Harvesting wheat crops to get Rich Soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Rich Soil

Rich Soil can be hard to come by, so you'll need to do plenty of planting to get your hands on some.

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Key Takeaway

You’ll need to plant and harvest your own crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley to gain Rich Soil. It can’t be dug up randomly and it has a very low drop rate, so get ready to do some farming.

Rich Soil is a rare and valuable resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To stock up on it, you’ll need to do some fairly intensive farming. It’s worth it though, for its questing and crafting potential.

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    Using Rich Soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    As a relatively new crafting component, Rich Soil is a unique ingredient in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’ll need to get hold of some Rich Soil as part of Scar’s introductory questline, Nature and Nurture.

    Scar greeting a character sarcastically in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Scar will ask you to help him restore the Sunlit Plateau biome to its former glory. Part of doing this will require you to clear a lot of night thorns, including some giant night thorns from deep in the Vitalys Mines.

    After doing this, you’ll need to craft a special Miracle Growth Elixir. One of the elixir’s main ingredients is Rich Soil. You’ll need 10 pieces of Rich Soil to create the mystical potion, alongside some Vitalys Crystals and plenty of Dreamlight.

    This Miracle Growth Elixir will eventually allow you to upgrade your watering can, so it’s worth spending time farming for its ingredients. Rich Soil is perhaps the most challenging of the three ingredients to source, as it has quite a low drop rate.

    How to Get Rich Soil

    It can be easy to mistake regular soil gathered from gardening and farming for Rich Soil. However, you can’t get hold of Rich Soil in this way. General digging around isn’t the best strategy to use if you’re looking to get some Rich Soil quickly. While it can drop from any of the game’s different biomes, it can’t simply be dug up from the terrain.

    Instead, you’ll need to do some farming to get your hands on these valuable clumps of earth. Rich Soil only drops when harvesting crops, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for it when you’re actually farming.

    Rich Soil looks more visually striking than the regular grassy mounds of soil you’ll usually find in your inventory after digging. Its grass has got a brighter green hue, with taller blades poking out of the top of it.

    How to Farm Rich Soil

    You can’t harvest Rich Soil from crops that occur naturally in Disney Dreamlight Valley. That means that you won’t see it dropping from any herbs, spices, mushrooms, or other foraged foodstuffs. Picking fruits from trees and bushes also won’t provide drops of Rich Soil. You also can’t obtain it from the vegetables you’ll gather from WALL-E’s garden.

    Instead, you’ll need to plant some crops and tend to them yourself to yield any Rich Soil. Due to the fact that the resource’s drop rate is really quite low, you’ll need to think carefully about how you do this. Consider which crops are the best ones to use when you’re really only after the soil.

    A character planting crops in DIsney Dreamlight Valley

    While it may be tempting to stock up on tomatoes, onions, or cotton plants, this probably isn’t the most sensible way of farming for Rich Soil. You’ll want to use a seed that’s as cheap as possible to bag yourself plenty of Rich Soil without emptying your Star Coin balance completely.

    Another thing to consider is the growth time of the seeds you’re planting. Unless you want to be waiting a while for your crops to grow, you’ll want to choose one of the faster-growing plants.

    When farming for Rich Soil, the key here is volume and speed. Planting as much as possible and waiting for the least amount of time for a return on your harvest really is the best way to succeed when it comes to Rich Soil.

    Best Seeds for Farming Rich Soil

    To ensure the best results when farming this resource, head to Goofy’s stall in the Peaceful Meadow and pick up some Wheat Seeds. Wheat has the quickest turnaround time for growth, with crops sprouting forth in roughly one minute. It’s also the cheapest seed to buy at one Star Coin per bag.

    A character buying wheat seeds at Goofy's stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Be aware that this may take some time and repetition to amass a decent quantity of Rich Soil. However, using Wheat Seeds is probably the most rapid and cost-effective method of getting some Rich Soil.

    Once you’ve planted your crops and are ready to harvest the wheat, keep an eye out for Rich Soil drops. You’ll see them shoot out from the earth where you’re picking your wheat crops, and usually land beside you on the ground.

    A character getting rich soil by harvesting wheat crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Although it’s not an exact science, you may find that Rich Soil drops occur once per every 10-15 crops you harvest. So, be prepared to do a lot of planting and harvesting to pick up plenty of Rich Soil. You’ll be able to gather it from anywhere you decide to do your farming in the Valley, so feel free to experiment with where you put down some fields of wheat.

    Tips for Getting Rich Soil

    You may think it’s helpful to do your crop farming with a companion who has the Gardening hangout skill. It’s definitely a good idea in terms of helping level up their friendship, but doing so won’t increase your yield of Rich Soil when you’re harvesting.

    Harvesting crops with a companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley and increasing your yield

    The Rich Soil drop rate isn’t affected by your companions, unfortunately. It will, however, increase your yield of wheat, or whichever crop you chose to plant.

    Make sure you store your Rich Soil in a storage chest somewhere, as it can be quite easy to confuse it for regular soil in your inventory. You don’t want to sell it by mistake after going to such a lot of effort to gather it in the first place!