The Janitor

The Janitor, also known as Roger, is a prominent antagonist in the 2017 horror puzzle-platformer game, Little Nightmares, developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game follows the journey of a small, raincoat-clad protagonist named Six, who must navigate through the mysterious and treacherous world of The Maw. The Janitor is one of the grotesque and fearsome inhabitants of The Maw that Six must avoid to escape.

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    The Janitor
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    The Janitor’s appearance is a macabre blend of unsettling and grotesque features that contribute to the eerie atmosphere of Little Nightmares. His distinctively tall, lanky frame is characterized by a striking disproportion between his limbs, with his arms being exceptionally long and his legs being short and stubby.

    His arms extend all the way to the ground, allowing him to use them for walking or crawling in a spider-like manner. The Janitor’s hands are equipped with long, bony fingers that possess an unnerving level of dexterity, which he uses to grab objects, wield tools, and, most notably, snatch up Six, the game’s protagonist.

    The Janitor’s face is entirely obscured by bandage-like wrappings that cover his head, giving off a mummified appearance. This conceals any facial features he might have, save for his overly large, bat-like ears, which protrude from the sides of his head. The prominence of his ears is a key aspect of his appearance, as they signify his heightened sense of hearing and ability to locate Six based on sound alone.

    He is dressed in a worn, brown janitor uniform that includes a buttoned-up jacket, trousers, and a matching cap. He also wears gloves, which, combined with the rest of his attire, suggests a desire to keep his hands clean and protected while performing his janitorial duties.

    Overall, the Janitor’s appearance is a masterful combination of creepy and repulsive elements, effectively evoking a sense of dread and unease in players as they attempt to navigate the dark and treacherous world of The Maw.

    Abilities and Behavior

    The Janitor’s abilities and behavior contribute to his menacing presence in Little Nightmares and make him a formidable antagonist for players to overcome. His unique combination of physical attributes and heightened senses make him a relentless and fearsome pursuer of the game’s protagonist, Six.

    Exceptional Sense of Hearing

    The Janitor’s most notable ability is his extraordinary sense of hearing, enabled by his oversized, bat-like ears. This acute sense compensates for his apparent lack of sight, allowing him to detect even the slightest sounds made by Six or the environment. He can accurately pinpoint the location of sounds and navigate his surroundings with ease, making it crucial for players to adopt a stealthy approach to avoid his detection.

    Long Arms

    The Janitor’s disproportionately long arms not only contribute to his unsettling appearance but also grant him an extended reach. He uses his arms to grab Six from a distance, reach into small spaces, and move objects or obstacles in his path. His arms also provide him with the ability to traverse the environment in a spider-like manner, crawling on all fours to navigate tight spaces and move with surprising speed when necessary.

    Persistence and Malevolence

    The Janitor exhibits a relentless and malevolent nature in his pursuit of Six. He is not easily deterred and will continue to hunt the protagonist throughout his domain in The Maw. This persistent behavior creates a tense atmosphere for players, who must constantly stay on their toes and think strategically to evade him.

    Environmental Awareness

    The Janitor’s behavior is also influenced by his knowledge of the environment within The Maw. He is familiar with the layout of his domain and can use this understanding to his advantage when searching for Six, making it more challenging for players to anticipate his movements and outmaneuver him.

    The Janitor’s Domain

    The Janitor can be found in the lower levels of The Maw, where he is responsible for maintaining order and cleanliness. His domain is filled with dark, narrow passages, and cluttered rooms, where he can be seen performing his janitorial duties. These areas include The Lair where he keeps captured children and the library, where he can be seen sorting and organizing books. Six must traverse these treacherous locations, all while avoiding the ever-present threat of the Janitor.


    To avoid being captured by The Janitor, players must adopt a strategic approach that combines stealth, environmental awareness, and cunning. The Janitor’s exceptional hearing, long reach, and knowledge of his domain make him a formidable antagonist, so careful planning and quick thinking are crucial for survival.

    A key aspect of the strategy involves staying out of the Janitor’s reach, which often means taking advantage of hiding spots and using the environment to create barriers between Six and the Janitor. This can include hiding under furniture, inside cabinets, or behind objects, as well as traversing ledges or climbing onto higher platforms to avoid detection.

    Avoiding loud noises is also essential, as the Janitor can quickly pinpoint Six’s location based on sound alone. Players must tread carefully when navigating the cluttered rooms and passages, as accidentally knocking over or stepping on objects can create noise and alert the Janitor. Additionally, running or jumping should be used sparingly, as these actions can also produce sounds that could draw his attention.

    Another element of the strategy involves using distractions to mislead the Janitor and create opportunities to sneak past him undetected. This can be done by throwing objects or creating noises in other areas, causing the Janitor to investigate the source of the sound and temporarily diverting his attention away from Six. Timing is crucial in these situations, as players must quickly and quietly move past the Janitor while he is preoccupied with the distraction.

    Environmental awareness is also important, as players must familiarize themselves with the layout of the Janitor’s domain and anticipate his movements. This understanding of the environment can help players identify shortcuts, alternate routes, and safe hiding spots, which can be invaluable when trying to outmaneuver the Janitor.

    Reception and Legacy

    The Janitor has been widely praised by both critics and players for his role in Little Nightmares, leaving a lasting impression on the game’s overall reception and legacy. As one of the most iconic and memorable antagonists in the game, he has become a symbol of the unsettling atmosphere and the theme of childhood fears that are central to the game’s narrative.

    Critics have lauded the Janitor’s character design, which combines grotesque and disturbing elements to create an eerie and menacing presence. His disproportionately long arms, bandaged face, and oversized ears not only contribute to his unsettling appearance but also emphasize his unique abilities, making him a formidable foe for the game’s protagonist, Six.

    The Janitor’s relentless pursuit of Six throughout his domain has been praised for adding tension and urgency to the gameplay, challenging players to think quickly and act strategically to evade capture. This gameplay mechanic has been well-received for its ability to evoke a sense of dread and unease, forcing players to face their childhood fears of being chased and captured by a terrifying figure.

    Moreover, the Janitor’s role in the game’s narrative has garnered appreciation for its exploration of darker themes, such as child abduction and confinement. His domain within The Maw, filled with trapped children and disturbing environments, serves as a chilling reminder of the sinister nature of the game’s world and the fate that awaits Six if captured.

    The Janitor’s reception and legacy extend beyond the game itself, as he has become a recognizable figure within the wider horror gaming community. Fan art, cosplays, and discussions surrounding the character are testament to the impact he has made on players, solidifying his status as an enduring symbol of Little Nightmares and its haunting exploration of childhood fears.