Character standing in front of rock with Axe and an Iron Nugget on the ground.

How to Get Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Craft more than 100 different items using Iron Nuggets.

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Key Takeaway

You can get Iron Nuggets by hitting rocks and collecting the ones that drop.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Iron Nuggets are used to craft many different tools and items. The best way to collect Iron Nuggets is by hitting rocks, though you can do this in more places than just your own island.

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    Iron Nugget Uses

    Before you get to collecting your Iron Nuggets, it’s important to understand why you need them. When you’re first starting out with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will be asked to collect 30 Iron Nuggets to open the island’s first store, Nook’s Cranny. Additionally, there are numerous tools and items you can make throughout the game that will require Iron Nuggets.

    ItemIron Nuggets Required
    Campsite Construction Kit15
    Fishing Rod1
    Watering Can1
    Iron Ladder Set-Up Kit5
    Simple DIY Workbench1
    Mini DIY Workbench2
    DIY Workbench3
    Wooden Full-Length Mirror1
    Wooden Table Mirror1
    Log Wall-Mounted Clock1
    Wooden-Block Stereo2
    Wooden-Block Wall Clock1
    Plain Sink1
    Natural Garden Chair2
    Natural Square Table2
    Natural Garden Table3
    Trophy Case6
    Acoustic Guitar3
    Wooden Bucket1
    Butter Churn2
    Garden Wagon2
    Wooden Storage Shed10
    Cutting Board1
    Wooden Toolbox2
    Wooden Music Box1
    Key Holder1
    Barbed-Wire Fence2
    Recycled-Can Thumb Piano1
    Brick Oven2
    Drinking Fountain2
    Sauna Heater3
    Stonework Kitchen10
    Iron-and-Stone Fence3
    Block Fence2
    Zen Fence3
    Tall Concrete Island Counter2
    Low Concrete Island Counter1
    Concrete Pillar1
    Iron Garden Chair3
    Iron Garden Table5
    Iron Garden Bench8
    Iron Worktable10
    Iron Closet12
    Iron Shelf14
    Iron Hanger Stand3
    Standard Umbrella Stand3
    Frying Pan2
    Water Pump2
    Jail Bars5
    Iron Frame20
    Kettle Bathtub8
    Manhole Cover3
    Imperial Pot3
    Plate Armor10
    Iron Wall Lamp4
    Iron Wall Rack3
    Iron Doorplate2
    Crest Doorplate4
    Steel-Frame Wall8
    Steel Flooring7
    Knight's Helmet5
    Iron Armor8
    Armor Shoes4
    Rope Fence4
    Iron Fence6
    Wedding Fence5
    Park Fence5
    Corrugated Iron Fence3
    Iron Wand3
    Tall Steel Island Counter 8
    Low Steel Island Counter4
    Steel Pillar4
    Ironwood Chair2
    Ironwood Cart4
    Ironwood Dresser4
    Ironwood Table6
    Ironwood Low Table4
    Ironwood Bed10
    Ironwood Cupboard6
    Ironwood Kitchenette3
    Ironwood DIY Workbench6
    Garden Bench4
    Ironwood Clock2
    Golden Gears3
    Hanging Terrarium4
    Vine Lamp2
    Glowing-Moss Balloon1
    Glowing-Moss-Jar Shelves6
    Suspicious Cauldron10
    Cherry Speakers2
    Juicy-Apple TV2
    Astronaut Suit5
    Space Shuttle10
    Crewed Spaceship20
    Lunar Lander15
    Lunar Rover10
    Flying Saucer10
    Robot Hero90
    Star Clock1
    Bamboo Speaker1
    Shell Speaker2
    Shell Music Box2
    Mermaid Vanity2
    Mermaid Lamp2
    Mermaid Wall Clock2
    Spooky Table Setting1
    Spooky Carriage10
    Spooky Trick Lamp4
    Spooky Garland1
    Spooky Fence5
    Turkey Day Casserole5
    Turkey Day Table Setting2
    Illuminated Snowflakes3
    Illuminated Present3
    Illuminated Reindeer5
    Illuminated Tree3
    Ornament Table Lamp2
    Ornament Tree3
    Ornament Garland5
    Windflower Fan2
    Cosmos Shower3
    Lily Record Player3

    Where to Get Iron Nuggets

    Iron Nugget highlighted in inventory.

    The best places to get Iron Nuggets are from rocks on your island or from rocks on islands that you visit. By hitting these rocks with either a Shovel or a Stone Axe, resources will drop from them. You’ll want to hit the stones as many times as you can until resources stop dropping.

    Your Island

    There are six rocks on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. To take full advantage of these, you’ll want to collect resources from them each new day when they reset. Keep in mind that one of your rocks will always drop Bells rather than resources. The other five rocks will drop resources at random, and these can include Iron Nuggets.

    Visiting Islands

    Nook Miles Ticket highlighted in inventory.

    If you’re looking to collect many Iron Nuggets, you might want to consider traveling to other islands. The islands you visit will have new rocks that you can collect resources from. This is especially effective if you’ve collected a bunch of Nook Miles. You can purchase Nook Miles Tickets for 2,000 Nook Miles each. These are what you will use to travel to other islands to collect resources. The best part is that you aren’t limited to a certain number of trips per day, so you can buy as many tickets as you want and use them as desired.