Materia Fusion from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion – Materia Fusion Guide

Master the art of Materia Fusion.

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The Materia Fusion mechanic in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion allows players to create new and powerful Materia without farming or purchasing them. The process is straightforward, but it’s important to have a good understanding of the system if you’re looking to craft specific Materia.

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    How Materia Fusion Works

    The Materia Fusion mechanic in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion becomes available after you reach Chapter 3. The process of fusing two Materia is simple. Open the Materia Fusion menu, place a Materia in each of the two slots, and see what Materia the combination formulates.

    While the process of Materia Fusion may be straightforward, the mechanic as a whole is quite intricate due to the large number of Materia available in the game. To fully understand and utilize the feature, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these key elements of the system.

    Materia Level

    Fusing the Darkness Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

    Materia Fusion takes into account a Materia’s level. Certain fusions won’t work unless one or both Materia are at Master level. You’ll see on the Materia Fusion List below which Materia requires Master-level Materia for them to be created.

    Materia Fusion and SP

    Highlighting the SP cost of Materia Fusion.

    Materia Fusion consumes SP, or Soldier Points. SP is easily and naturally acquired by defeating enemies. The stronger the enemy is, the more SP you’ll receive. By progressing through the main story and completing a few side missions, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to acquire SP and shouldn’t encounter any shortages.

    However, if you need more SP, you can convert Materia into SP. Head to the Materia menu and press the button assigned to “Switch to SP Convert.” Alternatively, you can go on missions to farm SP.

    Fusing The Same Types of Materia

    Fusing Materia of the same type.

    When fusing the same types of Materia, the fusion will consider the level and buff of the Materia. The fusion will take the higher buff, then add it by 50% of the other buff.

    For example, if you fuse two MAG UP Materia and one of them has a buff of MAG +4 while the other has a MAG +2, the result will be a MAG UP Materia that has a buff of MAG +5.

    Item Fusion Tome

    Item Fusion Tome allows you to incorporate items while fusing Materia. This mechanic becomes available after Chapter 5.

    The Item Fusion Tome lets you fuse items such as Consumables and Fusion Items with the Materia to grant additional bonuses and enhance the performance of your formed Materia. This results in more powerful and effective Materia.

    Consumables allow you to further enhance specific stats already provided by Materia. However, this enhancement is applied to Materia which already offer a boost in that particular stat. Consumables serve as a way to amplify the existing benefits.

    For example, adding Potions when fusing Materia will provide a boost in HP. This works on Materia that already come with an HP boost. So, if the Materia comes with a 30% HP boost, adding 20 Potions into the fusion will increase the HP boost to 40%.

    Using a Consumable while fusing Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

    Except for the most powerful Consumables, you’ll need to add either 5, 10, or 20 of the same item for the buff to take effect.

    These are the Consumables you can use during Materia Fusion, along with the buffs they provide:

    Potion2010% HP
    Hi-Potion1010% HP
    X-Potion510% HP
    Ether1010% MP
    Phoenix Down110% HP
    Elixir110% HP
    Soma1010% AP
    Remedy10Spirit +1

    There are also items in the game called Fusion Items. Their sole purpose is to grant buffs to Materia when used during Materia Fusion. These are usually obtained by completing missions, defeating enemies, stealing from enemies, or opening chests during missions.

    Like Consumables, a certain number of a Fusion Item needs to be added to the mix for the buff to take effect. Boosts from Fusion Items have a limit, but these limits are insanely high. For example, as long as you have enough HP Stones, you can increase the HP buff to over 660%.

    There are two types of Fusion Items in the game. One of them functions similarly to Consumables in terms of Materia Fusion in that they’ll only take effect when the Materia being made comes with a buff that’s the same as theirs. These Fusion Items are classified as Stones. HP Stones only work on Materia that has an HP buff, MP Stones only work on Materia that has an MP buff, and so on.

    Using a Fusion Item while fusing Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

    The following are the Stone Fusion Items in the game, the buffs they provide, and their buff limits:

    Fusion ItemQuantityEffectLimit
    HP Mako Stone510% HP400%
    HP Stone 310% HP660%
    MP Mako Stone510% MP400%
    MP Stone310% MP660%
    AP Mako Stone510% AP400%
    AP Stone310% AP660%
    ATK Mako Stone5Attack +1+40
    Power Stone3Attack +1+66
    VIT Mako Stone5Vitality +1+40
    Guard Stone3Vitality +1+66
    MAG Mako Stone5Magic +1+40
    Magic Stone3Magic +1+66
    SPR Mako Stone5Spirit +1+40
    Mind Stone3Spirit +1+66
    LCK Mako Stone5Luck +1+40
    Luck Stone3Luck +1+66

    There are special types of Fusion Items that can alter Materia buffs. The only type of Materia this won’t work on are Special Materia. These can alter the buffs provided by Magic Materia, Command Materia, and Support Materia.

    Using a Hero Drink while fusing Materia,

    These are the special Fusion Items in the game, the buffs they provide, and their buff limits.

    Fusion ItemEffectLimit
    Fat Chocobo Feather10% HP999%
    Lunar Harp10% MP999%
    Zeio Nut10% AP999%
    Hero DrinkAttack +1+100
    AdamantiteVitality +1+100
    Dark MatterMagic +1+100
    MythrilSpirit +1+100
    Gysahl GreensLuck +1+100

    Materia Fusion List

    There are 143 Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, offering a vast array of combination possibilities. The sheer number of options available allows for endless experimentation and discovery.

