The Chosen Undead in the Lower Undead Burg.

Dark Souls: How to Get to Lower Undead Burg

The nightmare is only just beginning.

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Key Takeaway

Open the door on the bridge in Undead Burg that’s guarded by a Hellkite Wyvern. The door is right across the one you pass through when you get to the bridge from the Taurus Demon area. You can unlock this door with the Basement Key, which you’ll find on a body on the staircase behind the locked gate in Undead Parish.

Lower Undead Burg is one of the many places you pass through in Dark Souls. It’s dangerous, filled with terrible enemies, and of course, has a challenging boss. The perfect Dark Souls recipe. You may have already passed by the entrance to this place without even knowing it.

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    Finding the Entrance to Lower Undead Burg

    The door that leads to Lower Undead Burg is on the Undead Burg bridge that’s guarded by the Hellkite Wyvern. It’s across the door you passed through when you got to this bridge after you defeated the Taurus Demon.

    The Chosen Undead walking towards the door that leads to Lower Undead Burg.

    You may have already interacted with this door when you first happened upon it only to find it locked. To open this door, you’ll need to find the Basement Key.

    The Basement Key is found in the Undead Parish. It’s on a body that’s lying on the staircase behind the closed gate in this area.

    The Chosen Undead picking up the Basement Key.

    When you finally have the key, head to the entrance, and voila! You’re on your way to Lower Undead Burg!

    Lower Undead Burg Shortcut

    When the door is opened, head forward and use the ladder to head down. Once you’re at the bottom, continue forward until you’re out in the open. Then, immediately take a look to your right to find a staircase that goes up.

    The Chosen Undead running towards a staircase.

    Take this path, head up, and you’ll find a door at the end. Open it and you’ll unlock a shortcut to the Undead Burg bonfire.

    What to Expect From Lower Undead Burg

    The only enemies you’ll encounter here are attack dogs and assassins. They’re weak but they’re fast. The assassins also deal poison damage. That being said, when exploring this area, always keep your shield up.

    Don’t let them hurt you and hit them when you see an opening. You should be able to kill most enemies here with one or two attacks (depending on your weapon’s damage).

    There’s also an NPC here that’s trapped in a locked house. You can open this house with the Residence Key, which you can buy from the merchant in Undead Burg.

    You’ll know where the NPC is as he begins to talk; calling for help when you approach the door to the house he’s in.

    The Chosen Undead speaking to an NPC in Lower Undead Burg through a door. The NPC is asking for help.

    When all of that is done, continue progressing until you reach the boss area. You’re about to face the most challenging aspect of Lower Undead Burg. Good luck!

    Lower Undead Burg functions mainly as a bridge from Undead Burg to the deeper parts of Dark Souls. However, this area is no joke. It’s filled with tough enemies and an even tougher boss, which means you may spend more time here than you’d like. Get familiar, but don’t give up (skeleton)! You can even use powerful weapons like the Drake Sword to better your chances. Either way, you’ll clear this area eventually!

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