Where to Get Eagle Egg in Nier Replicant.

Where to Get Eagle Egg in Nier Replicant

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The Eagle Egg in Nier Replicant is a Raw Material that you can use to upgrade certain weapons. Amazingly, you can also even use this to get more gold. Here’s where you can find them.

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    Where to Get Eagle Egg in Nier Replicant

    Eagle Egg in Nier Replicant.

    There aren’t too many sources of Eagle Egg in Nier Replicant. If you just play through the game without even searching for this material, you’re bound to only stumble upon a single digit of them. Thankfully, that’s all you’ll ever need if your only reason for collecting them is to upgrade weapons.

    We’ll get into what exactly you can use the Eagle Egg for in the game, but for now, let’s go over the very few sources of them in-game.

    The Aerie

    In the base game, there’s only one definite way for you to get Eagle Egg, and that’s in The Aerie.

    You’ll find Eagle Egg under the chief’s house in The Aerie. If you forgot where this is from the main quest in the first act, it’s the sole golden house in the area.

    However, an Eagle Egg will only spawn in this area occasionally. Sometimes, there’s nothing there at all. Thankfully, you can easily spot the glow marking the spawning of an item from afar. If you see an item glowing underneath the chief’s house in the Aerie, go up to it to see if it’s an Eagle Egg.

    Otherwise, head back to the post box to save. Exit the game, then load the game back up. Repeat the process until you pick up an Eagle Egg.

    The World of Recycled Vessel

    You can enter the World of Recycled Vessel by interacting with the diary in your house. It will only become available after Grimoire Weiss joins you after being released in the Lost Shrine.

    There’s a chance that you will pick up Eagle Egg from the crates in the third level of the third door.

    What the Eagle Egg is Used For

    Nier wielding the Phoenix Sword in Nier Replicant.

    You can use the Eagle Egg in Nier Replicant to upgrade all three Phoenix weapons. Along with other materials, you’ll need 1 for Phoenix Dagger, 1 for Phoenix Spear, and 2 for Phoenix Sword.

    You’ll also need one Eagle Egg to finish the “On the Wings of Eagles” side quest. All in all, you’ll need just 5 Eagle Eggs to exhaust this particular material’s use in the game.

    If you end up getting more Eagle Eggs than you can use, you can just sell them to a merchant for 4,800 gold each.