Where to find Lead in Subnautica.

Where to Find Lead in Subnautica

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Subnautica has an abundance of raw materials for you to discover, and Lead is one of the most common ones. It’s also one of the materials you’ll use and need the most. Here’s where you can get it.

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    Where to Find Lead in Subnautica

    You can pick up Lead by harvesting Sandstone Outcrops, which you can spot pretty early on in the game.

    Sandstone Outcrops have a 37.5% chance of dropping Lead. They also have a chance of dropping Gold or Silver Ore instead. Harvest any Sandstone Outcrop you can find until you have all the Lead you need.

    Sandstone Outcrop from Subnautica.

    Here are the biomes in Subnautica which contain Sandstone Outcrops:

    • Bulb Zone
    • Crag Field
    • Crash Zone
    • Crash Zone Mesas
    • Deep Sparse Reef
    • Dunes
    • Grand Reef
    • Grassy Plateaus
    • Kelp Forest
    • Lost River
    • Bone Fields
    • Ghost Forest
    • Tree Cove
    • Mountains
    • Mushroom Forest
    • Safe Shallows
    • Sea Treader’s Path
    • Underwater Islands

    Aside from Sandstone Outcrops, you can also gather Lead from Large Resource Deposits. These are sources of raw materials that contain, as the name implies, a large number of one particular raw material. One Large Resource Deposit can contain about 8 to 20 of one raw material.

    Large Resource Deposit of Lead in Subnautica.

    A Large Resource Deposit can contain Gold, Lithium, Quartz, and many other resources. It can contain Lead, too. Unlike Sandstone Sandcrops, you can’t harvest raw materials with just your hands. You’ll need to first craft a Prawn Suit and equip it with the Prawn Suit Drill Arm upgrade.

    Here are the biomes where you can find Large Resource Deposits of Lead:

    • Blood Kelp Zone
    • Crash Zone
    • Deep Grand Reef
    • Inactive Lava Zone
    • Lost River
    • Ghost Forest
    • Junction
    • Mountains
    • Sparse Reef

    Items You Can Craft With Lead

    Some of the most useful items in the game are crafted using Lead. In fact, one of the necessary items to ultimately finish the game uses Lead as a recipe. Here’s every item you can craft with the use of Lead.

    • Reactor Rod – 3x Uraninite Crystal, 1x Titanium, 1x Glass, 1x Lead
    • Radiation Suit – 2x Fiber Mesh, 1x Lead
    • Foundation – 2x Titanium, 2x Lead
    • Moon Pool – 2x Titanium Ingot, 1x Lubricant, 2x Lead
    • Nuclear Reactor – 1x Plasteel Ingot, 1x Advanced Wiring Kit, 3x Lead
    • Modification Station – 1x Computer Chip, 1x Titanium, 1x Diamond, 1x Lead
    • Seamoth – 1x Titanium Ingot, 1x Battery, 2x Glass, 1x Lubricant, 1x Lead
    • Cyclops – 3x Plasteel Ingot, 3x Enameled Glass, 1x Lubricant, 1x Advanced Wiring Kit, 3x Lead
    • Prawn Suit – 2x Plasteel Ingot, 2x Aerogel, 1x Enameled Glass, 2x Diamond, 2x Lead
    • Rocket Base – 2x Titanium Ingot, 1x Computer Chip, 4x Lead