Mask Maker

Mask Maker is a mysterious non-playable character (NPC) found in Hollow Knight. The enigmatic Mask Maker is found in the Deepnest area of Hallownest, a sprawling underground kingdom inhabited by arachnid creatures. The primary function of the Mask Maker is to provide players with vague insight into the lore and history of Hallownest, specifically through the use of masks and their significance in the game world.

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    Mask Maker


    Not much is known about the Mask Maker’s origins, but they are believed to be a skilled artisan who has honed the art of crafting masks for the inhabitants of Hallownest. The character’s appearance is that of a large, humanoid insect-like figure, shrouded in cloth and adorned with various masks. The Mask Maker speaks in a cryptic, poetic manner, often providing players with subtle hints about the game’s story and the importance of masks in the culture of Hallownest.


    The Mask Maker can be found in a hidden room in Deepnest, located on the far right side of the area, near the border with the Queen’s Gardens. Players will need to break a concealed wall to access the room where the Mask Maker resides.

    Role in Hollow Knight

    The Mask Maker is an optional character that players may encounter while exploring Deepnest. When interacted with, they will discuss the significance of masks in the world of Hollow Knight. According to the Mask Maker, masks serve as a means to both protect and conceal an individual’s true nature or identity. They explain that many characters in the game wear masks for various reasons, such as hiding their emotions or concealing their true intentions.

    The Mask Maker also offers their own unique perspective on the events unfolding within the game. Their dialogue may provide players with valuable information or hints about the nature of the infection plaguing Hallownest, as well as the role of certain characters, such as the Pale King, the Siblings, and the Hollow Knight.

    While the Mask Maker does not provide any direct gameplay benefits, such as upgrades or items, their insightful dialogue helps players piece together the game’s intricate narrative and uncover the secrets of Hallownest.


    The concept of masks in Hollow Knight, as discussed by the Mask Maker, may represent the theme of identity and the duality of one’s nature. This theme can be observed in various characters throughout the game, such as the Hollow Knight, the player character (the Knight), and even the various Dreamers.


    • The Mask Maker’s design and role in Hollow Knight may be inspired by real-world mask-making traditions, such as those found in Venice, Italy, where masks were historically used during social events and performances to hide one’s identity.
    • Some players believe the Mask Maker may be connected to other mysterious characters in the game, such as Bardoon, due to their shared knowledge of Hallownest’s history and their enigmatic natures.