Where to find Gel Sacks in Subnautica.

Where to Find Gel Sacks in Subnautica

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Gel Sacks in Subnautica is a very unique species of flora. This strange-looking plant has more than one use. It’s edible and you can also use it to craft a very useful raw material. Here’s where you can find them.

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    Where to Find Gel Sacks in Subnautica

    Gel Sack from Subnautica.

    You can typically find Gel Sacks on the walls of caves within various biomes. Head to these biomes and explore the caves within them to collect Gel Sacks in Subnautica:

    • Blood Kelp Zone
    • Bone Fields
    • Deep Grand Reef
    • Deep Sparse Reef
    • Dunes
    • Grand Reef
    • Lost River
    • Bone Fields
    • Corridor
    • Ghost Canyon
    • Ghost Forest
    • Tree Cove
    • Mountains
    • Northwestern Mushroom Forest
    • Sea Treader’s Tunnel Caves
    • Primary Containment Facility Aquarium

    The notable appearance of Gel Sacks should make it easy for you to spot them from a fair distance. You can simply pick them up by hand or harvest Gel Sack Spores from them by slashing them with your survival knife.

    What Gel Sacks Are For

    Planting Gel Sacks in Subnautica.

    Gel Sacks are edible flora in Subnautica. Unlike other edible lifeforms in the game, this one won’t rot when it stays in your inventory for a long time. However, they don’t provide as much water and food compared to other lifeforms.

    Gel Sacks are also used to craft Aerogel, a very useful raw material used to craft items such as the Stillsuit, Thermal Plant, and the Prawn Suit.

    If you put a Gel Sack in a Bioreactor, this will give you 245 worth of energy.

    As you can see, you can use Gel Sacks for a lot of things. You can make things easier for yourself by planting them in an Exterior Growbed so you don’t have to constantly swim back and forth from your base to the biomes listed above.