The Darkness Materia from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion – How to Find Darkness Materia

Arm Zack with a powerful Command Materia.

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Key Takeaway

You can get the Darkness Materia by:

  • Completing Missions 4-4-2 and 8-4-6.
  • Fusing Libra and Graviga, Gravity and Graviga, or Gravity and Dash.
  • Using the Steal ability on a Land Malboro.
  • Farming them from Demons and Horned Devils.

The Darkness Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a highly powerful tool among the already useful collection of Materia. Getting it allows players to deal massive damage to multiple enemies simultaneously, making it a valuable asset in combat.

Table Of Contents

    Side Quest Rewards

    The Darkness Materia can be earned as a reward for completing Mission 4-4-2: Death Wish for Zack or Mission 8-4-6: Suspicious Mail 6. These two will give you one Darkness Materia each. If you want to have more than one Darkness Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, complete both of these missions.

    You can start accessing side quests, also known as “Missions,” at the beginning of chapter two. You can access side quests from save points. However, certain side quests have prerequisites before you can unlock them.

    Mission 4-4-2: Death Wish for Zack

    M4-4-2 side quest from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

    Once the side quests are unlocked during chapter 2, you’ll automatically be able to do “To End the War with Wutai” missions. Begin doing the first set of these missions, starting with M4-1-1, until you make it to M4-2-6, named “The Five Saints of Wutai.”

    After beating this mission, you’ll unlock “The Remnants Strike Again,” or M4-4 missions. Get to M4-4-2, called the “Death Wish of Zack” mission, and clear it to get the Darkness Materia.

    Although you can get to M4-4-2 as soon as you reach Chapter 2, getting there will be challenging. It’s best to save this for later on when you’re at a higher level with better equipment.

    Mission 8-4-6: Suspicious Mail 6

    Mission 8-4-6 from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

    Aside from the “To End the War with Wutai” missions, the “From a Hot Treasure Hunter,” or M8-4 missions, are also available at the start of chapter 2. Keep clearing these missions until you make it to M8-4-6, which rewards you with another Darkness Materia.

    Getting to mission 8-4-6 is significantly easier compared to getting to mission 4-4-2. Taking this route over the previous one is recommended for getting your first Darkness Materia.

    Darkness Materia From Materia Fusion

    Fusing the Darkness Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

    Another way to get a Darkness Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is through Materia Fusion. The Materia Fusion mechanic gets unlocked during Chapter 3 after a Shinra employee talks to you about the process. From then on, you can fuse Materia whenever you wish from the game’s menu.

    You can use these fusions to create the Darkness Materia:

    • Libra and Graviga (Master)
    • Gravity (Master) and Graviga
    • Gravity (Master) and Dash (Mastered)

    Take note of the “Master” Materia. This means the Materia listed as (Master) should be at their maximum level. Otherwise, the fusion won’t work.

    Get the Libra Materia

    You can purchase the Libra Materia from the Research Dept. QMC for 1,000 Gil, a shop that automatically unlocks during Chapter 3. You can also acquire it by completing M4-1-3.

    Get the Graviga Materia

    You can get the Graviga Materia by completing the 1-3-5 mission. It can also be picked up as loot in chests during these missions:

    • 6-6-2
    • 7-3-6
    • 7-6-6
    • 8-5-6
    • 9-1-1
    • 9-2-1

    Get the Gravity Materia

    You can find the Gravita Materia in chests during these missions:

    • 4-2-5
    • 8-3-2
    • 8-3-4
    • 9-3-3
    • 9-4-2

    Get the Dash Materia

    You can purchase the Dash Materia from The Happy Turtle for 5,000 Gil. This shop unlocks after you complete mission 4-3-6. You can also find it in chests during these missions:

    • 6-1-3
    • 8-3-5
    • 8-6-2

    Enemy Drops

    Zack fighting Demons in Crisis Core.

    Two enemies in the game can drop a Darkness Materia, but the chances of this happening are very low. Regardless, if you wish to farm for this Materia, Demons and Horned Devils have a chance of dropping them.

    Demons can be found during a handful of missions. However, they’re much easier to find during M2-2-6, M6-3-4, and M7-3-2.

    Horned Devils, on the other hand, can be found in missions M2-5-4 and M9-3-6.

    You can also use the Steal ability, which is done with the Steal Materia, on a Land Malboro to obtain Darkness Materia.

    What Does the Darkness Materia Do?

    Zack using the Darkness Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

    The Darkness Materia deals damage to all surrounding enemies. However, instead of costing AP, this Materia will instead take 12.5% of Zack’s overall health. This may seem like a terrible caveat, but this attack disregard’s an enemy’s defense. This means this attack deals immense pure damage on multiple enemies at once, making the little health sacrifice worthwhile.

    Considering its effects, using the Darkness Materia is one of the best ways to farm in the game.

    The Materia also has a passive effect of increasing your overall health, which makes its drawback even more inconsequential. Keep leveling up the Materia to increase the HP bonus.