    Keep going while sticking to the seabed. Keep descending if you have to. Eventually, you’ll come across a hole in the seafloor, which leads you to the Deep Grand Reef.

    Head in and head north. You’ll find a Degasi Seabase here. Turn northwest from the seabase and you’ll find the entrance to the Lost River.

    The entrance to the Lost River in the Grand Reef.

    Vehicles Suited for the Lost River

    The entire Lost River biome is situated 500 to 1,000 meters underwater. That said, you’ll need the Cyclops at Depth Module MK2 or the Seamoth at Depth Module MK3 to fully explore the biome.

    It is, however, recommended that you use a Cyclops instead since the Seamoth’s maximum depth capacity is only 900 meters.