Barista mixing drinks in Coffee Talk 2.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly – Complete Drink Recipe List

Become a master barista.

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In Coffee Talk Episode 2, we venture beyond the familiar realm of traditional coffees, lattes, and espressos, and into a new world of exotic infusions and creative beverage artistry. Hibiscus & Butterfly proves once again that this isn’t your average coffee shop; it’s a unique blend of storytelling, character development, and an innovative approach to drink crafting.

In Hibiscus & Butterfly, the game takes you on a deeper exploration of your barista skills as you experiment with different ingredients that include the fragrant hibiscus and the visually stunning butterfly pea flower, among others. Here’s a comprehensive recipe list, providing you with what you need to perfect your virtual brews and impress your customers.

Each recipe includes the necessary ingredients and the order in which they should be mixed.

Table Of Contents

    Coffee Drink Recipes

    Cinnamon Latte in Coffee Talk 2.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    Black LemonCoffee, Coffee, LemonA perfect - if unlikely - combination of sour and bitter
    Black MagicCoffee, Mint, HoneySweet, cool, and magically wakes you up
    Caffè LatteCoffee, Milk, MilkA caffeine boost dominated by milk
    CappuccinoCoffee, Coffee, MilkAn Italian delight
    EspressoCoffee, Coffee, CoffeeBlacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself
    Gingerbread CoffeeCoffee, Ginger, CinnamonSweetened with brown sugar to satisfy the cookie monster
    Ginger LatteCoffee, Ginger, MilkA warm energy boost, perfect for a cold evening
    Jahe TubrukCoffee, Coffee, GingerGinger presides over the ground coffee at the bottom of the cup; originally from Indonesia
    Sugar and SpiceCoffee, Honey, CinnamonSpicy, sweet, and natural bliss in a cup
    Bee'n BuzzyCoffee, Honey, MilkAn energizing companion during those late-night working hours
    Cinnamon LatteCoffee, Milk, CinnamonA cinnamon-infused Caffè Latte that uplifts you with its warmly spiced aroma
    Sweet CoffeeCoffee, Coffee, HoneyLightly sweetened and frothed, to help invigorate your tired mind with its sweet, inviting aroma
    QueimadaCoffee, Honey, LemonThis spell-laden, alcohol-imbued Galician drinnk is known to ward off evil spirits - just look at it
    Jingle BeansCoffee, Coffee, CinnamonA warm drink with a kick for Christmas mornings, also perfect against headaches on rainy work nights

    Tea Drink Recipes

    Midsummer Night's Dream in Coffee Talk 2.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    Gala HadTea, Milk, GingerA ginger chai latte, good to calm and warm your nerves
    Masala ChaiTea, Ginger, CinnamonSpiced tea from Southern Asia
    Midsummer Night's DreamTea, Lemon, HoneySweet and memorable, like summertime blues
    Russian TeaTea, Lemon, CinnamonDespite the name, it's a totally American drink
    Shai AdeniTea, Milk, CinnamonA sweet, spicy chai latte from the townn of Aden, Yemen
    Teh TarikTea, Tea, MilkTea with milk, mixed by pouring the two repeatedly between cups; originally from Malaysia

    Green Tea Drink Recipes

    The Grinch in Coffee Talk 2.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    Cough SyrupGreen Tea, Lemon, HoneyA cure for a sore throat
    Green Tea LatteGreen Tea, Milk, MilkBoth sweet and savory, with a hint of bitterness for the heart
    MarrakechGreen Tea, Mint, MintA fresh and healthy drink from Morocco
    Shin GenmaichaGreen Tea, Green Tea, GingerA variation of the Japanese brew, mixing the brown rice with ginger
    The GrinchGreen Tea, Ginger, CinnamonGreen, spicy, and not everyone's cup of tea
    MatchaGreen Tea, Green Tea, Green TeaThe ceremonial grade of this pure and lush green tea has a distinct bittersweet and stabilizing aroma
    "Detox" TeaGreen Tea, Ginger, LemonSuper bitter, sour, and spicy even if it's not detoxifying, you'll FEEL as if it is
    "Five Stars"Green Tea, Honey, MilkA specialty ordered Green Tea drink, customized to match a certain reviewer’s needs and taste. Good job, you’ve done it!

