Coin description from Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb: How to Get More Coin

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Key Takeaway

You can get more Coin in Cult of the Lambs by going on crusades, using the offering chest, performing rituals, sending followers on a quest, leveling up your cult and performing sermons, and unlocking every structure at the shrine to earn Coin in place of devotion.

Coin is one of the most important commodities in Cult of the LambYou can use them to build structures, buy tarot cards, and even bribe followers. Thankfully, the game offers multiple ways for you to earn them.

It’s easy to run out of Coin in Cult of the Lamb given how often you can use it. However, as you play the game longer, you’ll also find that there are a lot of ways to earn Coin. As long as you take advantage of these opportunities, you’ll have an abundance of Coin that you can spend to your heart’s content.

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    Go on Crusades

    Obtaining coins and gold nuggets in Cult of the Lamb.

    One of the best ways to earn more Coin in Cult of the Lambs is to go on Crusades. After clearing every room, a chest will always appear that contains a couple of Coin, along with other items and resources.

    When you complete a Crusade, you’re also rewarded with a bigger chest that contains even more Coin.

    Use the Offering Chest

    The lamb selling items in the Offering Chest in Cult of the Lamb.

    As you progress through Cult of the Lamb, you’ll eventually receive an Offering Chest from The One Who Waits, which will be placed in your camp. You can use this to sell various resources in exchange for Coin.

    Be careful not to strictly sell one type of resource, though. When you frequently sell one type of resource, the Coin you receive for that resource will eventually diminish.

    Refine Gold Nuggets

    Refining Gold Nuggets into coins in Cult of the Lamb.

    Unlock the Refinery structure at the Shrine to be able to build it. You can use this to refine Gold Nuggets and turn them into Coin. You’ll receive five Coin in exchange for seven Gold Nuggets.

    Perform Sermons at Cult Level 3

    The lamb holding a sermon.

    Once your Cult reaches level 3, your followers will deposit a couple of Coin on the altar each time you perform a Sermon.

    You can increase your Cult Level by constantly getting Divine Inspiration and unlocking new structures at the Shrine.

    Tax Enforcer Ritual

    Collecting a coin from a follower in Cult of the Lamb.

    Once your Law and Order Doctrines reach level 4, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock the Tax Enforcer Ritual. This will appoint one follower to become a Tax Enforcer. This follower will then slowly but surely collect Coin from your other Followers.

    This process is slow, but couple this with the other ways to earn Coin in Cult of the Lambs and it will rack up. Performing this ritual also lowers your followers’ overall faith.

    Ritual of Enrichment

    Ritual of Enrichment from Cult of the Lamb.

    This is another ritual that you can perform to quickly earn Coin. Unlike the Tax Enforcer Ritual, though, this nets you an abundance of Coin instantly. The amount of Coin you’ll receive depends on how many followers you have.

    Build an Offering Statue

    The Lamb standing next to Offering Statues in Cult of the Lamb.

    There’s a structure in Cult of the Lamb called the Offering Statue. Build this and your followers will occasionally drop resources into it, including Coin.

    Take note the resources vary. Your followers won’t always drop Coin into the offering statue, which means this is an unreliable source of Coin. However, you should still take the time to build this structure as it’s a great way of passively receiving resources in the game.

    Send a Follower to Gather Coin

    Sending a follower on a quest to get coins in Cult of the Lamb.

    Another structure that can help you get Coin in Cult of the Lamb is the Missionary. This one enables you to send followers on a quest to gather different kinds of resources for you — including Coin.

    There is a risk to sending a follower out on a quest. They may sometimes fail, returning back to the camp empty-handed, or they’ll return empty-handed and die due to injuries sustained from the quest. The rate of success depends on a follower’s level.

    Deposit Coin at Midas’s Cave

    Getting coin at Midas's Cave.

    When exploring the Silk Cradle, you’ll find a signpost that will allow you to travel to Midas’s Cave. You’ll find an altar here where you can deposit a large amount of Coin, which you may get back with interest after three in-game days.

    The return here isn’t a guarantee. You may get more Coin than you deposited after three days, or you may lose them all completely. It’s a risk you’re going to want to assess before you put Coin into this altar.

    Unlock Every Structure From the Shrine to Receive Coin Instead of Devotion

    The Lamb obtaining coin from the Statue.

    Once you’ve collected enough Devotion and Divine Inspiration from your followers and have unlocked every single structure from the Shrine, Devotion will now be replaced with Coin. This means the Shrine will become an endless and constant source of Coin for you once you unlock every single structure here.