All the map banner symbols from Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb: Map Banner Meanings

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In Cult of the Lamb, your possible dungeon routes are indicated by symbols on the map. Beneath these map icons, you might see banners with symbols in them. These symbols indicate modifiers that will be applied to that dungeon chamber.

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    Map Icons

    Map icons in Cult of the Lamb.

    In Cult of the Lamb, it’s imperative that you understand the symbols on the map to make the best decision on your route. Depending on which route you take, you will earn different resources to bring back to your cult or various boosts to get you through the dungeon.

    However, you might notice that underneath the map icons, you will sometimes see small banners with different symbols on them. These banners indicate various modifiers to that chamber, so you’ll need to understand how to interpret them before making a choice.

    All Map Banner Meanings

    These are the map banners you might encounter in Cult of the Lamb.

    Symbol for double Gold.Get double Gold in this chamber.
    Symbol for double Gold, but enemies drop poison.Gain double Gold, but enemies drop poison in this chamber.
    Symbol for gaining Food instead of Gold.Gain Food instead of Gold in this chamber.
    Symbol for a Follower.This store will be selling a Follower.
    Symbol for Food.This store will be selling Food.
    Symbol for Forneus, the cat.This store will be Forneus, the cat’s shop.
    Symbol for losing a Red Heart, but gaining a Tarot Card.Lose a Red Heart, gain a Tarot Card.
    Symbol for losing a Red Heart, but gaining Diseased Hearts.Lose a Red Heart, gain Diseased Hearts in this chamber.
    Symbol for enemies' health being halved, but taking double damage.Enemies’ health is halved, but you take double damage in this chamber.