Cat Statues in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: How to Get “A Small Gift”, and Every Cat Statue to Use Them At

Find the cute kitties hidden around the Dreaming City and give each of them A Small Gift to get great gear in return!

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Key Takeaway

To get A Small Gift, you need to complete any activity in the Dreaming City. However, to find the Cat Statues to use them at, you’ll need to explore high and low.

As another way to get unique armor and weapons in Destiny 2, you can offer A Small Gift to every Cat Statue around the Dreaming City. Although, you can only get one Small Gift per week.

Table Of Contents

    How to Get a Small Gift

    A Small Gift in a player's inventory.

    To get A Small Gift, you need to complete activities in the Dreaming City. It does not matter what activity you do, as A Small Gift can be rewarded for any of them. Arguably the fastest way to do this is through Patrols and Public Events. However, you can only get one A Small Gift per week, per character.

    Overall, there are nine Cat Statues in the Dreaming City. You need to play at least a few Dreaming City activities every week for nine weeks to get enough A Small Gifts for every Cat Statue. Every Cat Statue is single-use—meaning that you can only interact with each statue once before they disappear forever.

    Cat Statue Location #1

    Map location of the first cat statue in the Dreaming City.

    To locate the first Cat Statue, head to the Divalian Mists landing zone in the Dreaming City. From there, go northeast through a trench until you reach a cliff.

    A player riding their sparrow towards a cliff.

    When you reach the edge of the cliff just off the beaten path, get off your Sparrow and look over the ledge. Be careful, as missing the jump here will lead to death.

    Player looking down over a ledge to find a lower platform to jump to.

    Leap down to the ledge below while using your jetpack to hover just before you land. It’s important to hover before landing, otherwise, you’ll take a lot of fall damage.

    The first cat statue in the Dreaming City.

    Once you’ve landed, enter the cave leading into the rocky face of the cliff. Keep going deeper until you see the glowing purple eyes of the first Cat Statue. When you’re close enough, present A Small Gift to the Cat Statue to get a random Dreaming City piece of gear. The item given can be armor or a weapon.

    Cat Statue Location #2

    Map location of the second cat statue in the Dreaming City.

    The next Cat Statue is also in the Divalian Mists. However, it’s a bit further away from the landing zone than the first.

    A player riding their sparrow through a cave of bright blue gems.

    Starting once more from the Divalian Mists landing zone, head north. Before you get to the cliff, keep to the west (left) so that you pass through a bright blue cave.

    A player leaping across a chasm.

    Continue going north until you reach a chasm. Leap over the chasm to get to the other side. Be sure to use your jetpack for an easier time getting across the gap. This will take you into the Spine of Keres area.

    A player approaching the doorway into the purple-light-lit observatory in the Spine of Keres area.

    Keep following the path northward while jumping chasms. You’ll eventually reach the entry to the observatory in this area. Go inside and get ready for some platforming.

    A player jumping up the ledges within the observatory lit with purple lights.

    You need to jump up the ledges around the inside of the observatory’s central shaft. When you get near the top, you have to jump on one of the moving platforms (the biggest one) revolving around the center of the area to reach the final ledge.

    The second cate statue in the Dreaming City.

    Once you’ve reached the top floor, turn right and head down the corridor until you find a large window on the left. There is a Cat Statue here gazing out of the wide window. Approach it to give it A Small Gift.

    Cat Statue Location #3

    Player's green arrow location positioned where the third cat statue in the Dreaming city can be found.

    This next Cat Statue is located on the western edge of the Dreaming City. To begin your search for it, start from the Divalian Mists landing zone once more and, again, head through the bright blue cave.

    A red circle pointing out a gap in a wall near the observatory in the Spine of Keres area.

    Keep going as if you’re heading to the observatory in the Spine of Keres area. However, before you get to the entrance, turn a bit west (left) and run through a gap between the bluish-green wall and a rocky column.

    A bridge leading into a tunnel going through a rock.

    After passing through that gap, follow the blue bridges and stairways northwestward. This eventually brings you to a bridge that leads into a tunnel going through a large rock. Pass through the tunnel and then stop on the other side.

    A ledge above the rock with the tunnel.

    On the other side of the tunnel, look up and to the west (left). There is a jagged gap in the bright blue rockface. You need to jump and use your jetpack to fly up to this gap. There is a ledge just beyond the broken part of the gem-like surface.

    The location of the third cat statue which is hidden by some leaves.

    Below this ledge, there is another. Carefully drop down to it and look at the shrub next to you. Partially hidden by the leaves will be the third Cat Statue. Hand it A Small Gift to get your reward.

    Cat Statue Location #4

    Player marker on the spot where the fourth cat statue is found.

    For this next Cat Statue, head to the passageway that connects the Divalian Mists and Rheasilvia areas. You need to begin this hunt on the far west of the Rheasilvia area and head north.

    A player jumping to a cliff ledge.

