MagnaAngemon on the left, Zudomon in the center, and Monzaemon on the right.

Digimon Survive: How to Farm Perfect Enlightenment Slabs

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Key Takeaway

The earliest Parts where you can realistically farm Perfect Enlightenment Slabs are Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7. In Part 5, you can begin farming Zudomon. In Part 6, you can begin farming Monzaemon. And, in Part 7, you can begin farming MagnaAngemon.

There are tons of interesting Digimon that you can recruit to your team in Digimon Survive. However, to evolve the monsters you recruit from free battles, you’ll need Perfect Enlightenment Slabs. Thankfully, you can farm these items in some Parts.

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    How to Farm Perfect Enlightenment Slabs in Part 5

    A bipedal Digimon with a horn and spiky shell that wields a hammer. This monster can give players Perfect Enlightenment Slabs.

    Part 5 is the earliest point at which you can farm Perfect Enlightenment Slabs easily. This is due to the fact that ultimate-level monsters start appearing in Free Battles more frequently. Out of these new and more powerful adversaries, Zudomon is a great candidate for farming.

    How to Farm Zudomon

    Zudomon is guaranteed to give you a slab if you successfully talk to it and then ask it for items. Although, do not ask it to be friends, as this will never yield a slab. Furthermore, defeating Zudomon in battle gives you a chance to get a slab, however, it is not guaranteed.

    To find Zudomon, you’ll need to head to the Free Battle area when you can move around freely. If Zudomon does not appear in the Free Battle enemy preview, you’ll need to reset the Free Battle area by either battling whatever monsters are there or entering the battle and then giving up. Keep doing this until a Zudomon appears in the Free Battle preview.

    In Part 5, Zudomon will most often show up in pairs during a Free Battle. As such, you’ll potentially be able to get two Perfect Enlightenment Slabs from each battle with Zudomon. If you fail to successfully talk to Zudomon, you can retry the battle. When you retry a battle, the enemies and their positions will always be the same, so there’s no risk of losing your chance to farm foes.

    Tips for Talking With Zudomon

    Conversing with monsters can be tricky, as the best replies to the statements spoken to you are hard to predict. However, here are some of the things  Zudomon will say to you and some of the good responses for them:

    • “Can I trust humans…?”

    For this, answer “They may betray you…” to have the success bar increase by two points.

    • “What do you believe is ‘right’?”

    Here, you should answer “Power, of course.” This will make the success bar increase by two points.

    • “I won’t forgive anyone who disturbs the peace in this area!”

    When Zudomon says this, respond with “You got it all wrong.” Afterward, the success bar will increase by two points.

    • “Do you think you can do anything by force?”

    After being asked this question, reply with “Strength is justice.” That will cause the success bar to increase by two points.

    • “If you saw a raging fire heading towards a crying child, what would you do?”

    If asked this question, you should say “Depends, really.” While not the best response, this will still cause the success bar to increase by one point.

    How to Farm Perfect Enlightenment Slabs in Part 6

    A Digimon that looks like a yellow teddy bear with a bandage on its stomach. IT can give the player Perfect Enlightenment Slabs.

    In Part 6, when the protagonists get to the Second Island Area, you’ll be able to farm a different type of free monster for slabs. Here, you’ll need to seek out Monzaemon. Farming this large yellow teddy bear is much like farming Zudomon and other Digimon.

    How to Farm Monzaemon

    Defeating Monzaemon in battle will give you a chance to get slabs, however, it’s better to talk to it and ask it for items. The latter option is guaranteed to give you a Perfect Enlightenment Slab.

    To get Monzaemon to spawn in the Free Battle location close to the buildings of the Second Island Area, you’ll need to reset the battle spawns much like how you would have to in order to find Zudomon in Part 5. When Monzaemon do spawn, there will usually be a pair of them, which means you can potentially get two slabs in the same battle.

    If you misspeak and lose a chance to get a slab, you can retry the battle with no consequences besides losing a bit of time.

    Tips for Talking With Monzaemon

    Monzaemon has a pretty friendly appearance. This is a decent hint for what kinds of things you should say to this Digimon when talking with it. Here are some things Monzaemon will say to you and some of the better responses to them:

    • “Do you…treasure…your comrades…?”

    When asked this, respond with “More than anything.” This will cause the success bar to increase by two points.

    • “Get…away from here…”

    If Monzaemon says this, reply with “Appreciate the advice!” That will increase the success bar by two points.

    • Would you…use violence…to protect others…?”

    Here, you should say “Try something else.” When you do, it will cause the success bar to increase by two points.

    • “Do you…wanna…fight…?”

    To best reply to this, say “I don’t want to fight.” At that, the success bar will increase by two points.

    How to Farm Perfect Enlightenment Slabs in Part 7

    An angel Digimon with six wings some purple armor. They can give the player Perfect Enlightenment Slabs when spoken to.

    If you still need more slabs to evolve your champion-level free monsters, you can farm MagnaAngemon in Part 7. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this monster as you’re exploring the Factory Area.

    At this point, the game will be throwing Perfect Enlightenment Slabs at you through story-related events and battles. However, if you’re a completionist and want to fill out the entire bestiary (the Library in the menu has a list of monsters) in Digimon Survive, this farming spot will be helpful.

    How to Farm MagnaAngemon

    As you’re probably aware by now, the spawning mechanics for free monsters are all the same. If you don’t spot a MagnaAngemon in the Free Battle preview near the factory, reset the spawn by battling or giving up on a battle there with other monsters.

    Also, like before, you’ll need to talk to MagnaAngemon and ask it for items for guaranteed chances of getting slabs. Defeating it in battle can still grant you Perfect Enlightenment Slabs, but the drop rate is not 100%.

    Once more, there will likely be a pair of these Digimon in Free Battles, which means two chances to get slabs. If you mess up, you can always retry the battle.

    Tips for Talking With MagnaAngemon

    This monster is all about righteousness and justice. Knowing this may help you respond correctly during your dialogue with MagnaAngemon. Here are some of the things this angel Digimon will say to you and some of the best ways to reply:

    • “Is there something you’d like to say to me? Go on, don’t be shy.”

    A good response to this would be to say “You’re super cool!” While not the best answer, this will cause the success bar to increase by one point.

    • “What do you think is the most important thing for building trust?”

    At this, you should reply with “Trusting your partner.” Such a statement will cause the success bar to increase by two points.

    • “By the way, why exactly are you here?”

    Here, you should say “I was guided here.” This will result in the success bar increasing by two points.

    • “The goal of this battle is to test each other’s strength.”

    In response to that statement, you should reply with “I’ll come out on top!” When you do, the success bar will increase by two points.

    • “It’s better to take some sort of action than just sit idly by and worry.”

    If you see this statement, a good answer would be “I’ll do the same!” It’s not ideal, but this will still cause the success bar to increase by one point.