    Chocolate Drink Recipes

    Chocobee Miruku in Coffee Talk 2.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    Bitter HeartChocolate, Ginger, CinnamonShadows that will help you try to hide
    Chocobee MirukuChocolate, Honey, MilkSweet, nourishing, healthy, chocolate
    Dark ChocolateChocolate, Chocolate, ChocolateA warm and calming darkness
    Spanish SaharaChocolate, Milk, GingerWarm and cozy, just like a day in Barcelona
    Spiced LadyChocolate, Milk, CinnamonA British chocolate drink, extremely popular in the '90s
    299.792.458Chocolate, Honey, GingerFast to make, fast to drink, and the best start to light-year-guided adventures
    After MidnightChocolate, Honey, MintA whiff of Old World charm, a soupçon of intensity, and a dash of fresh air, for timeless late-night celebrations

    Blue Pea Drink Recipes

    Flowebed in Coffee Talk 2.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    Butterfly PeaBlue Pea, Blue Pea, Blue PeaThis strikingly blue tea is known to be a stress buster, chock-full of antioxidants
    Galaxy Mint-teaBlue Pea, Mint, LemonWitness the morphing nebula as the lemon is poured into the cup magical and refreshing
    Dreamin' BlueBlue Pea, Milk, HoneyThis mesmerizing and earthy latte imbues you with calmness and serenity on sight
    Aqua's TranquiliteaBlue Pea, Mint, MintIts earthy yet minty taste relieves indigestion, while the color and smell soothe her senses
    Blue LightningBlue Pea, Ginger, GingerThe best remedy for an upset tummy or a bored mind, and in a pretty color to boot!
    FlowerbedBlue Pea, Honey, MintAn entire garden in a teacup, from the leaves to the pollen! Can you hear the bees?
    Gala TeaBlue Pea, Milk, GingerA silky but spicy beverage that soothes furious emotions and brings dormant joys back to life
    Blue MarshmallowBlue Pea, Honey, MilkA comforting herbal tea that soothes the spirits of upset children and stumped grown-ups alike

    Hibiscus Drink Recipes

    Teh Jahe Rosella in Coffee Talk 2.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    Hibiscus TeaHibiscus, Hibiscus, HibiscusHas a cranberry-like tartness with floral undertones. Great source of Vitamin C!
    BissapHibiscus, Ginger, LemonSweetened with sugar, it's known as Senegal's national drink fruits and spices are added to taste
    Teh Jahe RosellaHibiscus, Ginger, HoneySteeped with roasted ginger with a touch of honey. Perfect for rainy evenings
    Sweetheart LatteHibiscus, Milk, HoneyGarnished with bits of rose petals, this Latte is refreshing in both taste and appearance
    Pink SpiceHibiscus, Milk, CinnamonA smooth but spicy draught, warm and refreshing at the same time
    ZoboHibiscus, Ginger, GingerA traditional Nigerian drink with an invigorating ginger kick supported by cloves and pineapple
    Berry-Blue Hibiscus "Pie"Hibiscus, Honey, MintA dessert drink made from steeped Hibiscus, Mint, and specially prepared ingredients: Honey-Blueberry cordial with a touch of vanilla.

    Milk Drink Recipes

    STMJ in Coffee Talk 2.
    DrinkRecipe (Base, Primary, Secondary)Description
    BedchamberMilk, Cinnamon, HoneyA cup for those longing for a deep slumber
    Le MentholMilk, Mint, LemonSour and cool, with a hint of home
    Lemony SnippetMilk, Honey, LemonA fortunate tale in a cup
    Milky WayMilk, Honey, MintSweet and cool, like outer space
    STMJMilk, Ginger, HoneyA warm booster made of susu (milk), telur, (egg), madu (honey), and jahe (ginger); from Indonesia