Where to Get Memory Alloys in Nier Replicant.

Where to Get Memory Alloys in Nier Replicant

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Memory Alloys in Nier Replicant are rare Raw Materials you’ll need to upgrade a handful of weapons and complete a certain side quest. They’re only dropped from a certain enemy found in a specific location.

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    Where to Get Memory Alloys in Nier Replicant

    P-32 Robot from Nier Replicant.

    You can only find Memory Alloys in Nier Replicant by defeating a specific enemy that only appears in Junk Heap. You can also only gain access to the area in the Junk Heap that contains this enemy during the second act. This is because this area requires a passcode, which will only be given to you later on in the game.

    The only enemy type in the game that will drop Memory Alloys is the P-32 Robot. These giant robots can be found in the second basement level of Junk Heap.

    They won’t always drop Memory Alloys. Occasionally, they’ll drop Titanium Alloys instead. That said, just keep returning to the second basement level of Junk Heap and defeat as many P-32 Robots as you can to have all the Memory Alloys you need.

    What the Memory Alloys Are For

    The Blacksmith from the Village.

    There are five weapons in Nier Replicant that require Memory Alloys to be upgraded, along with other materials, of course.

    • Ancient Overlord – 2 Memory Alloys
    • Virtuous Contract – 2 Memory Alloys
    • Iron Will – 6 Memory Alloys
    • Virtuous Treaty – 2 Memory Alloys
    • Virtuous Dignity – 2 Memory Alloys

    You’ll also need one Memory Alloy to complete the “Contract for a Contractor” side quest. One main quest will also require you one Memory Alloy, but this progression is pretty much laid out for you. This main quest will also be your first opportunity to encounter a P-32 Robot.

    That said, you’ll only ever need 15 Memory Alloys in the game. Anything more, you can just sell to a merchant for 4,800 gold.