A player looking at the completed Lepidopterist triumph in the secrets menu.

Destiny 2: Every Lucent Moth Location

Gather all 10 Lucent Moths to complete the Lepidopterist triumph and unlock some secret Destiny 2 lore!

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Key Takeaway

You need to thoroughly explore Savathûn’s Throne World to find all 10 of the Lucent Moths. From the Quagmire to the Altar of Reflection mission, these little stuffed animals will take keen eyes to spot.

Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion has more collectible animals for you to find on Savathûn’s Throne World. Like the animal collectibles in other areas, you’ll need to find every Lucent Moth location by exploring.

Table Of Contents

    Lucent Moth Location #1 – Quagmire

    The Lucent Moth location in the Quagmire area.

    To find the first Lucent Moth, start from the Quagmire landing zone. From there, travel northeast until you find a cave where Hive enemies spawn. Within this cave, there is a yellow energy shield on one of the walls.

    A yellow shield on the wall of a cave preventing the player from getting a Lucent Moth.

    This energy shield disappears when you defeat all the enemies that spawn in this cave. Afterward, you can collect the Lucent Moth hidden behind it.

    Lucent Moth Location #2 – Alluring Curtain

    A player entering the Alluring Curtain area of Savanthûn's Throne World.

    The next Lucent Moth location will take some platforming to reach. From the spot where you got the first Lucent Moth in the Quagmire area, head southeast into the Alluring Curtain.

    The player's screen getting blurry as they interact with a reveal prompt that summons some temporarily platforms.

    Head deeper into the Alluring Curtain until you come across a Wizard enemy in an area near a ledge. Next to the Wizard is an orb of light with a “Reveal” prompt. This is a Deepsight. Interact with it to spawn a few floating platforms beyond the ledge. You don’t need to fight any of the enemies here, so run by them.

    Find the Second Platform Deepsight

    A reveal prompt near a tall metal gate.

    Follow the floating platforms until you reach an area with a few tall metal gates. Here, there is another Deepsight prompt. Activate it to spawn more temporary platforms.

    Defeat the Moth Keeper

    The player jumping into an area with a water fountain.

    After that, jump up the new platforms until you reach an area with a few flights of stairs. Ascend the stairs and go through a corridor to find an open area below you with a named Wizard enemy. This foe will have an elite enemy yellow health bar.

    The player fighting an elite enemy warlock named Ir Olena, Moth Keeper.

    Take out Ir Olena, Moth Keeper, and a Lucent Moth will drop when they die. All you need to do then is pick up the Lucent Moth from the enemy’s remains. You don’t need to kill any other foes here to get the moth to drop—just the Moth Keeper.

    Lucent Moth Location #3 – Apothecary

    Player entering the Apothecary location on Savathûn's Throne World.

    From the area where you defeated Ir Olena, Moth Keeper, head southeast and into the Apothecary location. Travel up the long staircases and across the open walkways until you reach another Deepsight.

    A player approaching a Deepsight n the Apothecary.

    After you activate this Deepsight, five Witch Queen symbols spawn nearby. You need to shoot all of them to spawn the Lucent Moth in this area.

    A player shooting at a symbol on a wall that is a black circle with a light green "W" within it.

    The order in which you shoot the symbols does not matter. Simply blast them all with a few rounds each to get the third Lucent Moth to spawn in the same spot where the Deepsight node was located.

    Lucent Moth Location #4 – Miasma

    The Lucent Moth location in Miasma.

    To get to the next Lucent Moth location, start from the Quagmire landing zone and go north until you reach the Miasma area. Travel to the point on the map that is just above the “A” and “S” of the word “Miasma.” Here, there is a tree with a Lucent Moth on one of the upper branches.

    A player noticing that there is a Lucent Moth on the top branch of a tree.

    Use the lower branches and nearby trees to jump up to the branch housing the Lucent Moth. At that point, all you need to do is pick it up.

