An ancient stone lighthouse rising above an area shrouded in reddish brown mist among sharp-peaked mountains.

DREDGE: All Stone Tablet Locations

Return the slab!

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Key Takeaway

Here’s where the three Stone Tablets are located:

  1. At coordinates 13Q (in the ruins north of Devil’s Spine’s southernmost island)
  2. At coordinates 13P (in the ruins hugging the south side of Devil’s Spine’s largest island)
  3. On the northern border of coordinates 14N and 14O (in the ruins that have a cracked wall on its southwest side)

To uncover the Stone Tablet locations in DREDGE, you’ll need to brave the deadly surf of Devil’s Spine. Among the cluttered ruins and fierce foes, if you look closely at a few dredging spots, you’ll find a golden glow that reveals what you seek.

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    DREDGE: All Stone Tablet Locations Video Guide

    How Many Stone Tablets Are There?

    In total, there are three Stone Tablets. They’re all scattered throughout the reddish waters of Devil’s Spine. While two of them can be dredged up with little effort once you find them, the third requires you to blast apart a wall in some ruins before you can get to it.

    Location of the First Stone Tablet (00:16 in the Video Guide)

    The player finding a dredging spot that's glowing yellow in some ruins north of Charred Pontoon in DREDGE.

    The first out of the three Stone Tablets is found at coordinates 13Q. Start from Charred Pontoon and then sail to the north side of Devil’s Spine’s southernmost island. In the ruins closest to the southernmost island’s northern coast, there’s a dredging spot that’s giving off some yellow particle effects.

    Annoyingly, due to the colors of Devil’s Spine’s waters and ruins, these yellow dots are somewhat hard to see. With that said, if you use your telescope to look at this dredging spot, you’ll notice that it has a unique symbol. Instead of a piece of wood, a ring, or a symbol used for other dredging spots, the ones for the Stone Tablets have their own.

    The player looking at a Stone Tablet dredging spot with their telescope in DREDGE.

    Location of the Second Stone Tablet (01:45 in the Video Guide)

    The player finding a dredging spot that's glowing yellow in some ruins northeast of Charred Pontoon in DREDGE.

    To find the next Stone Tablet location, it’s also most convenient to start from Charred Pontoon. Sail northwest and approach Devil’s Spine’s largest island (the one just north of the southernmost island) from the south. As you approach the big island, you’ll see some ruins hugging the south side of it.

    Carefully make your way into these ruins and go to the southernmost dredging spot. It’s located at coordinates 13P. From the yellow particles and Stone Tablet silhouette viewed through your telescope, you can tell this is where the next ancient slab is found.

    Don’t hesitate to use the Banish ability to scare away any piranhas that come close. If you don’t, their monstrous mother can corner you pretty easily in these cluttered ruins.

    Location of the Third Stone Tablet (02:58 in the Video Guide)

    The player finding a dredging spot that's glowing yellow in some ruins south of the ancient lighthouse in DREDGE.

    The last of the Stone Tablet locations is enclosed in some ruins. The only way to reach it is to blast away a crumbling wall with a Packed Explosive. As such, be sure to buy at least one Packed Explosive from the Travelling Merchant before seeking out this Stone Tablet.

    Once you’re prepared, leave Charred Pontoon and sail northwest to the northernmost islands of Devil’s Spine. This time, the ruins you’re looking for are at the northern intersect of coordinates 14N and 14O. At the base of the mountainous islands’ southern coasts, the ruins you need to explore have a cracked wall on their southwest side.

    Now, blow apart this wall to enter the ruins. Within, there’s only one dredging spot. Drag up the final Stone Tablet and Banish any approaching threats.

    What to Do Once You Have All Three Stone Tablets (04:50 in the Video Guide)

    The player about to show the Trader in Little Marrow the Stone Tablets inn DREDGE.

    After collecting all three Stone Tablets, it’s time to bring them to the Trader in Little Marrow. Technically, you can go to him sooner, but it’s more efficient to do so after getting all three Stone Tablets.

    When you speak to the Trader, you’ll have a dialogue option to show him the rocky slabs. Exhaust his dialogue to get some interesting lore and to progress the “Stone Tablets” pursuit. Following the conversation, the Trader merges the three smaller tablets into the larger Fused Tablet. Next, he gives you a couple of hints about where to bring it.

    How to Get the Flame of the Sky (06:30 in the Video Guide)

    The player looking at a creepy statue of a hooded figure on a rocky dock at the north end of Devil's Spine in DREDGE.

    Return to Devil’s Spine and sail to coordinates 15O. When you get here, look south to spot a stone dock marked with a statue of a hooded figure. There are a lot of wind effects pointing out this spot as well.

    Once you dock here, there are two locations that you can explore: the Cave and the Ancient Lighthouse. All that’s in the Cave is some lore. However, the Ancient Lighthouse contains the rewards for the “Stone Tablets” pursuit.

    After you ascend the Ancient Lighthouse, you need to insert the Fused Tablet into a door. It opens to reveal some valuable treasures: two goblets, two rings, and, most importantly, the Flame of the Sky.

    What Is the Flame of the Sky?

    The Flame of the Sky is the brightest light in DREDGE. It gives off 3,500 lm (lumens)—way more than any other two-slot light. With it, you can sail at night much more safely. However, you still shouldn’t push your luck by sailing at night too often.

    Who knew that returning a cryptic slab to an ancient lighthouse would lead to a brilliant light? That’s DREDGE for you: always putting players through spooky adventures for the best equipment. Thankfully, you’re better off for having done this pursuit. May your future be bright and prosperous!