PvP in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits: How to Level Up Fast

Whether you choose to be a Pirate or a Marine, you'll want to level up quickly.

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Key Takeaway

To level up fast, you need to complete quests, farm enemies, and use a powerful Blox Fruit as an aid.

Blox Fruits is a One Piece-inspired Roblox game where you explore different islands while aiming to become the strongest player. Leveling up is the way to enjoy and reach these goals. Use these leveling tips to get started.

Table Of Contents

    Redeem Blox Fruits Codes Before Playing

    Where to enter Blox Fruits Code.

    When Blox Fruits releases codes that give (EXP) Boost, take advantage of them to level up fast right from the start. Here are the active Blox Fruits Codes to redeem:

    Active CodeXP Boost
    EXP_5B2x EXP
    Sub2Daigrock2x EXP for 15 min
    StrawHatMaine2x EXP for 15 min
    TantaiGaming2x EXP for 15 min
    Sub2NoobMaster1232x EXP for 15 min
    KittGaming2x EXP for 20 min
    Sub2Fer9992x EXP for 20 min
    Enyu_is_Pro2x EXP for 20 min
    2x EXP for 20 min
    Magicbus2x EXP for 20 min
    Starcodeheo2x EXP for 20 min
    2x EXP for 20 min
    TheGreatAce2x EXP for 20 min
    Axiore2x EXP for 20 min
    Bluxxy2x EXP for 20 min
    SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP12x EXP for 30 min

    How to Redeem Blox Fruits Codes

    1. Launch Blox Fruits.
    2. Play Blox Fruits, then choose a side.
    3. Click / Press the Twitter button above the menu.
    4. Enter a 2 EXP Boost Blox Fruits Code.

    Note: Blox Fruits Codes are case-sensitive, so make sure to enter them correctly. If the code is still not working, the developer may have already turned it off.

    Where to Find More Blox Fruits Codes

    While Blox Fruit Codes expire, new ones will be released on the game’s official Twitter, Youtube, or Discord Community. There’s a high chance of new Blox Fruits Codes when there’s an update, an event, or a milestone — so stay tuned.

    Complete Your Quests

    After activating a 2x EXP Boost, accept a quest. It’s the best way to level up, especially early on. You can only complete one quest at a time. It’s wise to take quests that suit your level. The more quests you complete, the faster you level up.

    Invest Stat Points Wisely

    When it comes to choosing which stat to level up, it’s best to put all your points in whatever weapon you’re using — Melee, Sword, Gun, Demon Fruit. Ignore Defense because it’s not as rewarding as the other stats.

    If you want to reset your Stat Points, use the following Blox Fruits Codes:

    Active CodeEffect
    Sub2UncleKizaruStat Refund
    RESET_5BStat Reset

    Invest in Blox Fruits

    When grinding levels, Blox Fruit is your best friend. However, you will need money to buy one from the Blox Fruit Dealer or Cousin. Over time, you may want to switch your Blox Fruit — the deeper your progress, the more money you need. So save up money early on.

    Choose the Right Island

    Player traveling to another island in Blox Fruits.

    Going to the right island that suits your level is crucial to leveling up faster in Blox Fruits. When farming enemies, group them to grind fast. The following are the islands to go in order:

    The First Sea

    The following are the islands within the First Sea, as well as the enemies to farm in each one:

    LevelsIslandEnemies to Farm
    0-15Starter IslandTrainees / Bandits
    15-30JungleLevel 15: Monkey
    Level 20: Gorillas
    Level 25: Gorilla King
    30-60Pirate IslandLevel 30: Pirates
    Level 40: Brute
    Level 55: Bobby
    60-90Desert IslandLevel 60: Desert Bandit
    Level 75: Desert Officer
    90-120Frozen VillageLevel 90: Snow Bandit
    Level 100: Snowman
    Level 110: Yeti
    120-150Marine FortressLevel 120: Chief Petty Officers
    Level 130: Vice Admiral
    150-200SkylandsLevel 150: Sky Bandits
    Level 175: Dark Master
    190-275PrisonLevel 190: Prisoner
    Level 210: Dangerous Prisoner
    Level 220: Warden
    Level 230: Chief Warden
    Level 240: Swan
    225-300ColosseumLevel 250: Toga Warrior
    Level 275: Gladiator
    300Magma VillageLevel 300: Military Soldier
    Level 330: Military Spy
    Level 350: Magma Admiral
    375-450Underwater CityLevel 375: Fishman Warrior
    Level 400: Fishman Commando
    Level 425: Fisherman Lord
    450-575SkylandsLevel 450: God's Guard
    Level 457: Shanda
    Level 500: Wysper
    625-750Fountain CityLevel 625: Galley Pirate
    Level 675: Cyborg / Franky

    The Second Sea

    The following are the islands within the Second Sea, as well as the enemies to farm in each one:

    LevelsIslandEnemies to Farm
    700-750Kingdom of Rose
    (First area)
    Level 750: Diamond
    750-850Kingdom of Rose
    (Second area)
    Level 775: Swan Pirate
    Level 850: Jeremy
    875-925Green ZoneLevel 875: Marine Lieutenant
    Level 925: Fajita
    950-975GraveyardLevel 950: Zombie
    1000-1050Snow MountainLevel 1000: Snow Trooper
    1000MansionLevel 1000: Don Swan
    1100-1200Hot and ColdLevel 1100: Lab Subordinate
    Level 1150: Smoke Admiral
    Level 1175: Magma Ninja
    1000-1325Cursed ShipLevel 1250: Ship Deckhand
    Level 1300: Ship Steward
    Level 1325: Cursed Captain
    1350-1400Ice CastleLevel 1350: Artic Warrior
    Level 1400: Awakened Ice Admiral
    1425-1475Forgotten IslandLevel 1425: Sea Soldiers
    Level 1475: Tide Keeper

    The Third Sea

    The following are the islands within the Third Sea, as well as the enemies to farm in each one:

    LevelsIslandEnemies to Farm
    1500-1575Port TownLevel 1550: Stone
    1575-1675Hydra IslandLevel 1575: Dragon Crew Warrior
    Level 1625: Female Islander
    Level 1650: Giant Islander
    Level 1675: Island Empress
    1700-1750Great TreeLevel 1700: Marine Commodore
    Level 1725: Marine Rear Admiral
    Level 1750: Kilo Admiral
    1775-2000Floating TurtleLevel 1775: Fishman Raider
    Level 1800: Fishman Captain
    Level 1825: Forest Pirate
    Level 1850: Mythological Pirate
    Level 1875: Captain Elephant
    Level 1900: Jungle Pirates
    Level 1925: Musketeer Pirate
    Level 1950: Beautiful Pirate
    1975-2075Haunted CastleLevel 1975: Reborn Skeleton
    Level 2000: Living Zombie
    Level 2025: Demonic Soul
    Level 2050: Possessed Mummy
    2075-2275Sea of TreatsLevel 2075: Peanut Scount
    Level 2125: Ice Cream Chef
    Level 2175: Cake Queen