    Magic Materia Fusion

    Here are the recipes needed to create certain Magic Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

    Materia CombinationResulting Materia
    Blizzard + ThunderFire
    Fire + ThunderBlizzard
    Fire + BlizzardThunder
    Blizzara + ThunderFira
    Thundara + FireBlizzara
    Blizzara + FiraThundara
    Blizzaga + ThunderFiraga
    Thundaga + FireBlizzaga
    Firaga + BlizzardThundaga
    Cure + SilenceCuraga
    Cure + DashRegen
    Poison + MBarrierEsuna
    Silence + HP UPDispel
    Fire + HP UPBarrier
    Blizzara + SPR UPMBarrier
    Octaslash + BarrierWall
    Drain Blade + MAG UPDrain
    Drain + FiragaDrainra
    Drain + OctaslashDrainga
    Osmose Blade + MAG UPOsmose
    Power Osmose + SPR UPOsmoga
    Poison Blade + MAG UPPoison
    Poison + DashSilence
    Stop Blade + MAG UPStop
    Poison + OctaslashDeath
    Fire + PoisonDark Fire
    Blizzard + PoisonDark Blizzard
    Thunder PoisonDark Thunder
    Fire + EsunaDark Fira
    Blizzara + SilenceDark Blizzara
    Thundara + DispelDark Thundara
    Firaga + EsunaDark Firaga
    Blizzaga + EsunaDark Blizzaga
    Thundaga + EsunaDark Thundaga
    Dark Fire + OctaslashHell Firaga
    Dark Blizzard + OctaslashHell Blizzaga
    Dark Thunder + OctaslashHell Thundaga
    Dash + GravityGraviga
    Octaslash + GravityQuake
    Libra + Tri-Thundaga (Master)Tri-Fire
    Libra + Tri-Fire (Master)Electrocute
    Libra + Electrocute (Master)Flare
    Libra + Flare (Master)Energy
    Octaslash + Tri-ThundagaUltima

    Command Materia Fusion

    Command Materia gives Zack powerful abilities to deal damage to enemies. Here are the Materia you’ll need to create some of them.

    Materia CombinationResulting Materia
    Libra + Graviga (Master)Darkness
    Power Attack + AP UPJump
    Firaga Blade + AP UPHigh Jump
    Dash + Poison TwisterPoison Aerial
    High Jump + Poison TwisterSilence Aerial
    Libra + Silence Aerial (Master)Death Jump
    Vital Slash + AP UPAssault Twister
    Jump + OctaslashAssault Twister+
    Libra + Poison Aerial (Master)Stop Twister
    Poison Twister + Assault Twister+Death Twister
    Jump + GravityPower Attack
    Graviga + Power AttackVital Slash
    Quake + JumpExploder Blade
    Assault Twister + Graviga (Master)Blast Wave
    Poison + Power AttackPoison Blade
    Poison + Assault TwisterSilence Blade
    Stop + ATK UPStop Blade
    Death + Power AttackDeath Blade
    Poison + Elemental StrikeDispel Blade
    Fire + Power AttackFire Blade
    Blizzard + Power AttackBlizzard Blade
    Thunder + Power AttackThunder Blade
    Fira + JumpFira Blade
    Blizzara + JumpBlizzara Blade
    Thundara + JumpThundara Blade
    Firaga + ATK UPFiraga Blade
    Blizzaga + ATK UPBlizzaga Blade
    Thundaga + ATK UPThundaga Blade
    Drain + Assault TwisterDrain Blade
    Osmoga + ATK UPPower Drain
    Drainga + ATK UPAerial Drain
    Drain + ATK UPOsmose Blade
    Drainra + ATK UPPower Osmose
    Electrocute + StealMug
    Octaslash + StealGil Toss
    Dash + Goblin PunchIron Fist
    Libra (Master) + Iron Fist (Master)Magical Punch
    Libra (Master) + Magical Punch (Master)Hammer Punch
    Octaslash + Goblin PunchCostly Punch

    Special Materia Fusion

    Special Materia increases Zack’s stats. These recipes are for creating certain Special Materia or upgraded versions of Special Materia you might already have.

    Materia CombinationResulting Materia
    HP UP + DashHP UP+
    HP UP + OctaslashHP UP++
    MP UP + DashMP UP+
    MP UP + OctaslashMP UP++
    AP UP + DashAP UP+
    AP UP + OctaslashAP UP++
    ATK UP + DashATK UP+
    ATK UP + OctaslashATK UP++
    VIT UP + DashVIT UP+
    VIT UP + OctaslashVIT UP++
    MAG UP + DashMAG UP+
    MAG UP + OctaslashMAG UP++
    SPR UP + DashSPR UP+
    SPR UP + OctaslashSPR UP++
    Steal + DashSmart Consumer

    Support Materia Fusion

    Support Materia provides certain buffs, abilities, and passive effects to Zack. Other than that, you can use some of these to create some of the best Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

    Materia CombinationResulting Materia
    Octaslash + OctaslashLibra
    Octaslash + Poison TwisterStatus Strike
    Stop + HP UPStatus Ward
    Firaga + VIT UPElemental Ward
    Electrocute + SP Turbo MagicSP Turbo Attack
    Flare + SP Turbo MagicSP Turbo
    Energy + SP Turbo MagicSP Barrier
    Octaslash + SP Turbo MagicSP Master