    Lucent Moth Location #5 – Witch’s Echo

    A player entering the cave known as Witch's Echo.

    Starting from the location of the Lucent Moth on the tree in Miasma, head west into the Witch’s Echo cave. You need to head deep underground to find the next moth. Keep descending through cavern rooms until you find one with a few Raiders and a Deepsight.

    A player revealing a Lucent Moth by using a Deepsight node.

    After you’ve cleared out the Raiders (not necessary, but recommended due to them being annoying) activate the Deepsight on a high ledge in the room. When you do, at the opposite end of the room, a Lucent Moth will appear.

    Lucent Moth Location #6 – Temple of the Wrathful

    Player going through a cave to reach the Temple of the Wrathful.

    Keep descending through the Witch’s Echo cave until you enter the Temple of the Wrathful location. However, as you’re crossing the bridge to the temple portion, stop. Head down and to the left from the bridge to find an orange area with a bunch of enemies.

    A player looking at an area with an orange tinge.

    On one of the rocky raised areas, there is a Lucent Moth within a yellow energy shield—much like the first moth in the Quagmire.

    A Lucent Moth located within a yellow energy shield.

    You need to defeat all the enemies here to drop the energy shield. Afterward, pick up the Lucent Moth.

    Lucent Moth Location #7 – Temple of the Cunning

    A plyer entering the Temple of the Cunning area underground.

    Circle around the Temple of the Wrathful until you find the entrance leading down into the Temple of the Cunning. Head deeper to reach the temple portion of the area with a few pillars and a large central platform.

    Player flying through the Temple of the Cunning and noticing a Lucent Moth located on a pillar.

    Just before the central platform, there is a thin pillar with a Lucent Moth resting on it. Due to the tiny area that you need to stand on, it’s recommended to take out the enemies nearby so that you won’t get pushed off the top of the pillar by incoming fire. When you do, you’ll be able to collect this Lucent Moth in peace.

    Lucent Moth Location #8 – Florescent Canal

    The map location of the Lucent Moth in the Florescent Canal.

    Once more, you need to head back to the landing zone in Quagmire. This time, however, travel east and then north into the Florescent Canal. Keep going until you reach the area on the map under the second “A” of the word “Canal.”

    A player spotting a Lucent Moth on a lily pad in a big fountain.

    Here, there is a large water fountain with a few lily pads floating around. On one of these lily pads is a Lucent Moth that you can easily collect.

    Lucent Moth Location #9 – Court of Thorns

    Information about the Wellspring Defend mission in the Court of Thorns area.

    To access the ninth Lucent Moth’s location, you need to start one of two specific missions. In the Court of Thorns area, you need to start either The Wellspring: Defend or The Wellspring: Attack.

    It is advised to do the former, as you can find the Lucent Moth at the beginning of The Wellspring: Defend mission. During The Wellspring: Attack, you need to get the Lucent Moth near the end of the mission, which is easier to miss.

    Statues inside a room with magenta light.

    When The Wellspring: Defend mission begins, head into the room with three tall, yellow statues. There is a Lucent Moth located in one of the hands of the leftmost statue. Grab it before the mission’s action picks up.

    Lucent Moth Location #10 – Altar of Reflection

    Information about the Altar of Reflection: Insight mission.

    For the last Lucent Moth, you need to enter another mission. Near the Florescent Canal, there is a mission called the Altar of Reflection: Insight. Start this mission to gain access to the tenth Lucent Moth’s location.

    A player noticing a Deepsight node in a blue room.

    Follow the quest marker until you reach a big, open room full of blue light. To the right of the room, there is a ringed platform around a thick pillar housing a Deepsight node. Jump up to the Deepsight and activate it. Doing so reveals a few ledges behind you.

    A player jumping up ledges in a blue room.

    Jump up these temporary ledges until you reach the third—and highest—one that’s right up against a wall. Here is the resting place of the final Lucent Moth. If you’ve gathered all of the previous moths, you will complete the Lepidopterist triumph.