Where to find Diamonds in Subnautica.

Subnautica: Where to Find Diamonds

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Diamonds are a type of raw material in Subnautica that’s used to craft a handful of items. You’ll get a ton of opportunities to acquire this material later in the game. Here are the places where you can find them.

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    Where to Find Diamonds in Subnautica

    Diamonds in Subnautica.

    Diamonds in Subnautica are mainly found in Shale Outcrops and on the seabed. This material is fairly sparse early on in the game, but you’ll eventually find an abundance of them as you progress through the game and go further from Lifepod 5.

    Before you go off scouring for Diamonds, it’s highly recommended that you first build your own Seamoth or Seaglide. Some of these places may be far from your base so those vehicles can enable you to move from one place to another faster.

    Another reason why it’s recommended that you build these vehicles first is that some of these areas can be extremely hostile. A few of them are even home to Reapers. Having a Seamoth, or a Seaglide, at least, will allow you to be more agile and run away from hostile creatures faster.

    With that out of the way, here are the places and biomes that contain Diamonds in Subnautica, from the easiest places to find them to some of the biomes with the most minute amount of Diamonds.

    Mushroom Forest

    Mushroom Forest from Subnautica.

    You can find a handful of Shale Outcrops just before you enter the Mushroom Forest if you’re heading there from the direction of the Aurora. Just be careful while you’re here, though. A Reaper is just nearby.

    Mountain Island

    Mountain Island from Subnautica.

    This is the island containing the Quarantine Enforcement Platform. You can get the coordinates for this location from the Sunbeam fairly early on in the game. However, if you’re interested in heading here yourself before receiving the coordinates, you should know that the island is covered by a massive thick fog.

    Thankfully, this thick fog can be spotted from afar. It’s north of Lifepod 5.

    You can find a ton of Shale Outcrops on the island, so you’ll need to traverse this area on foot. Alternatively, you can also head underwater and look for Shale Outcrops in the areas surrounding the island. Just watch out for that Reaper and Warper, though.

    Sea Treader’s Path

    Sea Treaders in Subnautica.

    This area is located southwest of Lifepod 5. While heading to the aforementioned direction from the Lifepod, maintain a depth of about 290 and you should be able to spot a couple of Sea Treader Leviathans.

    When you spot these massive creatures, make sure to not get in front of them. Otherwise, they’ll attack you or your vehicle. Just stay out of their way and you should be fine.

    Each time a Sea Treader steps on a patch of ground, it will usually leave Shale Outcrops on its path. A few of these Outcrops contain Diamonds.

    Jellyshroom Cave

    Jellyshroom Caves from Subnautica.

    This cave system is located deep underwater, which means you’ll need an upgraded Seamoth in order to navigate this biome. More accurately, you’ll need at least the Seamoth Depth Module MK1 upgrade or higher to fully explore this area.

    This biome has an abundance of Shale Outcrops, so be sure to watch out for those while evading the dangerous creatures in the area, such as the Crabsnakes and the Jellyshrooms.

    To get to this area, take the entrance at these coordinates: 130 -95 -390.

    Other Biomes That Contain Diamonds

    The four biomes listed above are your safest bets if you’re farming for Diamond in Subnautica. However, you can also occasionally find them in these areas, mostly on the seabed:

    • Bone Fields Caves
    • Blood Kelp Caves
    • Blood Kelp Zone
    • Bulb Zone
    • Bulb Zone Caves
    • Crag Field
    • Crash Zone
    • Crash Zone Mesas
    • Deep Grand Reef
    • Deep Sparse Reef
    • Grand Reef
    • Grand Reef Caves
    • Inactive Lava Zone
    • Inactive Lava Zone Corridor
    • Lost River
    • Bone Fields
    • Corridor
    • Ghost Forest
    • Junction
    • Sparse Reef
    • Underwater Islands
    • Underwater Islands Caves