    To the east (right) of the main rocky path leading north, there is another path below you. Jump to the lower path that is heading east and follow it. While this trail winds about the stone pillars of the area, it is actually very linear. As such, keep traversing the only path of ledges via jumps and jetpack flights.

    The fourth cat statue in the Dreaming City.

    Soon enough a shining obelisk will come into view above the last ledge you need to jump on. At the base of this brilliant structure is the fourth Cat Statue. Hand over A Small Gift to get a cool new item.

    Cat Statue Location #5

    Location of the fifth cat statue on the Dreaming City map.

    The fifth Cat Statue is also located in Rheasilvia. This time, from the connection between this area and the Divalian Mists, head northeast.

    A player running by a black orb in the sky.

    Keep traveling on the path until you pass the spot with the big black sphere in the sky. You need to go a bit further.

    A tree jutting out from a rocky ledge.

    Just beyond this spot, there is a tree on the north—by a steep ledge. First, jump down to the rocky ledge. Then, jump onto the horizontal part of this tree’s trunk.

    The fifth cat statue in the Dreaming City sitting on a horizontal tree trunk near a cliff.

    The fifth Cat Statue is placed precariously on the trunk of this tree. Approach it carefully to give it A Small Gift. Just don’t fall to your doom.

    Cat Statue Location #6

    Location of the sixth cat statue in the Dreaming City.

    Follow the same path that you took to find the fifth Cat Statue, but don’t stop at the tree by the cliff this time. Keep going until you reach the structures just outside of Harbinger’s Seclude.

    A player looking at the fancy gates outside Harbinger's Seclude.

    Pass through this spot and go into the entrance of the big structure just beyond. Head straight through and pass the humanoid statue lit up by purple light. In the corridor beyond the statue, there is a glowing orb of greenish light.

    Orb of light in Harbinger's Seclude.

    At this well of luminance, turn right and go through the doorway with red light. In the huge corridor beyond, head slightly to the left to find a hallway that leads into a room with a tree.

    The sixth cat statue in the Dreaming City on a tree within Harbinger's Seclude.

    On this tree covered in small lights, there rests the sixth Cat Statue on an upper part of the bent trunk. Jump up to it to come face to face with the immobile feline. Time to hand over A Small Gift for the next reward.

    Cat Statue Location #7

    Map location of the seventh cat statue in the Dreaming City.

    The seventh Cat Statue is easier to find from the spot where you located the sixth. Start from the illuminated tree and leave the room from the entrance you entered it.

    A player exiting Harbinger's Seclude.

    After leaving the tree room, keep heading right and forward until you reach the exit to Harbinger’s Seclude. After you pass through the door leading out, make a hard right.

    A red arrow showing the path up the ledge outside Harbinger's Seclude to reach the seventh cat statue.

    As you approach the stairs nearby, look for the white wall beyond a thin tree. You need to fly to the top of this wall to reach a ledge just above it. When you do, look up to find a rocky ledge a bit further up. Fly up to this and then turn around.

    The seventh cat statue in the Dreaming City on a roof by Harbinger's Seclude.

    On the lip of the purple roof, there is the seventh Cat Statue. Leap onto the roof and walk up to the purple-eyed feline. Hand over A Small Gift to get something nice in return.

    Cat Statue Location #8

    Map location of the eighth cat statue in the Dreaming City.

    For this—and the last—Cat Statue, you’re best off starting on the west side of The Strand area. Go southeast along the path for a little while.

    A player looking at some ledge partially obscured by some horizontal trees.

    Stop when you reach a railing overlooking a couple of trees growing horizontally from a rocky wall. At the base of these trees will be a few ledges. Leap up these ledges.

    The eighth cat statue behind a tree on a rocky ledge.

    When you get to the top ledge, walk around the trunk of the tree to find the eighth Cat Statue lurking behind it. Present it with A Small Gift before moving on to the last Cat Statue.

    Cat Statue Location #9

    Map location of the ninth cat statue in the Dreaming City.

    From the spot where you found the eighth Cat Statue, jump down and then walk up the stairs leading south.

    A rough passage through a rocky area in The Strand.

    Keep following the path until you reach a break in the rocky wall. Pass through the rocky tunnel until you get to the other side.

    A player entering the Gardens of Esila.

    Shortly afterward, you’ll enter the Gardens of Esila. Keep going and head through the open gate on the right.

    A large rock formation in the Gardens of Esila.

    Just beyond the gate, there is a large rock formation with a few trees growing out of it. Fly up to the ledge on the smaller rock directly in front of the bigger rock. Afterward, fly up to the ledge at the top of the big rock.

    Location of the ninth cat statue resting at the base of a tree in The Strand.

    This area is covered in grass and houses a single tree. The final Cat Statue is resting at the base of the lone tree atop this rock. Hand over A Small Gift one last time to get the final reward from this Cat Statue.