An image of a completed seafood salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Seafood Salad

Making a delicious seafood salad will help fix Maui's bad mood and earn you some friendship points with Moana.

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Key Takeaway

You’ll need to use lettuce and a piece of seafood of your choice to make a seafood salad. This will help you complete a key part of Moana’s friendship questline.

You’ll need to make a seafood salad in order to progress the friendship quests with Moana and Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Making it isn’t too complicated, as long as you have the right ingredients.

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    Making Seafood Salad

    If you’ve discovered Moana’s island realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll have made friends with both Moana and Maui. On bringing them back to Dreamlight Valley itself though, there’s some tension in the air.

    Given that Moana set off for Dreamlight Valley first, Maui feels like she left him behind. As a result, he’s pretty upset with her. As part of Moana’s friendship questline, it’ll be down to you to resolve the conflict between the pair. This forms part of Moana’s Peacemakers quest and will allow you to learn some new recipes if you haven’t already. With Maui in a bad mood, Moana suggests that you cook him some of his favorite dishes to cheer him up.

    One of these is seafood salad, which players may or may not have unlocked yet through experimentation. However, it’s a fairly simple dish to make. With that said, it does require some specific ingredients.

    How to Get the Ingredients for Seafood Salad

    The recipe for seafood salad includes lettuce and seafood. As a two-star, two-ingredient meal, players won’t need to source anything too difficult. You’ll need to have unlocked the Dazzle Beach biome and have access to Goofy’s stall in the Peaceful Meadow biome. It may also help if you’ve unlocked the Glade of Trust, but this is not essential at this point.

    Buying lettuce from Goofy's stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Firstly, seafood salad requires players to obtain lettuce. You can simply buy this directly from Goofy’s stall for 12 Star Coins. Or if you prefer, you can buy lettuce seeds for 3 Star Coins per bag and grow them yourself. This will probably work out cheaper if you’re low on funds. However, it’ll take a little bit longer as you’ll need to tend to the lettuce crops and wait for them to grow before you can harvest them.

    You’ll also need to source some kind of seafood. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, seafood is classified as clams, crabs, lobster, shrimp, scallops, squid, or oysters.

    A character searching for clams in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    The easiest way to obtain one of these seafood ingredients is to head to Dazzle Beach and look around on the shore for clams, scallops, and oysters. You’ll find these lying around on the beach, usually near the water’s edge.

    If you prefer to fish for your ingredients, you can do that instead. You’ll be able to catch shrimp by fishing from the bubbling light blue-ringed fishing spots in the sea at Dazzle Beach.

    To catch lobster, you’ll need to head to the Glade of Trust biome. There, look for the rippling orange-ringed fishing spots which should provide you with the red-shelled crustacean.

    If you want to source some squid for your seafood salad, head to either the Glade of Trust biome or the Forgotten Lands biome. The Glade of Trust may be easier to get to first, as it’s one of the earlier unlockable areas. When fishing here, look for the blue-ringed bubbling fishing spots. These will bag you a plentiful catch of squid, which can be used in many seafood-based dishes.

    How to Make Seafood Salad

    Once you’ve gathered the lettuce and your choice of seafood, head to a cooking stove. Crafting the seafood salad is fairly straightforward. Add the lettuce and your seafood option to the cooking panel and select Start Cooking.

    Cooking seafood salad at a stove in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    The seafood salad will then be added to your inventory upon completion. This will also unlock the recipe permanently, for you to use in your future cooking during your Disney Dreamlight Valley adventures.

    You’ll also now be able to give the seafood salad to Maui as part of Moana’s Peacemakers friendship quest. This will advance this part of the game for you and get you closer to reaching the maximum friendship level with Moana.

    Seafood salad is a useful recipe to know as it restores 349 points of energy and can be sold for 68 Star Coins. This makes it a good low-level source of player stamina. It’s also a fairly good return on your investment if you sourced your seafood for free and bought lettuce at either 3 Star Coins for seeds or 12 Star Coins for a ready-to-eat lettuce.