Twin Chefs

The Twin Chefs are antagonistic characters from the popular video game Little Nightmares, developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. They serve as the primary enemies in the game’s third chapter, The Kitchen. The Twin Chefs are grotesque and morbidly obese creatures who wear dirty chef outfits and display a penchant for violence and cannibalism.

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    Twin Chefs
    A Pair of Brutes


    The Twin Chefs, as primary antagonists in Little Nightmares, have a mysterious and unsettling background that adds to the game’s overall eerie atmosphere. Although their origins are not explicitly explained within the game, several in-game elements and the broader context of The Maw help provide insight into their background.

    The Maw is a vast, underwater facility that attracts visitors from afar, who come to indulge in a feast prepared by the Twin Chefs. It is suggested that these guests are part of a twisted elite, consuming the dishes made from the remains of kidnapped children and other creatures. The Twin Chefs, along with other inhabitants of The Maw, serve a monstrous being known as The Lady, who oversees the operations within the facility.

    The Twin Chefs are responsible for preparing the food for the guests of The Maw, working in the gruesome Kitchen area. Their cooking methods are disturbing and sadistic, involving the butchering and processing of human and non-human creatures alike. The environment they work in is filthy and unhygienic, reflecting their complete disregard for cleanliness and food safety.

    While the exact origins of the Twin Chefs are not revealed, it can be inferred that they have been in The Maw for a long time, perfecting their cannibalistic culinary skills. It is also possible that they are prisoners or creations of The Maw, much like other inhabitants, forced to serve The Lady and her twisted desires.

    The Twin Chefs’ connection to the other inhabitants of The Maw is unclear. However, they seem to be of a higher rank than the Nomes, small creatures that can be found throughout the game, and the Janitor, another antagonist in Little Nightmares. The Chefs’ role in the larger hierarchy of The Maw and their relationship with The Lady remains ambiguous.

    Appearance and Characteristics

    The Twin Chefs are grotesque, humanoid creatures with a dreadful and repulsive appearance that adds to the overall terrifying atmosphere of Little Nightmares. They have oversized, bloated bodies and short legs, giving them an unhealthy and morbidly obese appearance. Their faces are barely visible, as the flesh from their heads droops down, covering their eyes and leaving only their large mouths and noses exposed. This gives them a monstrous and unsettling appearance. They wear tattered and filthy chef outfits, including hats and aprons. The dirty state of their clothing reflects their lack of hygiene and the unsanitary conditions of The Kitchen.

    What sets the Twin Chefs apart from other antagonists in Little Nightmares is their ability to work together to capture and cook their prey. They communicate through grunts and other non-verbal cues, coordinating their actions and posing a more formidable threat to the protagonist, Six. The Twin Chefs possess an acute sense of smell, which they use to detect the presence of Six. Their ability to quickly sniff out their prey, even in hiding spots, requires players to be strategic and avoid lingering too long in one place.

    The Twin Chefs are cannibals, consuming both human and non-human creatures. This is evident from the various human body parts and strange meats found throughout The Kitchen. Their cannibalistic tendencies add to the disturbing atmosphere of the game. They also display violent tendencies when they sense an intruder in their domain. If they catch Six, they brutally chop her up with their cleavers, resulting in a gruesome and instant game over.

    The grotesque looks and unnerving behavior of the Twin Chefs make them some of the most memorable and terrifying characters in the Little Nightmares universe. Their sadistic cooking practices and the fear they evoke leave a lasting impression on players and contribute to the game’s overall horror experience.


    In Little Nightmares, the gameplay involving the Twin Chefs takes place primarily in The Kitchen chapter, where the protagonist, Six, must navigate through a series of puzzles and challenges while avoiding being detected and captured by the Twin Chefs. The gameplay in this section is tense, requiring players to be strategic, stealthy, and quick-thinking to progress.

    Stealth Mechanics: Since the Twin Chefs are highly sensitive to sound and have an acute sense of smell, players must employ stealth tactics to avoid detection. This involves carefully moving around the environment, hiding under tables, inside cabinets, and behind objects. Timing is crucial as players must choose the right moment to sneak past the Twin Chefs without alerting them.

    Distractions: To create opportunities for moving past the Twin Chefs, players can use distractions such as throwing objects or activating machinery in The Kitchen. These distractions momentarily divert the Chefs’ attention, giving Six a chance to slip by undetected. Players must use these distractions wisely and be mindful of the noise they make, as the Twin Chefs can quickly become alerted to Six’s presence.

    Environmental Puzzles: The Kitchen area features several environmental puzzles that players must solve to progress. These puzzles often involve using the environment and objects to navigate through the level, such as climbing shelves, pulling levers, or activating mechanisms. Solving these puzzles while avoiding the Twin Chefs adds an additional layer of challenge and tension to the gameplay.

    Chase Sequences: At certain points in The Kitchen chapter, the Twin Chefs may become aware of Six’s presence, initiating a high-stakes chase sequence. During these moments, players must quickly navigate the environment, making use of obstacles and hiding spots to escape the Twin Chefs’ grasp. Failure to do so results in a gruesome game over, as the Twin Chefs capture and violently dismember Six.

    The gameplay involving the Twin Chefs in Little Nightmares is designed to create a suspenseful and challenging experience for the players. The combination of stealth mechanics, environmental puzzles, and tense chase sequences keeps players on edge, as they must carefully navigate the treacherous Kitchen environment while evading the terrifying and relentless Twin Chefs.

    Influence and Reception

    The Twin Chefs, as primary antagonists in Little Nightmares’ Kitchen chapter, have left a significant impact on players and critics alike. Their influence and reception can be attributed to their grotesque appearance, unsettling behavior, and the challenging gameplay they present.

    The Twin Chefs have become iconic characters within the Little Nightmares universe, often compared to other memorable horror game antagonists. Their unique design and disturbing demeanor have inspired various forms of fan content and engagement. Players and artists have created fan art, showcasing different interpretations and styles that pay homage to the Twin Chefs. Additionally, their design has inspired cosplayers who recreate the Twin Chefs’ monstrous appearance, demonstrating the creative influence these characters have had on the gaming community.

    Critics and players have widely praised the Twin Chefs for their role in creating a tense and horrifying atmosphere in Little Nightmares. Their grotesque appearance, cannibalistic tendencies, and relentless pursuit of Six have been lauded as key elements that contribute to the game’s overall eerie ambiance.

    The Twin Chefs’ ability to work together and their heightened senses have also been praised for adding an additional layer of challenge to the gameplay. Players must use strategy and quick thinking to avoid detection, which has been well-received for keeping the gameplay engaging and suspenseful.

    The combination of visual and audio design surrounding the Twin Chefs has also been commended. Their heavy breathing, shuffling movements, and the unsettling sounds of their cooking create an immersive experience that adds to the overall horror of the game.

    In popular culture, the Twin Chefs have inspired various forms of fan art, cosplays, and even Halloween costumes, showcasing their lasting impact on the Little Nightmares community.