The Chosen Undead picking up the Large Ember from a chest in Dark Souls.

Dark Souls: Where to Find the Large Ember

Blacksmith Andre deserves a large present!

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Key Takeaway

The Large Ember is in the Depths. It’s in the chest behind the first butcher you encounter.

The Large Ember is an item for weapon upgrades in Dark Souls. It’s an absolute necessity if you want to improve your damage output—which you will. You could power through the game with a low-level weapon, but why would you do that? Even the odds! Get this ember!

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    The Location of the Large Ember

    The Large Ember is found in the early parts of The Depths. Upon entering this level from Lower Undead Burg, keep heading down and you’ll eventually arrive at a kitchen area. Be careful, as there’s a butcher and a couple of undead dogs here.

    The Chosen Undead facing an undead dog and a butcher.

    A little to the left of where the butcher is, you’ll find a chest. Open this chest to find the Large Ember.

    What Is the Large Ember For?

    The Chosen Undead giving the Large Ember to Blacksmith Andre.

    You need to give the Large Ember to Blacksmith Andre at Undead Parish. This ember will allow him to modify +5 normal weapons so they can be leveled up to +10. This also allows +5 normal weapons to be modified into its raw variation.

    Blacksmith Andre is the only blacksmith who can use this ember. As soon as you acquire the Large Ember in Dark Souls, immediately give it to Andre of Astora so you can upgrade your weapon above +5 (if you have the right materials). You’ll need it for the coming areas past the Depths.

    If you’re new to the game and have never heard of Blighttown before, you’ll understand why so many players dread this place. You’ll need a +10 normal weapon to get through this place easier. It’s already a difficult locale, so don’t make it harder for yourself.

    To do well in Dark Souls, you shouldn’t only level up your character. You’ll need to fully level up your weapons as well. There are a ton of powerful weapons in this game, such as the Claymore. With the Large Ember, you’ll be able to get this weapon up to +10 to make it more powerful. Afterward, you’ll be better prepared for the coming areas.

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